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Caffebene at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Caffebene Sunway Pyramid 3
I Just LOVE My Green Tea Bingsu

My alertness about Caffebene only came through the social media platform and I was on a great alert about this café since then. Only two outlets been set up for the moment, one at Sunway Pyramid and the other at Solaris. www.caffebene.com.my I got to confess that I had an absolutely fabulous time exploring their gorgeous menu and I bet you will agree with me. Green Tea Bingsu was my favourite!

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SENJA MIGF 2011 The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Mr Ian Hurst

Having good company over dinner is a must and for myself I always the lucky one who gets to seat in with a group of food connoisseur. That night Mr. Ian Hurst the General Manager of Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur played the host and introduced us the creation of Chef GIovanni Ricci from Senja. A true charming host he was and without any hesitation, he was already directing us through the awesome journey of Italian gastronomy.

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Dr Cafe Solaris Mont Kiara

Norman Musa Dr.Cafe
Coffee @ Dr. Cafe Solaris

I was out recently to meet up with my friends the famous UK based chef Chef Norman Musa and his business partner Andy. Both were in town for a short break. In fact we had dinner at Little Taiwan at Solaris Dutamas and then head for a cup of coffess at Dr. Cafe at Solaris Mont Kiara, just across and not too far in distance.

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MED.@Marche-Live MIGF 2010

wall menu

One of my favourite restaurant in Kuala Lumpur would definitely be MED.@Marche-Live overseen by a rising and dashing good looking chef, Chef Paul Lewis. This talent of this Aussie chef can easily be spotted through his MIGF menu, it was a well crafted seven course feast with individual taste and unique experience. Together with it’s a modern chic spacious interior, my whole dining experience that night was amazing beautiful. It was truly impressive.

Chef Paul Lewis

Chef’s creations had amazed me all the time till even now. My last dining experience was four months back when this dashing good looking hunk chef arrived in Kuala Lumpur, that night was a superb dinner and for this current MIGF, he had his creation spot on. It was flavourful, simple and most, it was superbly tasty. One of his dish was the Brodetto that had kept me wanting more. It was truly exotically addictive and so pleasureable.

Rufino Aziano Chianti Classico DOCG
Rufino Aziano Chianti Classico DOCG was paired with Chef’s creation.

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Eric Chong The Birmingham Cake Connection

Sliced Blackforrest cake by Eric Chong
A slice of Blackforrest Cake by Eric Chong

I have been busy. Many students dropping by the studio to learn baking. Some even flew in from abroad and that got me truly excited. My time was booked and hooked and I can’t chicken out. I was worried as I was not sure the exceptation from my students but I always make sure my students get the best out of me.

A British born lad Eric Chong was one of my student who flew in from Birmingham for a four days full day intensive one to one baking class session with me and Ben. All the techniques and recipes were well architected for Eric. A well dedicated Eric was a fast learner and had won great admiration from Chef Ben and myself for having such precision and perfection at even a beginner level.

Eric Chong now is back in Birmingham polishing his art of baking and we hope he will be able to embark into churning his own home cake bakes soon. He got excited too and he had recently emailed me of all his successful bakes. Aren’t all of the creation look just fantastic?

Blackforrest cake by Eric Chong
Blackforrest Cake by Eric Chong

Cupcakes by Eric Chong
Cupcakes by Eric Chong

Sliced Opera by Eric Chong
A slice Opera by Eric Chong

Chocolate Moussecake by Eric Chong
Chocolate Moussecake by Eric Chong

Strawberry chocolate cake by Eric Chong
A Strawberry Chocolate Cake by Eric Chong

