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How far can one bottle of JOY go?

the Guinness World Record with JOY dishwashing liquuid 13

Joy created history by breaking the Guinness World Record Title for the longest line of washed plates in the world. A whopping 26,213 washed plates circled the running tracks of Bukit Jalil National Stadium, covering a distance equivalent to traveling from Malaysia to Singapore and back! This feat was achieved with just one single 800ml bottle of Joy. What’s more, upon completion there was still Joy left in the bottle.

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Andrea cutting her birthday cake A Malaysia International Fashion Week

The Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) heralded the return of Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009 (M-IFW’09) by announcing Andrea Fonseka as the Face of M-IFW’09 at an inaugural party held at Aristo, Zouk recently.

According to MIFA Chief Executive Officer, Syeba Yip, the said event was the first in a series of exciting parties aimed at building up the excitement among avid fashion followers, sponsors and event partners in the run-up to M-IFW’09 which will be held from November 4 – 8, 2009 at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Syeb Yip continued, “MIFA is pleased to welcome back Andrea Fonseka to the Malaysian fashion scene as the Face of M-IFW’09. Her sterling achievements and versatile talents transcend the fashion and entertainment fields in Malaysia and Singapore. Besides being a highly sought-after model, she is now a TV host and an actress to boot.”
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