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MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014

MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 7
MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014

Yesterday morning I was invited to witness the launch of MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 at Chawan Citta Mall not far from me. It was quiet an informative event on MILO which was delivered by Ms Ms Cher Siew Wei. You we were generously indulged with lots of MILO drinks and I just loved them. My neighbour writer from the majoy newspaper kept reminding me this childhood drink at school. This MILO drink as memory did well embedded in our mind. Lovely.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 presents Wind Chimes in a Bakery

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 3

Yesterday I attended the press conference of the new up coming online series named Wind Chimes in a Bakery. Here Samsung, a leader in mobile technology and digital solutions, launched its unique web series, Wind Chimes in a Bakery. The web series features a story about Adam and Sue – a boy with nothing but a dream and a girl with everything but love. The story follows Adam after a tragedy in Sue’s life, as he recalls the best moments they had together.

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Sawadee krap!

Eastin 7

Swez Brasserie is currently showcasing their Thai Food promotion tastefully named ‘A Taste of Thai’ from 15th – 30th April 2013. Thailand is not only dubbed as the ‘land of smiles’, but also as the ‘Land of Gourmet Cuisines’. Thai food, a perennial favorite amongst Malaysians is traditionally served with steamed rice and a selection of the famous Tom yam Soup, marinated meat and fresh seafood. Thailand truly expresses itself through its culture, flavor and attitude towards life!

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Lowepro Flipside Sport AW and Photo Sport AW series in Malaysia

Lowepro 3

Lowepro, the leading brand of protective gear for photography equipment and portable electronic devices, recently unveiled its Flipside Sport AW and Photo Sport AW series to the Malaysian public. The launch of the series was held in conjunction with the announcement of Lowepro’s new exclusive partnership with V Photo Sdn. Bhd. to distribute its products across retail outlets nationwide at Bird Park Kuala Lumpur.

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Over 200,000 Malaysians Supported McDonald’s Breakfast Day

McDonald’s Breakfast Day Garners Overwhelming Support From Over 200,000 Malaysians

McDonald’s reinforces the importance of breakfast for a great start to a great morning


McDonald’s Breakfast Day saw McDonald’s opening its doors to offer a FREE Egg McMuffin to the first 1,000 customers at every McDonald’s Breakfast Restaurant nationwide. McDonald’s rally call to all Malaysians to join the movement to make a good breakfast an essential part of a great morning culminated in the resounding success of the McDonald’s Breakfast Day.

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Norman Musa Fires Up His Curries in UK & his Cookbook Winners

Hello all

It has been a while again since I last wrote about my ‘journey’. I have to say it has been mad crazy with my schedule in the last couple of months. I went back twice to Malaysia within 2 weeks. Not because I can afford it but because of my duty to promote Malaysian food in the UK.

In the last two months, I was busy with many cooking demos like Manchester Food & Drink Festival, Northwest Food Lovers Festival and also touring all Wing Yip Chinese Superstores in the UK. Started in Manchester, where I am based and then followed by Croydon, Cricklewood and Birmingham. The reception was overwhelming. What make it so good is the fact that I met many Malaysians who have lived in London for a very long time and some for more than 40 years and yet still craving for Malaysian food. They were very supportive knowing that I am promoting the cuisine and my cookbook ‘Malaysian Food’ in the UK.

Photo 1 - Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2010
Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2010

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Jamuan Teh Malaysia with Carven Ong & Chef Wan

Jamuan Teh Malaysia

JAMUAN TEH MALAYSIAis an inaugural fundraising event jointly organised by Breast Cancer Welfare Association(BCWA) and National Cancer Society Malaysia(NCSM)was held at Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This event is modeled after Australian’s Biggest Morning Tea, held annually by the Australian Cancer Council. Initaited by the Australian High Commission, Jamuan Teh was launched by Her Excellency Ms Penny Williams, Australia High Commissioner to Malaysia on the 13th August 2009.

Jamuan Teh Malaysia is an effort to raise funds for BCWA and NCSM to continue to offer their services to the public. The basic conscept of Jamuan Teh Malaysia is for any interested individuals, organisations, communities or schools to host a “Jamuan Teh” as a meansof raising funds for BCWA and NCSM. The host can organize the “Jamuan Teh” in whatever form they choose. The key component of course is that the guests will make a donation for the drinks or food served, which will be forwarded to BCWA and NSCM. It will be an opportunity for all Malaysians to come together as one in reachingout to those affected by cancer.

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