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Big Boys Oven December Baking Class

It had been a truly busy week and we just had a cooking show over the weekend and it was fabulous, The crowd was huge and we had more than 300 audiences per session and we did two session. I just recently had my own facebook page: Big Boys Oven by Sunny Yaw Do visit me at my facebook and see my latest creation and me do the talking! :)


For now the BBO Team is back and we are preparing to start off with our December baking classes.

Big Boys Oven Baking Classes @ BBO Studio, Kota Damansara

4th December 9.30am – 12.30pm
Bake Macarons with Sunny Yaw
Fees: RM220

2.30pm – 5.00pm
Bake the OPERA cake with Sunny Yaw
Fees: RM150

5th December 9.30am – 12.30pm
Bake Macarons(Italian Meringue) with Jared Chuah
Fees: RM220

2.30pm – 5.00pm
Bake Mille Crepe Cake with Jared Chuah
Fees: RM160

mille crepe

Contact: 012 302 1269
email: bigboysoven@gmail.com

Eric Chong The Birmingham Cake Connection

Sliced Blackforrest cake by Eric Chong
A slice of Blackforrest Cake by Eric Chong

I have been busy. Many students dropping by the studio to learn baking. Some even flew in from abroad and that got me truly excited. My time was booked and hooked and I can’t chicken out. I was worried as I was not sure the exceptation from my students but I always make sure my students get the best out of me.

A British born lad Eric Chong was one of my student who flew in from Birmingham for a four days full day intensive one to one baking class session with me and Ben. All the techniques and recipes were well architected for Eric. A well dedicated Eric was a fast learner and had won great admiration from Chef Ben and myself for having such precision and perfection at even a beginner level.

Eric Chong now is back in Birmingham polishing his art of baking and we hope he will be able to embark into churning his own home cake bakes soon. He got excited too and he had recently emailed me of all his successful bakes. Aren’t all of the creation look just fantastic?

Blackforrest cake by Eric Chong
Blackforrest Cake by Eric Chong

Cupcakes by Eric Chong
Cupcakes by Eric Chong

Sliced Opera by Eric Chong
A slice Opera by Eric Chong

Chocolate Moussecake by Eric Chong
Chocolate Moussecake by Eric Chong

Strawberry chocolate cake by Eric Chong
A Strawberry Chocolate Cake by Eric Chong

Tiramisu by Eric Chong
Tiramisu by Eric Chong

Opera by Eric Chong
The Opera by Eric Chong

Fruit Shortcake by Eric Chong
Fruit Shortcake by Eric Chong

Sliced Fruit Shortcake by Eric Chong
A sliced of Fruit Shortcake by Eric Chong

mousse by Eric Chong
Mousses by Eric Chong

tuna sweetcorn cheese bun, mini sausage & cheese bun, salami tuna cheese bun  by Eric Chong
Tuna sweetcorn cheese bun, Mini sausage and cheese bun, Salami tuna cheese bun by Eric Chong

macarons by Eric Chong
A recent Macarons by Eric Chong

Eric Chong baking at home
Eric Chong baking from home

Eric Chong is progressing very fast and his bakes are truly exciting yet very creatively refreshing. Definitely a Birmingham cake connection, a successful bake . . . . . . . . . . truly inspired, Sunny Yaw

Baking at Anna’s Culinary Singapore

Sunny Yaw at Anna's Culinary Singapore A

Last night I had a great night out with the group of foodies on food indulging at the Tropicana mall, just nearby my residence. It was truly awesome as we had BBQ and dessert from RUI’s too (the Opera was awesome, so were the white chocolate cheese cake)! I will let you know the details late on the coming post.

Well, about a month or so I was in Singapore, . . . . yup I was doing my baking tour and I was at Ann’s Culinary. I had a two days non-stop baking, back to back session. It was a real demanding classes which I truly enjoyed them as it was really challenging and it fabulous.

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BIG BOYS OVEN WILL BE BAKING IN PJ ON 22-23TH NOVEMBER!!! BigBoysOven will be conducting baking classes in PJ, for more details and registration please contact 012 3021269 or email bigboysoven@gmail.com
The Opera Cake
Date: 22nd November 2008(Saturday)
Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm
Fee: RM150
Date: 22nd November 2008(Saturday)
Time: 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Fee: RM220
Bake The Rouleau (Japanese swissroll)
Date: 23 November 2008(Sunday)
Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm
Date: 23 November 2008(Sunday)
Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Fee: RM150

The Amazing of The Opera !


My students were amazing, they are a real serious learners.




Once the basic ingredients had been prepared and done, we procced with the assembling of the Opera . . . such a simplicity.





Layers after layers, we had the sponge, the coffee, the chocolat ganache and the cream . . . . it was awesome and so fragrant . . . .






It’s the students turn to do the layering while waiting . . . . . . .






The trimming and cutting the Opera!


It’s the Opera tasting time!

The class was amazingly superb, great students and great piece of bake! . . . Love Sunny Yaw

OPERA – Always On My Mind

This opera cake had been always on my mind. Why?….. cause of it’s colour, texture and flavour as what Michael Buble sings ” Always on my mind”. Opera cake is something that I cannot resist. And here, I did a four layered opera cake. Each layer consists of thin layer of almond sponge cake, coffee syrup, butter cream and chocolate ganache. At the end I top it with gold flake and chocolate bits.

This is something that I can’t resist myself from, opera, you always on my mind.

Love Sunny Yaw

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