Moon Sing Restaurant at Taman Perindustrian KIP

moon sing fishing photos
The River Fishing Excursion at Bukit Tinggi

I could not believed that I had located this restaurant that was hidden in the isolated area near Desa Aman Puri. Yes not far form there (just a kilometer or two just behind Mc Donald), to be exact located at Taman Perindustrian KIP. I was lucky this time as I had a guide with me. It was a true innocent authentic Chinese dishes that I ever eating that afternoon unless it was well prepared by my grandmother, aunties or the elderly. In fact in Cantonese there are called “See Fong Choy” or authentic Chinese home cooking. Here at Moon Sing we had the “Kong Sai” Provence style of cooking.

moon sing passionfruit and lime juice
Passionfruit and Lime Juice Drink

Owner and Chef Tim Ho of Moon Sing himself has a great story to tell. Originated from Bukit Tinggi,Pahang not far from here, Chef Tim grew up in a beautiful landscape of farming and a family of cooks. “We grow our own vegetables, we have our fish ponds too. Most of the water used is natural mountain water”, he told us with such a joy. We were informed all the vegetables and fresh water fishes used in the restaurant are brought from Kota Tinggi and we were truly amazed.

As an entrement, we were juiced up with their special nutritious and refreshing drink, fresh passion fruit juice with lime. It was truly tasty and even better when being served with crushed ice. It was a clear sourish sweet and I just loved it. :) Fresh passion fruits specially from Kota Tinggi.

moon sing claypot taliapa fish
Claypot Taliapa Fish

The first dish was a simple claypot talapia fish. The fish was cooked in the claypot with some exquiste soy sauce and corainder leafs, finely sliced ginger and spring onion. It was truly superb in taste and smell. Refined texture and fragrantly infused. It was the best talapia fish deal that I had found, it was only about RM10 for a single portion. Just perfect and so affordable.

moon sing mah yau fish
Deep Fried “Mah Yau” Fish topped with Pickled Green Mustard Gravy

The next dish is a must order and one of the most ordered dish here at Moon Sing, deep fried “Mah Yau” fish topped with pickled green mustard gravy. The fish was fresh and crisp deep fried. What was the most amused me was the gravy. It truly reminded me of my aunt’s cooking, she was one of the best cook that can do such miracles with picked green mustard. Here at Moon Sing did the same. Chef Tim had created a sourish sweet pickled green mustard sauce that really soaked into the deep fried fish and ended it with such a powering and bursting flavour fish dish. Definitely jive well with a bowl of steamed white rice. A must order dish, sells fast too. Defintely one of the best home cooked fish dish.

moon sing crisp pork belly with young french bean
Crispy Pork Belly with Young French Bean

Now the next stir fried crispy pork belly with young french bean was such a star. It was so deliciously done. Biting into the thinly sliced crispy pork belly was like living in heaven. It was really good. It tasted like sweet smoked bacon. Having the present of young french bean, it left the dish with such a variety of texture, crisp to crunchiness. It was such a simple and foremost a delicious dish by itself. Truly authentic.

green Veg soup
Bolied Green Vegetable Leafs Soup

The green leafs boiled soup was very nutritous. It had a great texture and crunchiness in taste. The soup was kept sinple and tasty. I do like it.

moon sing chicken sitr fried with ginger spring onion and coriander leafs
Chicken Stir Fried with Ginger Spring Onion and Coriander Leafs

The chicken dish came to our table with such a pleasant and filled with such a delight. I can still remember of having this dish on the second day of the Chinese New Year. Chicken Stir Fried with Ginger Spring Onion and Coriander Leafs, a poached chicken stir fried with crushed ginger, spring onion and coriander leafs. It was very fragrant and with the present of sesame oil while the whole dish was filled with bursting flavour. It was truly one of the delicious home cooked chicken dish. It was really good. Yet another tried dish and must order.

moon sing assam fish
Steamed Assam Talapia Fish

We also forked into the tasty Assam Talapia Fish. The sauce was really delicious, sourish sweet with delight. It paired so well with the steamed talapia fish, definitely a best combination. Left me of wanting more. I just love dining here at Moon Sing Restaurant as the prices are really affordable. Chef Tim does occasionally prepared fresh catches from the river around Kota Tinggi and even as far as Bentong. So do check out with Chef Tim . . . . . . I had found one of the most satisfying home cooking food here at Moon Sing Restaurant, Sidney Kan

P/S: I will be having a one day river fishing at Bukit Tinggi next week! :)

moon sing
Moon Sing Restaurant
No 41, Jalan KIP 2
Taman Perindustrian KIP
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 62751037 / 017 2075271 (Ms Cheng)


  • March 14, 2011 - 8:05 am | Permalink

    There’s nothing like home cooking eaten at a restaurant. The best food without having to do any of the work or the dishes! The claypot fish and vegetable soup look especially “homey.”
    Jeanette´s last blog post ..Guest Post by Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic Ecuadorian Menestra Recipe

  • March 14, 2011 - 10:22 am | Permalink

    Yeah.. so nice homecooked food. Affordable and simple always makes a great comfort food!
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Heritage Village Aman Suria- Penang Nyonya Food

  • March 14, 2011 - 11:29 am | Permalink

    This place serves RM10 per fresh Talapia fish
    Big Boys Oven´s last blog post ..Moon Sing Restaurant at Taman Perindustrian KIP

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