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TATSU Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

TASTU, one of the newest Japanese Restaurant in town

At recent I was invited to the unviel the town’s latest newly renovated upscale Japanese restaurant TATSU at the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur. Tastu-ijn means expert that carved the name for this restaurant which brings a sophisicated element to the traditional dining experience.The decor of the restaurant emphasis on the royal blue to reflect the diverse Oriental Japanese influences combined with the layer of Shoji inspired screen with rich hues and soft light provides an intimate yet elegant and tranquil dining ambience. The interior here is further enhanced with unique concept of having sake bottles and cups as wall decorative.

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IKETERU is part of the 30 finest restaurants around Kuala Lumpur participating in this year Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2010. Definitely this sophisticated and modern Japanese setting of IKETERU instantly caught my attention and comfort was felt right away. Equip with finest chefs, moden teppanyaki station and modern sushi bar, IKETERU was truly irresistable especially on my latest dining experience. A spacious dining area with private tatami rooms can be truly comfort to enjoy a Japanese cuisine, just like what I did.

A Huge Range of Sake

I am a new sake follower and having a few bottles at home is a must. As having to have a glimpse of sake available was mind blowing, it was beautiful to see. Just like a sea of sake. Marvellous especially for a drinker like myself. Another sight caught me with excitement, having to see huge jars of plum sake being brewed and being showcased in the glass cabinets caught me totally speechless. I was informed there are not readily yet for drinking as they are still very young.

dining room
The Dining Room

Another reason of coming to IKETERU is to lay back and enjoy the dishes crafted by the well know Chef Ricky Kamiishi. His beautiful creations are most sort after by many Japanese cuisine fans in town, he is known for his bold approaches in his creation and style. He just love playing around with flavours and freshness. I am one of his huge dedicated fan.

table setting
My Seat

I am also excited that during this festival, Hilton KL will also be flying a 2 Michelin Star Chef, Chef Christopher Coutanceau from La Rochelle Restaurant in France from 14th to 16th October 2010. Being born a Coutanceau means being born to cook (his father, The Grand Chef Richard Coutanceau), Christopher absorbed the culinary rigour of his father and learning from gastronomical greats like Gauzeres, Bardet, Guerard, Oudill and Ferran Aida. Throughout his three days visit in Kuala Lumpur, he will be mesmerizing us with his delectable original and modern presentation with his signature festival menu featuribng Brittany Lobster Stew with baby Vegetables 7 mushroom Ravioli, Grilled Foie Gras with Candide Mandarin & Mandarin Sorbet, Squab Pigeon with Cabbage leaves & Foie Gras, Seasonal Vegetable Casserole with truffle juice. (visit www.kl-studio.com)

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The Eating Group Meet at ENJU


It was Wednesday that I decided to take an evening rest from my studio and rounded up some foodie friends and headed to ENJU for a Japanese dining experience at Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I got to say having a meal with a group of foodies can be a lot of fun . . . . we sure did have fun!


The traffic from Petaling Jaya to Kuala Lumpur was smooth but as we reach the city centre especially bukit bintang area, the traffic was horrible and unimaginable. It took us about 30minutes to get us from Pavilion to the Prince Hotel which is about less than one kilometer. Anyway . . . . . ENJU here we come!!!


As I arrived I meet the Japanese Master Chef Thomas Lim who is incharged of ENJU. Chef Thomas Lim is a well travel chef who had been to so many places and had many years of stay in Japan as a chef where he learned all his fabulous dishes. I am honored to have meet him and he had already line up a lot of delicious dishes for us to indulge into!

This time the eating group consist of the Kayel welll-known foodie KY, the beautiful and gorgeous Teckiee, the most informed of Kayel events, blogger Joshua Ong, the handsome blogger Kelvin Wet Water, Sid and myself . . . . cool and the true foodies get together!


I love ENJU, the deco was simple and bright . . . a total modern Japanese deco just like dining in a Japanese home. The place was furnished with lots of japanese influence such as the tatami room, bottles of sake and things that can’t get away were the japanese dining wares . . . . just lovely to desire for, may one day I may have a similar setting at home.


I could not sit down as I was like a magnet, getting attracted to every corner of Enju . . . was at the sushi bar but in a split second I was already behind the sushi bar counter. My eyes already drooling at the tuna and salmon nori roll . . . so heavenly beautiful with deep striking colours and how can anyone resist of not having them, such a killer, yet a charmer . . . look, look, ain’t that a batch of amazing gorgeous sushi rolls and I was already singing to heaven at that moment . . . I truely needed some warm sake!


