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Jo & Matthew Wedding Cupcakes Dragonfly

Jo & Matthew wedding cupcakes

I would like to congratulate Jo & Matthew on their wedding celebration which was held last weekend at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, PJ. When I meet Jo and Matthew, they knew what they really want, cupcakes & dragonflies. Both of this awesome couple even had a pair of dragonfly embroided on their wedding gown and suit, so stylish indeed!

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Fai & Chean wedding cake 1

Every wedding cake is uniquely designed and beautifully sculptured with precision care and Fai & Chean’s wedding cake was one of them. It was prefectly detailed and kept to simplicity. Ribbon and Jewellery were the two theme used for this wedding celebration. Ribbon was the idea from the bride and jewellery was added to give the wedding cake glamour.

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An Animation Year End Wedding . . . . Wai Loon & Lisa




Will marry you in front of the world in front of no one at all,
Will love you in our bedroom the living room or hall
Will live with you anywhere, a mansion or a shack
Will go anywhere with to the ends of the world and back


Can stay awake and talk to you forever and a day
Can spend my life by your side and never go away
Can look into your eyes and see my future there
Can offer you my soul, with out worry or despair
Can tell you that I have always loved you,
Can tell you that I love you now more than words could ever express


Want you to be my husband you are the very best
Want to hold your hand forever and feel your caress
Want these things forever, eternally, with out end
Want to be your wife your lover and your friend.




It was such a beautiful wedding, it took Wai Loon & Lisa a year to plan such a romantic and loving wedding, even the wedding cake was so well crafted by them and it was ordered two months ahead, it was a fantastic and loving sweet year end wedding celebration.







It was such a wonderful wedding for Wai Loon & Lisa, I am sure they will be so happy and defintely be looking forward being together forever, I thank you two for giving me the chance to be part of your lovely wedding . . . . . . . . forever Sunny Yaw

p/s: thank you Yoke Sze, you are such a darling.

I do love you always . . .

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