Tiramisu by Eric Chong
Tiramisu by Eric Chong

Opera by Eric Chong
The Opera by Eric Chong

Fruit Shortcake by Eric Chong
Fruit Shortcake by Eric Chong

Sliced Fruit Shortcake by Eric Chong
A sliced of Fruit Shortcake by Eric Chong

mousse by Eric Chong
Mousses by Eric Chong

tuna sweetcorn cheese bun, mini sausage & cheese bun, salami tuna cheese bun  by Eric Chong
Tuna sweetcorn cheese bun, Mini sausage and cheese bun, Salami tuna cheese bun by Eric Chong

macarons by Eric Chong
A recent Macarons by Eric Chong

Eric Chong baking at home
Eric Chong baking from home

Eric Chong is progressing very fast and his bakes are truly exciting yet very creatively refreshing. Definitely a Birmingham cake connection, a successful bake . . . . . . . . . . truly inspired, Sunny Yaw

Lovely Tiramisu & My Tiramisu Class | Big Boys Oven in Penang

Tiramisu is one of the most popular italian cakes and I just adore it, I have them my unique way, layered with lady finger biscuits but I have my with my sponge cake dipped with espresso or a strong coffee and layered it with a whipped mixture of egg yolks, mascarpone with my favourite liqueur. As for this one, I decorated it with hazelnut white chocolate macarons and chocolate bits.

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Indulge With The Matcha Goddess

GreenTea Tiramisu

I am back safely in KL from my Penang weekend trip. Although I am too exhausted but it was one of the most interesting trip that I ever had. I counducted 3 classes on the weekend, it was fantastic and had great students and will post about it soon. Food in Penang as always delicious and incredible.

Today I am posting about the greentea tiramisu, layers of greentea cream over layers of japanese greentea sponge. This greentea tiramisu is gorgeous as I served them in a beautiful tappered glass and even decorated it with chocolat and fresh fruits.

Gosh, I really need some rest now and will be back real soon . . . Love Sunny Yaw

A Dessert To Have

An All Time Classic, Espresso FLavoured Ladies’ Finger with Mascarpone Cheese



(10 portion)
1litre Whipping Cream
100gm Sugar
500gm Mascarpone Cheese
200ml Masala Wine
500ml Espresso
100ml Kahkula
500gm Ladys Finger



1. Whip the cream and sugar in a mixing bowl till the sugar melted.
2. Then add mascarpone cheese and masala wine into the mixture.
3. Mix the Espresso and Kahlua together, and soak ladys finger and layer it in a chocolate mould with mascarpone misture for 3 layers.
4. Once ready chill it. Once it is hardm it is ready to serve.

A dessert to die for . . . Chef Simon Sim


I am sure you are very eager by now, waiting patiently for my tiramisu, but before that I would like to invite you to view The Ho Chak! TV8 program (Ho Chak! 5 – Episode 5 – Part 1) which had featured Chef Steven Cheng and his mini Buddha jump over the wall (mini futt till cheong), myself and sidney were also interviewed.

The picture below is not the mini Buddha jump over the wall dish but it is an extra large Xiu Long Bao (oppssss…..) which I saw and captured through my lense while I was at the Kuala Lumpur newest shopping mall, the Pavalion. It is really exciting and really can’t imagine sipping the soup inside of the dumpling through using a straw. Well, it will be even more exciting if a dessert can be eaten that way using a straw sipping all the great juices and continue eating and enjoying them.

So what is the most best dessert that can be eaten the same way as this huge Xio Long Bau? What came into my mind was this dessert called Tiramisu, but how should it be done? Therefore let us explore and see how we can enjoy having the similar thing but as a dessert.

Things that needed would be a good cup of espresso, coffee syrup, sponge cake, tiramisu cream and a good container to hold this exciting and delicious Tiramisu. The Tiramisu container that I used is this illy tappered glass as shown below.

Make some good brewed espresso according to your taste and set it aside, but as usual I use illy espresso coffee. You can get a tin of illy espresso coffee powder about 150gm for RM23(USD6) at Isetan, KLCC.

