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Cocktail Hour with Mixologist Eric Chong

De Pepino
De Pepino

Crunching my thirst at mixologist Eric Chong’s cocktail bar located at The Shepherdoo, Klang was truly an eye opener for myself. That morning Eric was organizing a South American Latin theme and I got to taste and visualized all the cocktail mixes. It was a Latin theme most of the ingredients used were pineapple coconuts, lime, lemon, mints and surprisingly cucumber. As cocoa and chocolate both ingredients were not left out either. The best part was I got to learn on how to mix some of those delicious cocktails.

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Honey Mousse with Apricot Jelly and Pistachio Joconde

Honey Mousse with Apricot jelly

I have been work long shift almost everyday to get all the dessert orders ready for weddings, birthdays, father’s day and also had 5-days private baking classes while also conducting my macaron classes over the weekend. It was rather tiring and stressful, I was over worked and we had a mix up with one of our order too, it was Sid’s mistake :(

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Dark Chocolate Parfait and Chocolate Mole Shot

dark chocolate parfait

Recently, I attended the Year 2010 Best Jeunes Chef Rotisseurs Malaysia Competition and I was amazed by the young talents we have here in Malaysia some where just at 21years at age. Since when I started to scout for our young talents till that I realised we do have many young talented chefs but just they were not discovered. At here the Best Jeunus Chef Rotisseur I had discovered some and they are talented bunch of young chefs.

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