CUSCAPI & MOF Singapore Mark The First Commercial Deployment of REV – An Interactive Self-Ordering Device


Yesterday I flew in Singapore to try out the REV, an interactive self-ordering device and diners now enjoy a REV-ved up dining experience as one of Singapore’s leading F&B player’s embraces technology in its chain of restaurants

Cuscapi Berhad (Cuscapi) and the Ministry of Food (MOF) Singapore today marked the successful commercial deployment of REV- an interactive self-ordering tablet – at its chain of restaurants under the MOF banner.
Developed in-house by Cuscapi, REV will help Food & Beverage (F&B) operators to revolutionize the way they interact with their customers, using technology to enhance customer experience whilst managing their costs more efficiently and enhancing revenue.


The REV tablet comes with various interactive features which are designed to be durable and user-friendly, providing customers with a fun and easy method of ordering as opposed to the traditional way of waiters taking orders and putting food on the table. F&B operators can also quickly and cost-effectively powered loyalty programs, showcase offers and drive cross-selling initiatives.
Ministry of Food’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Lee Hon Tat said, “The deployment of Cuscapi’s REV has brought with it positive changes in multiple aspects of our restaurants. Our patrons have also taken to REV very quickly. These are the tech- savvy, tech-embracing and demanding patrons who are always on the lookout for something new and trendy.


“We have also experienced an increase in revenue as people tend to order more because of the convenience in using the REV tablet. Our waiters on the other hand, have more time to look after the needs of our guests and play the role of an adviser as opposed to being just order takers. Furthermore, REV has enabled us to streamline our operations, and this has worked out fantastically for us and our guests,” he added.




So far, six of MOF’s restaurants have been deployed with the REV tablet. The deployment of REV in the remaining outlets is scheduled to be completed by the third quarter of 2015.


Cuscapi’s Chief Operating Officer, Eugene Ng said, “Our teams have worked together closely and gathered valuable feedback which has now enabled us to develop a more enhanced version of REV. This version, which is version 2.1, is an upgrade from the initial version 1.0 and comes with an interactive Avatar function which is set to make the ordering process a breeze”.
Announcing REV 2.1

REV has undergone a series of enhancements since its inception of version 1.0 in 2013 and has enabled better integrations in catering to the ever-evolving F&B industry through REV 2.1. This version features a first of its kind Avatar function which guides patrons every step of the way through the ordering process with an interactive Avatar. The Avatar also guides the customers to proceed with payments and recommends best sellers, providing a wholesome and empowering user experience to diners.

“With REV 2.1, we hope that revenues and potential for sales will increase further as the Avatar function takes the diners through the ordering process and show them, through high quality photos, the restaurant’s best sellers.”

“We also understand that each customer is unique and will have different preferences. This is where the customized menu options come into play. Whether they want their noodles without onions, extra chili with their fries or less sugar in their coffee, this can all be done with just a touch of the finger,” added Eugene.

For those coming in large groups, the multi-tablet function helps to streamline the ordering process without any hassle. Diners can place their orders using multiple tablets but have their bills tallied into one to ease the payment process.

Cuscapi strongly believes that customers are imperative to any restaurant’s success. They see the necessity in enhancing customer experience at any given cost, to generate new customers, and to foster loyalty among them. Cuscapi will now work towards enhancing the existing version 2.1 to include table payments and to drive customer loyalty programs.
Cuscapi Berhad, with its headquarters in Malaysia, has a presence in 9 countries worldwide. It is Asia’s leading F&B business management solutions provider, offering a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for the industry. The company has developed its own business management solutions software for notable names in the F&B industry, such as, Starbucks, McDonalds and KFC.

For more information on Cuscapi’s REV, log on to

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