Making Tiramisu Cream

Whipping cream 120ml
Egg yolks 35g
Sugar 40g
Sweet Marsala 45ml
Mascarpone, softened 110g

1. Get the tappered glass ready before beginning preparation
2. Whip the whipping cream to soft peaks. Cover and reserve under refrigeration.
3. (Sabayon) Combine egg yolks, sugar and marsala in a stainless steel bowl and whip together until thoroughly blended. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and heat, whisking constantly, until the moisture is thick and foamy and has reached at least 165F/74C.
4. Remove from the heat and whip, using an electric mixer fitted with the wire whip attachment, on high speed until cool.
5. Fold the egg yolk mixture into the mascarpone. Gently blend in approximately one-third of the reserved whipped whipping cream. Fold in the remaing whipped whipping cream.
6. Immediately pipe or spead into prepared tappered glass which contained espresso coffee and sponge cake.

Sponge Cake

Espresso and sponge cake with coffee syrup are assembled into the illy tappered glass. Once done, pipe the Tiramisu cream into the the illy tappered glass and finish it with a dust of chocolat powder and snow sugar. Cover and refrigerate until completely set.

Once the tiramisu is chilled, you just need a straw and a teaspoon. Plunge the straw into the tiramisu and start sipping the chilled espresso and start digging into it. It is really fantastic and for myself, I just can’t stop enjoying having them and hope that goes same with you too.

Love Sunny Yaw

Black & White Cupcake (Part 1)

It had been a great weekend…. and as usual busy, but still manage to have time to meet up with friends and have lunch on Sunday. Busy with? really?… well baking for most, visiting new malls such as Pavilion and the Gardens, dinner with Steven Cheng, our new on board and regular food churner at Big Boys Kitchen, nothing else to talk but just talk about food over dinner… sounds bored but it was really a journey about food, creation and taste, it was something no one would like to share… especially their secrets. I did check on other bloggers update post and also not forgetting, updating my post.

Got to say, last week was such a happening days, for most we would like to thank Little Corner of Mine for awarding us the Creative Blogger Award. Thank you very much and will soon be awarding to some other great bloggers out there in the cyberworld.

Secondly, me and Sid had our 30 second fame on telly 6pm today. Steven Cheng was interviewed and his dish “mini monk jump over the wall” was featured on 8TV’s “Ho Chiak” food program. We were also interview about the dish…… and sid was having a joyly time… not forgetting me too.

On this post, I am posting my latest collection of cupcakes and I call them black & white cupcakes. Here I baked caramel banana cupcakes and decorated them with dark chocolat ganache and white butter cream and finished them off with chocolat at the centre. There are two sizes and with different decoration, a medium and a big ones and both of this cupcakes are available at Ole Cafe.

Prefer to keep them simple and maintain their natural beauty and elegant. They look so gorgeous just like my own babies. I also know that you are waiting for my tiramisu, and will be posting them this week. So while waiting make sure you have mascarpone cheese, sponge cake and a good espresso waiting in your fridge.

Love Sunny Yaw

Fresh Cream Tart with Roasted Chestnut

It had been a long week for us as we had been occupied with moving into our new condominium at near by Damansara Perdana and also managed to meet with some food bloggers for dinner at Mei Chi Xuan Restaurant at Kota Damansara. Great to meet you all, teckiee, foodylicious, lots of craving, ipoh mali, jackson, tummythoz, kampongboycitygal, takiasu and friends. I had a great time and we finished at 11.30pm. Sunny Yaw send apology for not able to attend the dinner and hope you like the light tiramisu.

Since we had done with our moving, we also had updated big boys kitchen and also have food will travel. Please do drop by at our food and travel website.

This time we like to post one of our simple and fast cream tart with roasted whole chestnut that we make for one of our close friend, Flourine. We had used the left over tart shell and binded it with instant custard. Then placed a whole roasted chesnut on top of the instant custard. The whipped up some whipping cream and binded them on top of the chestnut and custard. We then decorated the tart with halves strawberry and almond tuile biscuit. They are really exciting to make.

We also like to inform that from this friday 10th August 2007, Ole Cafe will be featuring Ole Cakes by Sunny Yaw. Do drop by at Ole Cafe’s cake counter and taste the cakes baked by Sunny Yaw. Three new cakes will be featured. Please do let us know what dessert and savoury you would like to see at Ole Cafe.

48, Changkat Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +603 21489007

Hope to see you at Ole Cafe.

From Sidney & Sunny Yaw.

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