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Creation and innovation give birth to immortality — to an absolutely modern character and a visionary spirit that transcends generations and the physical test of time. Although Maurice Hennessy was not yet aware of Hennessy X.O’s widespread popularity to come, he and his future generations soon came to realize that in The Original Cognac is a taste that is decidedly unique, combining a strong identity with a beautiful style.

Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows 2013 A2

The first in the category of X.O cognacs, Hennessy X.O is elegant and complex, the result of the blending of one hundred eaux-de-vie with an eXtra Old character, which has not changed since it’s creation in 1870. The result is a cognac with complex chords, harmonious and powerful. Hennessy X.O is a cognac that can be tasted neat or on the rocks, and that will always provide more enjoyment, creating the perfect moment for connoisseurs, cognac lovers and new cognac devotees to savour during social occasions with family and friends.


Hennessy X.O’s journey across oceans and to different continents, into the hearts and minds of cognac devotees around the world began almost two centuries ago – in the year of it’s creation, Hennessy X.O was already being delivered to Irish cognac lovers and only two years later, in 1872, important Chinese customers ordered sixty bottles in the Paris of the East, Shanghai. This taste of success is swiftly echoed around the world as Hennessy X.O conquered each country it arrived in with aplomb, from New York (1873) to Italy (1983), Russia (1898) to Japan (1900).

Hennessy XO can can dance

The first Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows event for the year, slated to be held at Chin Woo Stadium in the heart of Kuala Lumpur from April 2nd to 5th 2013 will take invited guests on the “Spirit of Conquest” – to experience the past, present and the future of the original cognac in a specially crafted journey. And I was one of the lucky ones that got invited to be part of the journey.

Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows 2013 A1

Coming along on this journey is Chef Lee Anne Wong, the first female chef for the Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows series of events. Chef Lee Anne has also found success around the world, as a finalist on Bravo TV network’s highly-rated Top Chef cooking competition and more recently, as the culinary producer of the series. Chef Lee Anne Wong is also the Executive Chef of Event Operations at The French Culinary Institute, a position she maintained while participating in the Top Chef competition and continues to hold. A culinary polyglot, in her personal time Lee Anne loves to travel and experience new cultures and flavors. Mexico holds a soft spot in her heart. For the past twelve years she has made a yearly pilgrimage to Oaxaca for the food, people and culture. In recent years, she has spent time traveling all over Japan, for personal and culinary growth, including her role as an honored chef for Sakai City’s Annual Hamono (Knife) Festival.

hennessy 1

First that came to the table was this fabulous Parisian Regalia. Seated and tucked in finely with foie gras flan that captured my first attention. I just loved the texture surrounded the whole palate, very Parisian indeed, very western. Flavour was robust and intense, just love jamming it over the crisp bread toast. Defintely a very fabulous starter to journey the ride. Love it.

Like Hennessy X.O, Chef Lee Anne Wong seeks to bring guests who taste her modern-global fusion cuisine on a journey around the world. Her sense of resourcefulness and grounding in French culinary techniques, married with her ability to innovate and produce truly modern-global cuisine, makes Chef Lee Anne a prime candidate to approach the task of creating a menu that reflects the journey of Hennessy X.O not only across oceans and to different continents, but into the hearts and minds of cognac devotees and gourmands.

Hennessy XO Oriental Enchantment

I am surprised to taste an oriental influenced soup parading the dining hall. I guessed Chef Lee Ann Wong is pushing beyond her boundries to created this soup. I like the taste, rather a subtle taste and enlighted with a huge spoon of Golden Crab and crisp shallot. Just love the texture as a whole and I managed to clean up the bowl effortless. :)

Hennessy XO Weatern Allure

Now the salmon need to be given an applaud as it was pan fried to perfection and I wished the portion was slightly bigger but on the other hand there are few more dishes lining up. Love the taste of the tnagy citrus laced over the browned butter sauce and the biting into the peanut was truly a surprise. A very tasty dish.

Hennessy Venetian Ambrosia

Oh my, my taable was raving about this Venetian Ambrosia and I could not denied it. The texture of the cooked ravioli was just terrific and with the filling of chicken and porcini mushroom was truly spot on, fabuous pairing. Very tastical thought and very well exceuted. Smells fabulous with the present of truffle and parmesan cream. I can easy consumed a big bowl of it, if Lee Ann Wong dashed up some for me later.

HennessyXO  Mazurka Splendour

Deep fried battered cheese was something unusual for me and it came out to be just lovely. The soft cheese was not too overly strong in smell, tasted and paired up well with sour cream and dark fruit sauce. Nice.

Hennessy XO Nihon Grandeur

Another dessert came our way, this one was Nihon Grandeur. Spooning into the grapefruit gelee was truly exciting especially breaking into the soft layer. Biting into the grapefruit was surprisinr sweet and bitter. Well I got to confessed the sesame brandysnap was excellent, very charming indeed. :)

The story of the past and present of the original cognac, Hennessy X.O, is one that enchants, with the wealth of its aromas, each period and each generation of connoisseurs. For what is yet to come, the future holds no bounds, as Hennessy X.O is the embodiment of continual modernity . . . .. . . . I was left with such a abulous feeling over a fabulous gourmet done up by Chef Lee Ann Wong through Hennessy XO. Thank you for such beautiful experience.

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