Kelantanese Affair at A Hassan Restaurant USJ Taipan

A Hassan Restaurant quietly tucked within the USJ Taipan

Having to wake up early for a Sunday lunch is something I avoid totally. But having the charismatic of unique food, . . . . let’s put it, if for something out of the ordinary I will be the first one to arrive. Yeah I know what my fellow foodies will say about that. :) So one Sunday I had a little venture from my norm and upon the invitation from Lola I landed myself at A Hassan restaurant located USJ Taipan to try out their Kelantanese cuisine.

Hassan Nasi Paku
“Nasi Paku” or “Nasi Bungkus” Packed Rice

In the olden days, packed rice was called “Nasi Paku” nail rice where nails were used to seal the food packaging. At current only rubber band is put into use. Now we call it “Nasi Bungkus” packed rice. As for their pacakging Hassan uses banana leaf.

Hassan UlamHassan Budu
Fresh served “Ulam” (left) and addictive “Budu” (right)

Budu (Malay language), pronounced as “boo doo” is a fish sauce and one of the best known fermented seafood products in Kelantan, a state in the north east of Malaysia as well as Southern Thailand. Here Budu is mixed with hot bird eye chilli and lime, best eaten with “Ulam” salad or grilled fish. Defintely something to explore and look forward to! :) It was addictive indeed. It charmed me right away.

Hassan ikan bilis sambal tumis
Ikan Bilis Sambal Tumis Kering” Crisp Anchovies with Chilli Paste

Ikan Bilis Sambal Tumis Kering” Crisp Anchovies with Chilli Paste is definitely an all time favourite and cooked to dry. Here the crunchy anchovies are laced with slightly hot homemade sweet chilli sauce, it was so delicious done and goes along well with white rice.

Hassan pucuk ubi kayu
“Pucuk Ubi” Salted Poarch Tapioca Leaves

I just love the simplicity done on this >”Pucuk Ubi” salted poarch young tapioca leaves, it came to be tender and soft. The best pairing for this dish is to have it with sambal and rice.

Hassan Goreng ayam kampongHassan Kerabu Pegaga
“Ayam Kampung Goreng” Deep Fried Village Breed Chicken (left) and “Kerabu Pagaga” Pennywort Leaves Salad(right)

For a fabulous refined texture, try their “Ayam Kampung Goreng” deep fried village breed chicken. It has a harder texture than the normal breed chicken but tasted much better. The peenywot salad was super delicious. Light and healthy.

Hassan Kerutuk
Beef “Kerutuk”

The beef “Kerutuk” tasted unique and different. It had a salty taste and a nutty flavour. It was really nice and the beef was done to tender. Defintely one of my favourite dish.

Hassan Nasi Bungkus
Un-veiled My “Nasi Bungkus”

My “Nasi Bungkus” at A Hassan is definitely a memorable one, definelty a rearchable Kelantese gourmet within the surburban . . . . .. . . . . . .totally spot on, Sidney Kan
Restoran A Hassan Sdn. Bhd.
Address: 35G, USJ 10/1,
Taipan Crest UEP, Subang Jaya,
Selangor, 47600.
Phone number: +60 (0)3 7785-9498

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    I prefer Chinese Version Nasi Lemak with Wild Boar! wohoo

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