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Homemade Salmon and Potato Patties


Love cooking, love my grocer-ing. Even though I love eating out so much and having constant food reviews, I always make sure that I do some cooking once awhile at home. Dishing out food at your private time can be such a blessing and defintely a peace theraphy. Cooking can be as good as conducting meditation. So this time I managed to recycle the left-overs in my fridge, the pan fried salmon and also the potatoes tucked quietly at the corner of the fridge. I decided to have something simple and tasty, making patties. Mashed them up, balled them up, flatten them and gave them a slow pan fried till golden brown.

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A Self Potrait Sunny Yaw

Praying Sunny Yaw

I just love this photo that was taken recently at the exhibition hall of Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom. I was amazed with The Sculpture Exhibition of Yang Yu-yu, Taiwan, Zen Expression Goh Ah Ang Art Exhibition?on that day. It was serene and peace was felt.

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