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A Flower Shower Wedding Cake . . . . . Alan & Jamie


I had a conversation with someone on the phone today.

“Hi, this is Big Boys Oven, it’s regarding about your cake”, I spoke.
“Who is this? Sid, the one who manage BBO or Sunny the good looking one with the photo on the blog” replied from someone.

Wow! I was shocked with joy . . . . me the good looking one, hahahahaha . . . such a compliment I ever received till today! I was totally blushed and still am even now! Thanks to someone, it was really motivated me to bake more from now on! heheheh . . . .

As I got back from Singapore, I created this cake specially for Alan & Jaime’s wedding at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie. I meet Jamie a month ago and she already had something in mine, a lovely huge 3tier wedding cake with beautiful orangy flowers combination over a light orange wedding cake flushed with some hand painted gold motifs. Here is the cake I created . . . .

I just adore my this latest creation, looks so Spanish and so inviting. Jamie told me that she loved it and the guests just adored it. Thank you so much Jamie for entrusting us to commission your dream wedding cake . . . Love Sunny Yaw.

Big Boys Oven’s Macaron Goes Japanese !!!

Hey! Great to be back and with lots to tell, Singapore treated me so well, baby sitted me so beautifully and yet not enough time to complete my exploration, from Orchard to Geylang, from Katong to Bugis, from “La Pa Sar” to Chinatown . . . . I just can’t imagine the among of walking that I did! . . . just amazingly executed.

Next I receieved an sms from Motoko . . . “BBO’s appearance on the december issue of PANORA” . . . . “WOW! JUST FANTASTIC!” , I told myself.

This month December 2008, PANORA featured about “Christmas” and introduced “Christmas Dessert” as most Japanese love sweets, and also seeking for nice gifts for not only in Christmas but also to visiting friends’ house and also as souvenir when they return back to Japan and Big Boys Oven’s macarons were featured as petite sweet gifts for Christmas, . . . SO COOL!


PANORA is the monthly magazine, publishes on 30th of every month. The circulation of Panora is 35,000 copies per issue (free copies) and will distributed at hotel, Japanese embassy, restaurants, shopping centres, exclusive condominiums, travel agencies, international moving agency, Japan club, Penang & Johor. The target audience is Japanese Families/ Women/ Children. Content of Panora is all about lifestyle, dining, beauty & health, shopping, entertainment, etc. Size of the Panora Magazine is A3 size.

Amazing . . . just amazing . . . I will also be looking forward to yet another Big Boys Oven sweets to be featuring on this coming december issue of Female Brides . . . A Toast to 2009 but . . . . I just love all of you who had given me and sid such a great support through out this tough fight of 2008! All of you are so amazing, I just love you . . . Sunny Yaw

Thank you Motoko!
I just completed this morning yet another huge beautiful wedding cake for Alan & Jaime . . . I hope both of them will adore it. . . . his mum did! :)

A Nite Flourish With Wedding Cupcakes . . . . . Matthew & Carmen



The night was filled with beautiful things, lighten candles, beautiful flowers, awesome colours, wonderful guests and gorgeous bride and bridegroom . . . . truely a night to remember.
It had been a great weekend to see the smiles of the bride, bridegroom and their guests on that day. Now I am planning and yet another wedding cake this december but I will take a few days break for relaxation and will be visiting Singapore but I will still be posting my regular posts. . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Butterflies, Flowers & Ribbons Wedding Cake . . . . Jonas & Mena

Yellow, Gold, White & Light Brown

A month ago I meet up with Mena & Jonas to discuss about their wedding cake. The wedding will be held at Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan in early November. They wanted a simple square white wedding cake with gold satin ribbons, small flowers and simple butterflies. As we went on, Mena had made up her mind that she wanted to have yellow orangy flowers with dark brown dots and light brown butterflies and this is the cake I crafted for Mena and Jonas . . . . . .















I hereby wishes the happy couple, Jonas & Mena a great seaside wedding and thank you for giving me the chance of the life time to create your wedding cake . . . . . . . for now I have to go back to my studio and create yet another wedding cake for another lovely couple this coming weekend . . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

One Bite Cupcakes


Last weeek, I was requested to come out with some petite cakes for a group of visiting delegate from the commenwealth countries at my client’s place. I got only a day to come out with something simple, nice and presentable . . . . just for a light afternoon coffee break. So I created three different types of petite dessert . . . mini cupcakes, strawberry tarts and milk chocolat brownies . . . . . . these were the cupcakes created for that afternoon . . . . .







I just completed my wedding cake and ready to be pick up! This one is a bit different compare to the previous . . . . I am sure you will be looking forward to read about it soon . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

A Wedding At Jalan Terasek, Bangsar Baru . . . Yik Seong & Li Kim




The greatest gift you’ll ever get,
A gift from heaven above,
Is love forever, ending never,
Everlasting love.
Your wedding day is full of joy;
Tomorrow you cannot see.
But one thing’s sure for the two of you:
The best is yet to be.”

