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T Forty Two at Intermark


I just love having myself over to Intermark for a fabulous treats. one of them would be jazzing myself on a slice of delicious cake at T Forty Two. On one of my trip last year, together with my pals we indulged and pampered ourself with just desserts and a cup if refined warm English Tea.

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Mont Blanc Legend Launch at Pavilion


Mont Blanc had presented its new scent for male called Legend at the recent launch in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. A creation by Olivier Pescheux (the nose behind fragrances by Dior, Lanvin and Paul Smith). The bottle is highly inspired by their famous “Meisterstück” (a pen) with its rounded and heavy shape. A glass and metal fabric is allowing us to talk about a timeless and virile design. The design out look is exciting, it is totally a super sleek bottle.

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The White Mountain of French Alp Mountain(Mont Blanc)

What rings in my head with the word Mont Blanc , that would be the well craftsmanship of writing instruments, well designed and hand crafted just as what I do with my cakes. But in Japan, you can find almost virtually some sort of stuff called Mont Blanc in most of the cake shop. Getting a well crafted pen in a japanese cake shop?

Well, it is not a writing instrument but it is rather a well designed and crafted dessert. Mont blanc is a dessert made of meringue, whipped cream, and chestnut cream whose name seems to come from its resemblance in appearance, apparently, to the French Alp moutain Mont Blanc. This chestnut dessert has a huge popularity in Japan. You will come across varieties of Mont Blanc being presented by different patissiers such a few names, chef Jun Honma(Chez Cima), chef Yoshiwa Takasugi(Mikage Takasugi), chef Shinji Ebisawa(Les Entremets de Kunitachi), chef Yasuhiro Suzukia(Noel) and many more. I also came across such lovely dessert at Le Cordon Bleu and also with chefs Anita & Sanny(Jam Bakery).

So I decided to explore a simple version of Mont Blanc. My version of Mont Blanc would consists of tart shell, instant custard, chestnut mousse and cooked whole chestnut. It is simple to make as you can prepare the tart shell a day advance and the rest will only take a while. The only problem with this recipe, you need to pre-order the chestnut puree in advance from the ingredient shop as there are not stockable. You will only see them stock up in supermarket such like cold storage during pre-christmas.

I have seen chestnut cake at a cake shop at Sri Hartamas Shopping Complex and a different version of Mont Blanc at at small cake shop in the old wing of Bangsar Village.

This Mont Blanc may look cute, petti and light but it can be heavy after consuming. My salute to Mont Blanc. Hope you will explore this lovely Mont Blanc soon.

Luv Sunny Yaw
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