Recipe Pressure Cooked Vinegared Pork Trotter

Pressure Cooked Vinegared Pork Trotter

My favourite at all times, a bowl of homemade Vinegared Pork Trotter. Cornered my Philips pressure cooker we went for the a thrilling journey in making a pot of goodness. Its simple to make, not too difficult but you definitely need a few good basic ingredients and techniques. I used to just chuck in all the ingredient on a crockpot and fired them up but I was wrong.


Artisan Black Vinegar

After catching up reader of the Cooking with Philips Pressure Cooker Group on Facebook, I was introduced to home grown artisan black vinegar. One from Penang and one I stumbled upon from Seremban. So rather using a mixture of sweet vinegar and black vinegar which can be difficult to gage, I just solely use the artisan black vinegar. I like this artisan black vinegar as it had been mix with orange peel.

Pan Seared Smashed Ginger

The cooking was done a bit different this time as I had the ginger pounded with a weight instead of having it sliced thinly. Then had them wok/pan seared with a bit of oil. As for the pork trotter, I had it heat up in a pot of boiling water with a few sliced ginger and Chinese wine, the outcome is just terrific. I got another tips, keep the vinegared pork trotter a day before consuming for a better flavour.

Boiled Pork Trotter

800gm Pork Trotter (chopped chunk)
750ml Artisan Black Vinegar (home grown product)
250gm Bentong Ginger (skin peeled, sliced across and slightly mash)
200gm Brown Sugar
1 tablespoon Chinese Wine
1 tablesppon Sesame Oil

Heat a pot of boiling water add in a few slice ginger and a tablespoon of Chinese wine, place the pork trotter in and had it slightly cook. Take it out and set aside.
Peel the Bentong ginger with the knife by just scratching the surface. Slice into half horizontally and slight smash it with a weight.
Heat up a pan/wok and sear the ginger with sesame oil.
Place the pork trotter, ginger, artisan black vinegar and sugar into the Philip pressure pot.
Close the pressure cooker lid and set for a 20-25KPT (I want the meat texture
not too flaky and soft)
Once cooked on the pressure cooker set aside for a day or two in the fridge to age as it taste better.

Pressure Cooked Vinegared Pork Trotter

I just love it, definitely a very rewarding dish to serve upon a wholesome dinner with relatives and friends, definitely suits for a porky weekend. If I am going to cook another round of this gourmet, I would try to caramelised the brown sugar then add in the artisan black vinegar for an oaky burning taste but I might be wrong, yet can’t wait to try . . . . Sidney Kan

Artisan Black Vinegar
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