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Lek Lek Restaurant Seri Kembangan

Sashimi Red Talapia

The month of August and September are both the most busiest time for me, I had been running here and there without aa rest. But I got to say I am enjoying it, learning new things got me going. Throught this, I had experienced great moments and not forgetting some nasty ones too. As for food, that is a different story: everytime it never ever fail to inspire with the greatest joy, Lek Lek at Sri Kembangan was totally fabulous. I was left with wordless.

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Flower Sea Snail

Have you ever tasted these little creatures? Ain’t they look cool and adorable!I am sure they will be hit as pet sometime in the future! So this time I cook some of this fresh flower sea snail.

I have them in Kum Heong sitr fry!

Once cooked, you need to take a toothpick to get the meat out from the shell. The texture of the cooked sea snail is amazingly good. I am assure this is due to the freshness as they are still alive before being cooked.

Would you like to try? . . . Steven Cheng

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