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Fai & Chean wedding cake 1

Every wedding cake is uniquely designed and beautifully sculptured with precision care and Fai & Chean’s wedding cake was one of them. It was prefectly detailed and kept to simplicity. Ribbon and Jewellery were the two theme used for this wedding celebration. Ribbon was the idea from the bride and jewellery was added to give the wedding cake glamour.

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Butterflies, Flowers & Ribbons Wedding Cake . . . . Jonas & Mena

Yellow, Gold, White & Light Brown

A month ago I meet up with Mena & Jonas to discuss about their wedding cake. The wedding will be held at Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan in early November. They wanted a simple square white wedding cake with gold satin ribbons, small flowers and simple butterflies. As we went on, Mena had made up her mind that she wanted to have yellow orangy flowers with dark brown dots and light brown butterflies and this is the cake I crafted for Mena and Jonas . . . . . .















I hereby wishes the happy couple, Jonas & Mena a great seaside wedding and thank you for giving me the chance of the life time to create your wedding cake . . . . . . . for now I have to go back to my studio and create yet another wedding cake for another lovely couple this coming weekend . . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

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