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KOUFU Garden Shoppe One City

Koufu 5
Premium Red Wine Noodle Soup

Well tucked at the end of USJ also in between Subang and Puchong we found this up coming attraction the Garden Shoppe One City. Before the Mall opens, we found yet another interesting delicious Fook Chow cuisine boiling along the shop lots called KOUFU. This red painted eatery is easily to detect and hardly not to notice yet the ambient inside is modest and simple. I just easily fall for this place as the food here is very authentic, delicious, comfort and affordable.

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Guinness St Patrick’s Day Food Trail at Deutsches Gasthaus 5 Part One

Deutsches Gasthaus 5 A

I am on a food trail with Guinness St Patrick’s Day and the first stop was at Deutsches Gasthaus 5 located at Bandar Manjalara, Kepong. A nice stand alone building, modern and very chic. I was the last one to arrive for the dinner but I was on time :). The place is easy to find, locate just nearby Tesco. I was well recieved by the host, Katherine. She was gorgeous.

I just love the comfi setting of this place, very lay back and relax. They were six of us dining that night Jennifer, Seet, Choi Yen, Alice, hubby and myself. I was told that we were going to taste a great exclusive menu from their kitchen and the chef plus the crew were a bit nervous on our feedbacks. Wow! Very intense! But we are always nice food critics.

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A Family Reunion Dinner at Oversea Restaurant Ipoh

Yee Sang
Yee Sang at Oversea Restaurant, Ipoh

Yup! I am back in Ipoh for Chinese New Year. Reunion dinner is important and I hope everyone gets to dine with their love ones. This year again we are back at the Oversea Restaurant for another splendid eight course dinner. The food this year still maintained well, not bad at all.

Having dinner with my mum’s family is a yearly thing without fail. Everyone is back from their places, a cousin of mine was back with his family from Kota Kinabalu, another family came back from Johor and so was sister back from Singapore. As usual we started toasting the Yee Sang, it was very traditional and simple Yee Sang with slices of fresh water fish.

Loh Sang
Yee Sang Toasting

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Cerise II

We were in tears with joy as we walked away the cinema yesterday night as we took the advice of Mei Yen (our regular blogger) to watch the movie, 200 pounds beauty. We love it. Thanks Mei Yen. I guess it will be great if we understand korean. Althought the movie was fiction but it was so real and somehow had captured our hearts. Hehehe…… I saw Sid was in a bit of tears.

Last week our friend Catherine insisted to try our cakes and had placed an order for two cakes but we were not able to take the order as we were booked for the weekend. So yesterday we baked her order, two cakes for ten guest. So we did a large version of Cerise but this time we had a rum flavoured tartlet shell, pistachio cheeries tartlet and topped it with rasberry mousse. We also baked our signature LV cheesecake for Catherine.

We hope Catherine will love our new version of Cerise and we decided to name this tartlet, Catherine. Have a nice weekend everyone as we will be taking this weekend off, away from the city and continue on our food hunting, havefoodwilltravel. Take care.

Luv, Sunny Yaw

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