The Emperor Lunar New Year Feast at Grand Dorsett Subang

Loh Sang1
A Celebration with a Tossing of Yee Sang

Meeting up with close friends over a close door celebration can be very special and recently I received a speechless invitation. A small gathering but came with great company and fabulous Chinese cuisine. This time we tried out the Chinese New Year dishes at The Emperor Restaurant at Grand Dorsett Subang. I was totally speechlessly hooked with delight.

Yee Sang with all topping
A Prosperity Yee Sang top with Sliced Hamachi Australian Yellow Tail, Salmon and Canada Surf Clam

To start with we had a large plate of Yee Sang that came with sliced hamachi Australian yallow tail, thick sliced salmon and large Canada surf clams. It was a colourful platter covered with lots of goodies such as thinly sliced red carrot, pomalo rinds, pickle ginger, crackers, green carrots, jelly fish and many more ingridients being spread out on the platter. One all the ingredients are properly placed, the ritual of pouring the sweet sauce starts, we had the specially prepared Thai sauce. Now it’s ready for the chopstick tossing ‘lou hei’ to a year filled with wealth, health and prosperity. I just love the crunchy texture and with the present of the Canada Surf Clams truly make a huge difference, so was the soft smotth texture fo the Hamachi and salmon. Lovely! I was truly enjoyed!

During this Lunar New Year celebration from 9th January to 16th February at The Emperor will be presentating their Yee Sang such as Shredded Pear Yee Sang; Canadian Surf Clam Yee Sang; Sliced Hamachi Australian Yellow Tail Yee Sang; Sliced Abalone Yee Sang and Four Seasons Prosperity Yee Sang of Butter Fish, Salmon, Tuna and Jellyfish and with a choice of three different types of Yee Sang sauce, Sichuan, Thai or Traditional. (As for per regular portion of yee sang starts from RM45.00++ to RM250.00++ for a large portion)

white fish
Sliced Hamachi Australian Yellow Tail

Yee Sang wth Salmon
Sliced Salmon

Yee Sang wth Clams
Canada Surf Clams

Double Boiled Shark’s Fin Soup with Fish Maw Vegetable Soup

Then came the dish, the double boiled shark’s fin soup and fish maw in vegetable soup base. It was true delicious, the soup was very fragrant and tasty. Every souping kept delighting me without fail. I just love Chinese soup, clear snd filled with temptation. Beautifully executed and presented well/

sea cucumber
Abalone Bamboo Pith Roll with Sea Cucumber

I love the strong entrance of the next dish, the abalone bamboo pith roll with sea cucumber. Front at far, I knew this dish was prepared with such precision and dedication.I love the tender texture of the slice abalone that wrapped around the bamboo pith and making it into a roll and I jst love indulging sea cucumber that came along. The presentation was beautifully done while the sacue, the most important thing on this dish did the best in bringing out the taste of the whole dish. Just fabulous.

sea cucumber1
A Classic Plate of Abalone Bamboo Pith Roll with Sea Cucumber

dried oyster
Stewed Dried Oyster with Black Moss and Lettuce

During every Chinese New Year, having a festive dish with dried oyster is a must and indulging the stewed black moss is a must as we believe it will bring prosperity and fortune. Here is was brasied well, soft and the texture of the dried oyster was totally refined, tenderly soft and with a slightly smoky taste. Delicious.

dried oyster1
Most Desireable Stewed Dried Oyster with Black Moss and Lettuce

Chef’s Special Baked Cod Fish

Next came the Chef’s special baked cod fish. The huge chunck of cod fish looked so robustly sexy sitting on the big serving plate. It truly stands out. It was told the cod was deep fried first before send to bake with delicious melted cheese topping. I truly fell in love with it right away. The texture was good, moist and so comfort eating. Bravo!

Glutinous Rice Cake

I just love my dessert that came with slight warm glutinous rice cake ball filled with delicious fillings while accompanied with an elegant glass of Japanese sweet potato puree. Truly a knockout dessert to end a glamorous gathering . . . . . I was totally pampered on that day, worth every second Sidney Kan

Chilled Japanese Sweet Potato Puree

Auspicious dishes with symbolic overtones for the Lunar New Year are also available on the special a-la-carte menu such as Abalone Bamboo Pith Roll with Sea Cucumber; Stir Fried Shrimps with Water Chestnuts; Stewed Dried Oyster with Black Moss and Lecttuce; Stewed Supreme Dried Seafood Platter; Stewed Dried Oyster with Black Moss and Lettuce, Roasted Crispy Chicken with Garlic sauce and Chef’s Special Baked Cod Fish to many more. A la Carte dishes are priced from RM38++ per portion (regular order) to RM900++ per portion (large order).

Here at Grand Dorsett Subang their Yee Sang Set Menus are also available throughout this period and are priced at RM988.00++ (Spring & Happiness Menu); RM1288.00++ (Everlasting Prosperity Men); RM1688.00++ (Wealth & Fortune Menu) and RM2288.00++ (Auspicious & Prosperity Menu). All set menus are priced for a table of 10 persons inclusive of a bottle of red wine except Auspicious & Prosperity Menu which comes inclusive with two bottles of red wine.

The Emperor
Grand Dorsett Subang

For reservations, call +60 3 5031 6060 extn 1954 (Emperor)


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    Never try Yee Sang with Canada Surf Clams before. Something new.

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    Happy CHinese New Year

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