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The Amazing of The Opera !


My students were amazing, they are a real serious learners.




Once the basic ingredients had been prepared and done, we procced with the assembling of the Opera . . . such a simplicity.





Layers after layers, we had the sponge, the coffee, the chocolat ganache and the cream . . . . it was awesome and so fragrant . . . .






It’s the students turn to do the layering while waiting . . . . . . .






The trimming and cutting the Opera!


It’s the Opera tasting time!

The class was amazingly superb, great students and great piece of bake! . . . Love Sunny Yaw

You Save My Day!

Before I get on with my weekly posting, I would like to thank you the STAR Newspaper, Star online especially to the people at Weekender Section for noticing Big Boys Oven and had advertised about our baking classes at the What’s Happenin’ section . . . . thank you.

Well . . . . last saturday . . . . this was what happened to me . . . I had invited a few friends over for dinner . . . they will be bringing over the dinner and as expected, I was to prepared the dessert.

Well, I did prepare the dessert for the night . . . . . . . but I wrongly gave the box of dessert to one of my customer . . . . only discovered this just about an hour before the guests arrived . . . . . . gosh, what a nightmare as I got no dessert for the night.

Well, I had to come up with some thing quick . . . . . . and yes, I found a box of Pillsbury Yellow Supreme Cake Mix in my kitchen cabinet . . . . quickly I whipped up the yellow cake and baked them in small baking tins . . . . . this was a speed baking as I need them fast . . . . . yes I got them baked and had them served with orange-lemon sorbet!




Well I was lucky as the day was saved! . . . the dessert was great . . . . . will always make sure there is a box of pillsbury cake mix in my kitchen cabinet . . . . truely, Sunny Yaw

Dine with me……Chef Steven Cheng Part 1

Two days ago, I invited a few of my young close friends to my restaurant to taste some of my current and new dishes for this coming new year, 2008. They were so excited and so am I. I had prepared eight dishes and I also requested Chef Sunny to prepare the dessert.

Here I would like to introduce the first dish of the day, Double Happiness “Seong Hei Lam Moon”. For this dish, a pair of local lobster had been used. Firstly the uncooked lobster meat is taken out from the shell and sliced and covered with ice cubes.

I had prepared the broth earlier by using old chicken, chinese ham, dried scallop and water. Boiled them for at least 2 hours and add seasoning.

How do we eat them? Easy……isn’t it? Put the lobster meat into a basket spoon and cook them in the boiling broth. Reminder, do not cooked them too long, just a few seconds will do, then scooped them out to your plate and start enjoying them.

This lobster meat is tender, succulent, delicious and yummy. The soup is also gorgeous and full of flavour.

This dish cost about RM13/100gm but need to have an advance order as it is seasonal.

Yours Chef Steven

“Happy Birthday” Chef Steven Cheng

We only meet Chef Steven Cheng and Mrs Cheng not long but it seems like we had known each other for ages. It had been a great journey of friendship and work relationship and hope we will get there and be successful chefs ….lol! We hereby wishes Chef Steven a prosperous Happy Birthday!!!

From Sunny, Sid and your fans!….hehehehe

We got TAGGED !!!

We had just updated a few of our sites, please do drop by as they are very very interesting:
Big Boys Kitchen
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Have Food Will Travel

We had been tagged by Living in Food Heaven.

5 things:

A. Found in my room
1. bed
2. pc
3. dessert magazines
4. house phone
5. cook books

B. I have always wanted to do
1. get a new camera
2. travel
3. have a cakeshop
4. cook for the prime minister
5. get married

C. found in my bag
1. letters
2. tablets
3. bills
4. ear phone
5. keys

D. found in my wallet
1. credit card
2. royalty card
3. money
4. identification sard
5. driving license

E. I am currently into
1. getting my baking menu ready
2. working with chefs
3. baking and cooking
4. meeting more bloggers
5. getting work done!

5 candidates to tag

Yours Sunny & Sid


As Big Boys Oven had received this award from Jaden and it is the time for us to pass on this award to:

1. Stream in the Hip Desert
2. Living in Food Heaven
3. KL People KL Food
4. Kampungboycitygal
5. Eat First Think Later


I had not been mentioning about my cakes at Ole Cafe and seemed to be very silent about them. Hmm… not sure why….therefore in this post I am going to introduce you O’Chocolat which is one of the cakes that can be found at Ole Cafe.

O’Chocolat is a chocolat moussecake scented with blood orange. I had them packed in small individual size chocolat moussecake layered with chocolate spongecake moisted with monin’s hazelnut syrup. They also had orange peel infused in them and the whole chocolat moussecake is coated with blood orange scented chocolate ganache, decorated with a whole walnut, a chocolat square and gold flake. A lovely O’Chocolate.

Love Sunny Yaw

OPERA – Always On My Mind

This opera cake had been always on my mind. Why?….. cause of it’s colour, texture and flavour as what Michael Buble sings ” Always on my mind”. Opera cake is something that I cannot resist. And here, I did a four layered opera cake. Each layer consists of thin layer of almond sponge cake, coffee syrup, butter cream and chocolate ganache. At the end I top it with gold flake and chocolate bits.

This is something that I can’t resist myself from, opera, you always on my mind.

Love Sunny Yaw

Preview of Sunny Yaw’s Collection

Dear Food Blogers,

Big Boys Oven will be featuring a cake preview on Sunny Yaw’s Collection at the end August. As it will be a close door event to be held in Kuala Lumpur, only guest with invitation be permitted to enter. Food Blogers, do not let go this oppurtunity, if you like to attend this function please email us your name, correspond address, contact number and your food blog website as soon as possible as seats are limited to sbkan34@hotmail.com

Big Boys Oven

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