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Burger King Launches NINJA Promotion with Black Charcoal Bun Burgers

Burger King Ninja 1

Last week was awesome as I got to taste the latest Burger King Ninja Burger and Jumbo Frank. I got to confessed that I felt like having a fabulous orgy of burgers and hotdogs. What makes me felt so in love with this burger was of its black charcoal sesame bun and coating of their signature teriyaki sauce. I found it to be brilliant. As for the Jumbo Frank, the chicken sausage came in such a fabulous size that can easily seduce me. Yes it was sure tasty!

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GAB Oktoberfest at Tai Zi Heen Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur

GAB Puts A Spin to Food and Beer Pairing This OKTOBERFEST at TAI ZI HEEN, Prince Hotel

Oktoberfest Yum Seng

I was in for a pleasant surprise as I attended a beer pairing with fine Chinese dining organised by Gunnisee Anchor Berhad (GAB) at Prince Hotel and Residencs Kuala Lumpur’s signature Chinese restaurant, Tai Zi Heen. The collaboration had created a 3 course beer pairing promotion to celebrate “For The Love of Beer” from October 1-31.

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Two Tickets Giveaway to Heineken A Legendary Night

UCL 2012 edm

Watch UEFA Champions League Finals on the Heineken A Legendary Night ! And I got two (2) tickets to giveaway!
And not forgetting the free flow of Food and Beer on that night!

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ONLY RM1 Signature Dim Sum at Di Wei Restaurant Empire Hotel

Di Wei
Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant @ Empire Hotel, Subang Jaya
Last week had been a very hectic and busy for us. Now I am lucky to be back looking so new and staring vigorously at my blog and sounds so alienated. But foremost I am so happy to be back putting my thoughts here once again as I got so many things to write about, yes a lot of pending posts. read more »

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur


I had been here before as I can recall it was a business dinner and the food was really impressive. The Si Chuan Doi Hua Restaurant is located at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur is the third outlet of the Si Chuan Dou Hua chain of restaurant opened in 2003. The first one opened in Singapore at PARKROYAL on Beach Road in 1966 followed by the second branch at the panoramic 60th floor of UOB Plaza Singapore in 2002.

The other night I dropped by the restaurant with friends to taste the eight (8) course banquet dinner. I just admired the interior of this simple and yet elegant restaurant. It was very smartly organised with glass penaling making the restaurant look bigger with true comfort. Modern comfort dining chairs and tables were well in place while the ceiling can with hooked bright red cloth lantents. It was truly a beautiful decorated restaurant and admiring those displayed creamic plates and vases was what I did. Great pieces of collection

The Amazing Tea Server

We were uniquely served with the restaurant’s signature tea. My jaw was wide opened when observing the tea server. The tea server had years of training, combining skills of Chinese Martial Arts, Dance and Gymnastics to perform elegant tea-pouring moves from a metre-long nose bronze kettle. I was told that the tea server had a degree in the art of tea pouring. It was truly a memorable dining experience. Everyone was excited upon every tea pouring. Just love Si Chuan Dou Hua

The Restaurant’s Signature Eight Treasure Tea

The Chinese tea served by the tea server was the Eight Treasure Tea which contained Wolfberries, Red Dates, Chrysanthemum, Rock Sugar, Jasmine, Dried Longan, Billy Bob and Winter Oats. I was informed that it helps to cool down the body while able to flush out the oil in the oily food away from our internal system. The Chinese believes it has the healing effect to the body too. The Eight Treasure Tea from Si Chuan Dou Hua is at RM55++ that comes in a set box of 8 boxes.

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Signature Durian Pancake by Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong

Durian Pancake 1
Durian Pancake

When I was told there was a durian pancake class, I went straight to book myself a seat. I just love them, every single bite is luscious. Soft, smooth, creamy and full of durian aroma. It is truly classic and beatiful to have. Once again Chef Thye Yoon Kong of Zing, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur to the control of the kitchen. With his two assistances, he lead the way.

Pancake batter was make from basic ingredients like flour, butter and milk. I was truly simple and the most important part was the pan frying od the pancake using the non-stick pan. Every pancake make was total without floss, just perfect. All it neede was whipped cream and intensified durian paste filled onto the pancake and wrapped over.

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SKYY INFUSIONS Not An Illusion, Real Infusion


At a recent SKYY VODKA event, the opening act of transforming the actual fruits of citrus, raspberry and passion fruit into their respective tranquil and distinctive cobalt blue bottles only served as the curtain raiser for the real magic encounter with the newly introduced SKYY InfusionsTM.
During the gathering, the invited guests like myself were given the opportunity to sample a selection of specially prepared mixtures including the SKYY Infusions™ Citrus Cooler, SKYY Infusions™ Citrus Drop, SKYY Infusions™ Passion Fruit Maracujá Mélange, SKYY Infusions™ Campari Passion and SKYY Infusions™ Lampone Fizzante.

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The Doraemon

My little nephew “Phong Chai”

Kids love him, my niece adores him, my nephew takes him home…. so do the adults, they all adore and want him. Funny, intelligent, cute, naughty and so full of characters. When you see him, you really feel so happy and so fulfill. He is doraemon!!!!!!

It was last week that I got a call from Zsarina informing me that her sons adored this japanese cartoon character named doraemon. She wanted a doremon figuring on her son’s birthday cake, just like the doraemon cartoon as what you see above. With the picture I started creating the figuring and as I was about to put the final touch, my kid nephew, “Phong Chai” came sitting on my lap and wanted to put his signature onto this figuring and this was what we end up having……. woah! Phong Chai’s doraemon, the best doraemon that I ever see and will be one of my collection………… lol! Phong Chai was playing with his new found friend almost the whole day and admiring his creation too

Phong Chai’s doraemon

As not, to really really upset Zsarina…….I did another doraemon figuring,….. ain’t he look adorable.

Yours Sunny Yaw

Cerise II

We were in tears with joy as we walked away the cinema yesterday night as we took the advice of Mei Yen (our regular blogger) to watch the movie, 200 pounds beauty. We love it. Thanks Mei Yen. I guess it will be great if we understand korean. Althought the movie was fiction but it was so real and somehow had captured our hearts. Hehehe…… I saw Sid was in a bit of tears.

Last week our friend Catherine insisted to try our cakes and had placed an order for two cakes but we were not able to take the order as we were booked for the weekend. So yesterday we baked her order, two cakes for ten guest. So we did a large version of Cerise but this time we had a rum flavoured tartlet shell, pistachio cheeries tartlet and topped it with rasberry mousse. We also baked our signature LV cheesecake for Catherine.

We hope Catherine will love our new version of Cerise and we decided to name this tartlet, Catherine. Have a nice weekend everyone as we will be taking this weekend off, away from the city and continue on our food hunting, havefoodwilltravel. Take care.

Luv, Sunny Yaw

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