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Hong Kong Shell FuelSave Ambassador Moses Chan


On the 8th July 2011 marked my first time entry of meeting up with superstars from abroad. The invite had myself keep rather cool from the outside but it was freaking heart pumpng from the inside. Arriving early, crashing myself through the heavy city traffic and I got myself tucked standing infront of the podium at Brejaya Time Square was such a great blessing. It was Moses Chan special appearance at this Shell FuelSave Roadshow

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Macaron Sonia Barbie


I never thought of sculpturing a barbie princess until Balqesh requested one for her little five years old Sonia’s birthday party. Balqesh requested it must be a macaron Barbie, yes filled it up with macarons please.

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Classic White Chocolate Gateaux

New Cake 3

Hey! I am back! yes I had been away and had spend a great valuable time in Taiwan. Well it was a holiday and see see for me and I took my mum with me too. It was an explosive to visit, lovely Taiwan and enjoyed the variation of awesome goodness of Taiwan cuisine.

Now I am back with full of energy and loads of work to be done! I know I had been rather quiet and had been behind the scene relaxing lol! Anyway, there will be some changes and soon really be implemented, more new baking class and I will be showcasing more varaition of cakes and recipes here on www.bigboysoven.com, meaning you will see more of me! As for food, we will be setting up another webpage called food.bigboysoven.com and Sidney Kan will be penning down his food excursion!

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Vanilla Chocolat Bits Cupcake with Lite Chocolat Cream

This is another batch of cupcakes I baked and creamed over the weekend which is similar to this one but with out the macaron shell . . . . . . still look so gorgeous and seductive. I love having lite cream as they are not too sweet, lite and not too oily. Ain’t they look lovely and simple.










Weekend is just right around the corner and it had been a rainy week. Hope your weekend are well spend . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Flower Sea Snail

Have you ever tasted these little creatures? Ain’t they look cool and adorable!I am sure they will be hit as pet sometime in the future! So this time I cook some of this fresh flower sea snail.

I have them in Kum Heong sitr fry!

Once cooked, you need to take a toothpick to get the meat out from the shell. The texture of the cooked sea snail is amazingly good. I am assure this is due to the freshness as they are still alive before being cooked.

Would you like to try? . . . Steven Cheng

Steam Scallop with Fresh Minced Ginger

This dish without fail will tempt your guess during any dinner party or event at home for your own family. It is a simple dish called steam scallop with fresh minced ginger.

12pcs scallop with half shell on
250gm minced freshed ginger
1tsp sesame oil
1tsp oyster sauce
a pinch of salt

Wash and clean the scallop.
Mixed the minced ginger with sesame oil, oyster sauce and a pinch of salt.
Place a tablespoon of the mixture onto the scallop.
Steam for 5 minutes.

Not only looks good but taste good too! . . . Yours Chef Steven Cheng

Dine with me……Chef Steven Cheng Part 2


After the lobster dish, the remainder lobster shell and head were used to braise “yee mee” noodle(mun yee mien). Using the reaminder of this lobster to cook this noodle is marvellous and with the right seasoning, can be very delicious.

I also prepared the eight treasured duck “pak poh ngap” but this time I replaced roast pork with chinese pork sausage. With the right cooking timing and a well prepared ingredient for stuffing, this dish can be a jewel.

Next dish is the Boneless Mackerel “Mo Quet Kau Yee”. A simple mackerel fish with an incredible way of preparation. Firstly the mackerel is being deboned and the flesh is then taken out, leaving the skin. Mix the mackerel flesh together with pork meat and seasoning. The seasoned meat is then being stuffed to the fish skin and deep fry. I finished this fish by topping wih special BBQ sauce.

I will stop here for the time being and will continue the last part in my next coming post.

From Steve Cheng

Dine with me……Chef Steven Cheng Part 1

Two days ago, I invited a few of my young close friends to my restaurant to taste some of my current and new dishes for this coming new year, 2008. They were so excited and so am I. I had prepared eight dishes and I also requested Chef Sunny to prepare the dessert.

Here I would like to introduce the first dish of the day, Double Happiness “Seong Hei Lam Moon”. For this dish, a pair of local lobster had been used. Firstly the uncooked lobster meat is taken out from the shell and sliced and covered with ice cubes.

I had prepared the broth earlier by using old chicken, chinese ham, dried scallop and water. Boiled them for at least 2 hours and add seasoning.

How do we eat them? Easy……isn’t it? Put the lobster meat into a basket spoon and cook them in the boiling broth. Reminder, do not cooked them too long, just a few seconds will do, then scooped them out to your plate and start enjoying them.

This lobster meat is tender, succulent, delicious and yummy. The soup is also gorgeous and full of flavour.

This dish cost about RM13/100gm but need to have an advance order as it is seasonal.

Yours Chef Steven

Cerise II

We were in tears with joy as we walked away the cinema yesterday night as we took the advice of Mei Yen (our regular blogger) to watch the movie, 200 pounds beauty. We love it. Thanks Mei Yen. I guess it will be great if we understand korean. Althought the movie was fiction but it was so real and somehow had captured our hearts. Hehehe…… I saw Sid was in a bit of tears.

Last week our friend Catherine insisted to try our cakes and had placed an order for two cakes but we were not able to take the order as we were booked for the weekend. So yesterday we baked her order, two cakes for ten guest. So we did a large version of Cerise but this time we had a rum flavoured tartlet shell, pistachio cheeries tartlet and topped it with rasberry mousse. We also baked our signature LV cheesecake for Catherine.

We hope Catherine will love our new version of Cerise and we decided to name this tartlet, Catherine. Have a nice weekend everyone as we will be taking this weekend off, away from the city and continue on our food hunting, havefoodwilltravel. Take care.

Luv, Sunny Yaw

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