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Usher The Chinese New Year at Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant Saujana Golf Club

Chef Lai Chong Seng Fires Up Lucious Creation this Chinese New Year at Ti Chen

It’s time for resplendent feasting! Usher in the prosperous Lunar Year of the Horse at Ti Chen of better known as the “Emperor’s Palace” as it offers gourmet indulgence with three available decadent set menus and new creations with significant meanings representing good luck, good fortune and good health! So this year I get to taste the Chinese New Year gourmet personally created by Ti Chen’s Chef Lai Chong Seng himself and I found every dishes was superb deliciously prepared.

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The Year End Party Desserts by Sunny Yaw


After spending a few days locking myself away in my studio, I managed to churn out a few variation of petite desserts that were full of surprises, awesome delicious flavours and yet something simple to enjoy with.
In fact these is the continuation of my petite japanese greentea cream cheese tart and this time I have them incased with refreshing cut strawberries, fragrant caramelised walnuts, indulging chocolat ganache and delicious hazelnut. (You can also just have them in pure japanese cream cheese.)
Strawberries Japanese Cream Cheese
Chocolat Ganache Japanese Cream Cheese
Hazelnut Japanese Cream Cheese
Caramelised Walnut Japanese Cream Cheese

All my new creations are available especially for this November and December. It comes in a box of 6pieces for only RM40. If you like to order this delicious petit four(desserts)

please email to bigboysoven@gmail.com or sms 012 3021269.
see you soon . . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw


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