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Kissaten Japanese Cafe at Jaya One


Kissaten Cafe Jaya One
Gourmet Pork Burger at Kissaten Japanese Cafe

Ladies and burgers are now my BEST friends . . . . . yeah I know some of my close buddies knew that I reluctantly to pen them down . . . . about burgers and not even one was written within my seven years of food blogging. Well last night I was caught ! In fact I went nuts with Kissaten Chicken Burger’s BBQ sauce. It was so refreshing soursweet and so damn Super Syiok!

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Mother’s Day Interview on China Press Newspaper


Mother’s Day celebration will be held on this weekend and my interview with famous writer Lim Yi Chiann from the China Press Newspaper was published today. I just love the whole 3 pages, so lovely and so subtle, fabulous. I love the cover page with the association of young budding chefs.

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Indulging Mooncake over Dinner at Yishensu

Yishensu Roselle Mooncake

A week ago before Sid left to Bangkok, we were indulging a newly introduce mooncake, Roselle mooncake at Yishensu, a pink snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and roselle flavoured lotus paste. It was something new, refreshing and exciting with a slightly sourness in taste.

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The Iron Chefs Will Be On Asian Food Channel




Hey! I just found out that my favourite cooking show Iron Chef will be on the Asian Food Channel, this time the masterful Iron Chefs go head-to-head against top chefs from around the world. Once the secret ingredient has been revealed, get ready for culinary battle royale from which only one chef is left standing in Kitchen Stadium. The show will be airing at the Asian Food Channel (AFC) on Astro 703, my favourite astro channel starting from this coming


26 Nov, Wed at 10 pm
26 Nov, Wed at 2am
29 Nov, Sat at 11pm
30 Nov, Sun at 1pm and 7pm


I go nuts with Iron Chef, I will defintely be ready to out win them . . . if I am given a chance . . . . hahahahah Sunny Yaw

A Petite Flower Sitting On A Cupcake . . .

Simple And Yet Elegant!


Yesterday, I baked this load of cupcakes at my studio for a marriage registration celebration. There were simple vanilla pod cupcakes topped with nuts and swirled with cream and finished off with a lavender blue petite flower and little silver balls . . .
Love Sunny Yaw


Gateau Marquise Au Chocolat

I am sure some of us would wonder what is Gateau Marquise Au Chocolat. Well it is basically mean Decadent Chocolate Cake and that is what I had stumbled upon when I was reading Robert Linxe’s book “La Maison Du Chocolat“. I would really recommend this book to be in your mini library as it did somehow sneak into mine. It is a lovely book showing the work of Robert Linxe on chocolate and full of gorgeous pictures.

For this time I had modified Robert Linxe’s Decadent Chocolate Dessert into a cake version. This cake I would like to dedicated this especially to Lee Ping, ……..a healty dessert…….. You will be very surprise that I did not baked this cake in Big Boys Oven as it doesn’t need baking!

Basically and firstly you need to make the crust, mix a variety of roasted crushed nuts with melted butter and place it into the mould and refrigerate it until hard. Next you need to have your lovely melted chocolate, place in soft butter and egg yolk. Fold in beaten sugared egg white, and tranfer it to the mold and refrigerate for 12 hours. Once done, pipe in whipping cream and top it with nuts and chocolate powder.

Do give it a try and I am sure your guest will be for a surprise.
Sid xxx
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