“Yik Seong & Li Kim”


It was noon when I arrived at Jalan Terasek, lunch was ready and so was the wedding cake. It was a tea ceremony and registration of marriage at Li Kim’s home. They came back from the bridegroom’s home with full of style . . . in a new Toyota Celica sports car . . . . . drove by the bride herself dressed in a beautiful “Cheong Sam” . . . . . a wedding ceremony that I did not miss . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Macarons with An Asian Flavour

Not A New Discovery, Yet So Lovely

dear readers and friends,

thank you for all the emails and comments for my last post. it was fabulous and great to know that you love the wedding cake that i created a week ago. i am totally lost with words and this had gave me the strength to even work more harder to churn out more creations in the comings and the future.

on thursday i attended a cocktail reception showcasing the year end party celebrations where there were more than 100 invited guests from the coperate world and the media. the food was lovely . . . . (will definitely be posting about it) . . . and at this event i was shocked that some of the guests wanted to meet Big Boys Oven and our desserts were complimented and so was our work . . . . . . thank you so much.


back to today’s post, i would like to introduce my lastest macaron craze . . . yes macarons with an asian flavour. during this year i stumbled onto this flavour during the mooncake festival and the way it was done, was incredible unique, delicious and that attractd me. then back to my studio i tested this similar uniqueness but. . . . . onto my macarons . . . . i am sure you are eager wanting to know what i have created . . . . yes i have come up with macarons with mango japanese cream cheese filling. the macarons are filled with really small bits of preserved mango and infused into a lite mango cream cheese.




well i am heading back to my studio now, finishing up a wedding cake for tomorrow’s wedding lunch, have a good weekend and see you soon . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

A Perfect Cake, A Perfect Wedding . . . for Lance & Veneesia

Two months ago I received an email from Vaneesia regarding her wedding cupcakes and she told me that she found BBO on a website forum called malaysiabrides.com. After a couple of emails, we meet and discussed further about the wedding cupcakes and the decision was made.

Three weeks before the wedding, Vaneesia and myself chatted on gmail and she decided to have a wedding cake instead as she had found her dream cake. She adored two designs and wanted me to create her the perfect wedding cake. Vaneesia wanted leaves, roses, a light pastel colour and a tall modern wedding cake . . . . . . . . come have a look at the wedding cake created for Lance & Vannesia’s wedding.


Marriage is about COMMITMENT


Marriage is about DEVOTION



Marriage is about SHARING






“Love is like crystal,
it must be handled gently
and with great CARE”
“Lance & Vaneesia”


I had a fabulous evening at Lance & Veneesia’s wedding, food was great, the music & song were romantic, Vaneesia was so beautiful and Lance was the happiest man that night, . . . . I wish you both a joyful and wonderful marriage!!! . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

P/S: Vaneesia, thank you for having us to bake you the wedding cake, it was fun working with you. take care & have a great time

Coffee Macaron with Dark Chocolat Fillings

Today, my student Anna Teo came over to pick up her O’chocolat cake and Durian moussecake that she ordered few days ago and brought along three guests, her hubby and two of her adorable children.

Anna said to me when she saw her cakes, “Wow! those macarons are so beautiful, how you do it?”

I told Anna, ” Lots of patients!” and I smiled at her.

We all sat down and chatted for a while and the children was continuing helping me molding some sugar paste, they are so cute and adorable. Here are some of the photos of the macarons that Ann was so amazed with this morning.







That macaron was given a nasty bite by myself so that I can take a photo of it to show you how inside looked like.

Yesterday we had a great time at Lance & Vaneesia’s wedding at the Court Yard Restaurant. I would like to congratulate to both of them a HappyWedding!

Vaneesia! It was fabulous to hear you said you like the wedding cake, . . . . . “Perfect, this is what I wanted!” I will post it up very soon . . . . Love Sunny Yaw


A Wedding Cake For A Perfect Wedding

This is a wedding cake I created recently at my studio for a perfect wedding. A 5 tiers pink fondant wedding cake with light pink and purple sugar paste flowers. I had them simple and clean with each tier removable and easy to handle.



I wonder what will I be making next . . . . . maybe more cupcakes . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Lovely Petite Flowers Over a Wedding . . .

Lovely Colors Over A Wedding Cake

I had been busy crafting this cake last week requested by a client of mine, wanted something moderate and nice for her girlfriend’s wedding. So I created a 3tiers vanilla pod lemon cake with loads of petite white flowers over a lovely champange pink fondant.


I will be facing another challenge this coming week especially on the wedding cake but cannot review it to anyone yet . . . secret project . . . see you soon I got to get back to my studio yet for another interesting bakes . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Completing 11years of Journey . . . . Jeffrey & Rachel


I pledged my heart to you
It will forever be yours
My love is pure and true
Without you I would be lost
…….. Forever Love
“Jeffrey & Rachel”



The wedding was so beautiful, the setting was incredible lovely.This time I get to work with Kenny Mah, the wedding planner for Jeffrey & Rachel’s wedding. For the wedding I did a 3 tiers wedding cake fill with petite flowers . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Wedding Planner for hire: Kenny Mah


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