Mooncake Resonance at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant One World Hotel

Mooncake Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant One World Hotel
Masterchef Chan Choo Kean & Chef Jordon Chin Head the Mooncake Craftmanship at Zuan Yuan

The Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month yearly. It is a symbol of happiness and prosperity and a time for families to reunite under the full moon. This year, the mooncake season has got off to an early start at One World Hotel and I was there to try them out, my findings got me excited.

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Mooncake Celebration at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur


At recent I was at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur to have a peek at their award-winning Tao Chinese Cuisine handmade mooncake delicacies that came in many various flavours and colours that visually truly captured my attention.

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Mooncakes from Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant The Saujana Hotel

Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant The Saujana Hotel’s Azuki Milk Mooncake

Stepping into the boundary of Ti Chen I know I am up for a fabulous spread of Dim Sum by Chef Yau Kim Yew. His dim sum creation is to die for and a must try even it is a halal cuisine served at Ti Chen. For that noon, I was there to try out their gorgeous mooncakes.

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Recipe Philips Airfried Sailor Jerry Iberico Ribs

Philips Pressure Cooked Jerry Sailor Iberico Ribs 1
Pressure Cooked Jerry Sailor Iberico with Philips Pressure Cooker

I have this in my head and wanting to escape to reality for a couple of days already. It was hard not to try it out even I know the successful rate is pretty high. I got to say the ingredients and cooking utensils came crawling to me and sat their foot right in my little pantry, example thanks to Donovan Chan a bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum readily for me use, a whole rack of aging frozen iberico laying in the freezer and my Philips kitchen tools : the Pressure Cooker and AirFryer.

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Mooncakes from Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Mooncake  Concorde  Hotel Kuala Lumpur 4ILLUMINATE FOR MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL

Traditional flavours and decorative lighting to illuminate the joyful celebration. Let’s light up for a wonderful celebration. Get one of the Concorde Kuala Lumpur exclusive colourful lanterns of your choice. This year’s handcrafted lacquer with a fine finish will dress up any corner of your home and I truly love them. So I got one for myself while indulging their awesome durian mooncake. Fantastic and one of the BEST durian mooncake in town.

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A Date with Sailor Jerry at MTV World Stage 2014

Sailor Jerry 6

MTV World Stage Malaysia is back for the 6th year. But this year Sailor Jerry Rum is making its debut in Malaysia through this event. Thanks Sailor Jerry as one of the main sponsors the event I was given a pair of VIP tickets along with Gold tickets to the post party. This year One-Night-Only outdoor concert I myself witness at awesome line up of multi-genre artists such as B.O.B, Yuna, Boy Republic and Thaitanium.

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Tai Thong Mooncakes The Oriental Splendour 2014

Tai Thong Mooncake

It was an awesome evening where I was introduce to the showcase of Tai Thong mooncakes. I was speechless especially when I had a face to face encounter with their Premium Durian Duet that consist of D24 and Red Prawn durian fillings. It was fragrant and fresh in texture. It truly got me obsessed. Not only this two devils in play but there are two more durian being line up for this year mooncake feast, Imperial Musang king Royale and Snow Skin Durian Coulis. All four has their own distinct flavour and taste, I for all will indulge any one of them as I am a durian fanatic.

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Tai Thong Mid-Autumn Poon Choy

Imperial China Subang Jaya 2
Tai Thong Mid-Autumn Poon Choy

I was excited as I was invited to try out the Poon Choy at Imperial China Restaurant Subang Jaya. The Poon Choy came in a claypot and was filled up with Tian Jin cabbage, lotus root, beancurd stick, wheat gluten, white radish, celery, poached chicken, roast duck, broccoli, pig trotters, mushroom, fish maw, dried yster, prawns and golden fish ball.

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Okayama Fair in Kampachi

Okayama Fair Kampachi 9
Okayama Fair in Kampachi

It was an awesome to gourmet the produce from Okayama ranging from Okayama’s homegrown tomatoes to lovely refreshing sea sweet oyster. I was there to grace my appetite with fresh flown in ingredients. I got to confess that I truly love the texture and taste of those ingredients and there were so many my favourite.

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Ko Dang Talay โกดังทะเล at Asiatique The Riverfront Warehouse 7 Bangkok

Ko Dang Talay 11
Ko Dang Talay (โกดังทะเล) Seafood Restaurant

At just recent I was invited for a fabulous Bangkok and Pak Chong trip organised by Tourism Authority of Thailand and my flight was made possible by Thai Airways. Upon the first day arrival in Bangkok we had our dinner at Ko Dang Talay โกดังทะเล located at Asiatique The Riverfront (Warehouse 7). It was a fabulous night of Thai modern contemporary dinner. I adore the food served here and it was a great first day experience of Thai cuisine in Bangkok.

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Delicious Mid Summer Dishes from Oriental Viva Restaurant

Oriental Viva
Peking Duck at Oriental Viva

Having to look at Oriental Viva Chinese Restaurant’s Mid Summer promotion menu is truly difficult to resist and definitely an must order. The menu itself is very interesting that consist of Roasted Curry Suckling Pig served with Chilled Citrus Juice, BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Butterfly Buns, Deep-Fried Piglet Meat with Salt & Pepper and BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Special Sauce served with Chilled Citrus Juice. Each whole piglet is going for RM188each now till 28th August 2014 instead of RM330. For me after having to indulge one of the piglet, I would say it is a truly a fabulous bargain.
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Eastin Hotel EE Chinese Cuisine Homemade Decadent Mooncakes

EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel 9
EE Chinese Cuisine Homemade Decadent Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Chinese Festival 2014 is about to arrive and as always we will be greeted with awesome variety of delicious mooncakes. The festival is for lunar worship and moon watching when mooncakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. This year my first mooncake indulgence was at my favourite Chinese restaurant, the EE Chinese Cuisine located at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. The mooncakes here truly caught my attention, freshly crafted to perfection, by looking at the shine surface of their mooncakes you know they are beautifully made. My favourite . . . . strangely was their red bean paste mooncake with fluffy pastry. The red bean paste itself had a unique taste and suiting texture and I was left amazed.

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