We were sitted, behaving good and getting ourself ready by pulling out all our camera waiting hungrily to capture the awesome food . . . don’t we sound like wolves . . . . lol . . . . here come our first appetizer, very attractive Gindara Tamagoyaki (RM52). I was jumping up and down just like an innocent kid when I saw the Alaskan Black Cod. This was a delicious dish whereby the cod fish was grilled done with egg yolk and cream cheese and served with a fresh vegetables and shoyu . . . . lovely, fragrant and tasted so refreshing.


Oh this bowl looked so pretty and so the food in it. It was Shirako Dofu (RM28). . . . lovely and what attracted me to this dish was those petite mushroom heads soaked in the shoyu . . . . . looks so beautiful and rustic and the bonito flakes added the colour, making the dish so attractive and wanting. The tofu was slightly deep fried to give the crusty texture and topped with nori, bonito flakes, wasabi and light shoyu. The verdict of this dish was unspeakable delicious . . . . . I just fall for it no matter what, just like my babe!


Makimono or Shushi Rolls had been a very exciting dish, so full of treasure, so full of texture, awesomely delicious and so fulfilling. The night we had a plate of crispy tempura salmon, mountain yam and nori roll with wasabi shoyu (RM24) which was so inspiring delicious especially when the texture of the mountain yam (crunchy, juicy and refreching) balanced up with the salmon and served in tempura complimented the whole dish, . . . . what a brilliant ideal . . . I just raved about this dish the whole night.


Have you ever had a papaya dish in a japanese restaurant? I had and I had it at ENJU and it is called Papaya Bakingyaki (RM34) a truely dish that tested my taste bud. Sid said it was something strange but I think it was a fabulous invention . . . . . a truely unique taste of cream cheese in a savoury dish. This is dish consist of seafood , cream cheese and mushroom baked on a hawaiian papaya.


Is this fugu? Hmmm . . . . . . looks like a pieces of meat jerky to me. Let me check the menu first, it was Fugu Mirin Boshi (RM28) Wow it is fugu . . . . puffer fish . . .. something really exotic to me, never ever try them before and this was my first time tasting it. The puffer fish was grilled with sweet vinegar and with an interesting taste and texture. Truely Joshua said it tasted like meat jerky but I agreed with Teckiee that it had a softer texture and a much superior smoother taste than meat jerky. My verdict, interesting and yummy.


We were served with a various different of California Handrolls which ENJU is best known for and I do agree. . . . . something simple and yet can taste so amazingly good. The real unique about this handrolls were the various fillings that you can have in them, salmon, tuna, white tuna, avocado, prawn, crab meat stick, cream cheese, tempura soft shell crab, fish roe and many many more . . . all depends on your creativity and desire. (starts from RM25)


I managed to nibble into the next dish, Tempura Moriawase (RM32), an assorted fried seafood and vegetables which looked so appealing beautiful, deep fried perfetly till golden brown. I managed to chopstick the prawn tempura which was absolutely delicious and wanting more was absolutely impossible as all of it had dissappeared some how . . . must be the WetWetWater and Sid! (hahahaha . . . . I was just kidding)


We had shshi and sashimi too which I think something that you can’t leave with when you dine in a Japanese restaurant. So came the combination of Shasimi Kirei (assorted sahshimi, 10 pieces) RM95 and Sushi Moriawase Take (8 pieces of handmade sushi and 4 pieces of sushi rolls) RM125. Awesome, awesome I think! Just amazing diving into a platter of real charmer. My verdict, amazing delicious, tested so fresh . . . . fresh scallops over a whole of appealing fish roe were such a class of itself, something I would order and order again . . . Unagi sushi was unspeakable delicious too, just amazing.


I was so fixed onto the unagi sushi then came a plate of Unagi by itself, wow it was explosive for me, having to eat a whole piece of pure unagi, it was amazing, warm, soft and pure delicious. You should try it too.


Hahahaha look at me, so tentively listening to what KY was saying about the food . . . . . . . .


Here came three different type of Sukiyaki, Australian beef, chicken and vegetable. The Sukiyaki was lovely, delicious but the taste was a bit sweet due to the bonito flakes. Overall it was very inviting.


Teckiee kept raving about this dessert, Goma Ice Cream, a rich black sesame ice cream (RM20). Yes I truely agree, it was awesomely delicious . . . . coming from myself a dessert maker, believe me it was truely awesome. It did give me a lot of inspiration to design some of my up and coming dessert using Goma.


Look, look a group photo of the eating group at ENJU, Teckiee, KY, Sid, Kelvin, Joshua and myself.

KY was having fun with this food, just pure indulging . . . . . foodies on a serious mission . . . . . . “Kelvin, who said food blogging is an easy mission!” . . . . . . . . . . It was a great nite out on food eating, the food was amazing and we like to thank the management of Prince Hotel for having us that night.
Just had my wedding cake done today and will be sending it to the wedding reception this evening, will capture the event and post it up soon, just your eyes only . . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw
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