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Andy & Rachel’s Wedding Cake

wedding cake

I just love sculpturing wedding cakes and this recent one is a beauty. I just love the two colours used, yellow and orange: colours choosen by the bride, Rachel. Both Andy & Rachel wanted something simple and yet stands our during their wedding and the colours were specially picked. The cupcakes, I kept them simple, basic butter cream swirl in both colours topped with silver balls. Stacked them in tiers.

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Signature Durian Pancake by Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong

Durian Pancake 1
Durian Pancake

When I was told there was a durian pancake class, I went straight to book myself a seat. I just love them, every single bite is luscious. Soft, smooth, creamy and full of durian aroma. It is truly classic and beatiful to have. Once again Chef Thye Yoon Kong of Zing, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur to the control of the kitchen. With his two assistances, he lead the way.

Pancake batter was make from basic ingredients like flour, butter and milk. I was truly simple and the most important part was the pan frying od the pancake using the non-stick pan. Every pancake make was total without floss, just perfect. All it neede was whipped cream and intensified durian paste filled onto the pancake and wrapped over.

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TEQUILA and MEZCAL Bentley’s Pub Hotel Nikko

Sunny Yaw

Look at me, I am enjoying sipping a glass of Tequila specially flown in from Mexico for the Tequila and Mezcal Tasting class held at Bentley’s Pub, Hotel Nikko recently. It was exciting and an eye opener for me as I was enjoying my glass of Tequila, strong, bold and deadly lethal, lol! and I saw a few participants just gulp those glasses without any hesistation and problem but not me as I prefer to have mine slow and steady with pure luxury. :)

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