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Les Durian from The King of Fruits

It is the durian season and you can see loads of this king fruit being sold at the supermarket, night market and even along the roadside. Due to such, therefore we decided to venture into this king of fruits and Les Durian was crafted. Les Durian, is a durian moussecake which consists of 2 layers of pure D24 durian mousse with a minimum of whipping cream in order to retain the full texture of the durian and sandwiched with 3 thin layer of sponge cakes.

This moussecake is being decorated with white chocolat and lovely almond macaroons, finished of with a dash oranged snow sugar and a few drops of fresh canberries. Below is a kg durian moussecake ordered through a foodblogger last week for her friend’s dad birthday. Thank you foodblogger.

Below is another 1.5kg durian moussecake ordered last week through a Singapore blogger for her aunt’s birthday.

This is a great lovely moussecake that goes well with a warm cup of illy coffee.

Love Sunny Yaw

Fashion to Icing Cake Designs

It was just another weekend roaming in town where I look for inspiration. I saw this dress which I had captured through my lense at the Art & Craft Centre when I was visiting the Malaysia Tourism Centre along Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. The colours were so soft, vibrant, elegant and such a unique combination. It was a modern flora batik design and crafted into an elegant evening dress. The colours somehow had embedded deep in my head and it was so strong that I decided to transfer them into my crafted icing cake.

Truely, it is fun to create something so inspiring when you never know what you can stumble upon.

Love, Sunny Yaw

Tart Banana

Looking at those banana selling at the stall outside my old apartment had triggered myself to bake this banana tart. It is not that difficult and also easy to source for ingredients. Plenty of fresh banana. What i did, was just mashed the banana and mixed them with beaten egg yolk. Throw them into the tart shell and baked.

Once done, whisked up some egg white and sugar to produce the meringue. Cover the banana mashed with the meringue and shape to your liking. Use the torch blower and burn a bit of the meringue.

Sorry for being too short with this piece as we are busy shifting to our new place. Have a good day!

Love Sunny Yaw

A Piece of Art – Matcha Cheesecake

Matcha or japanese green tea had been always the centre of our attention due to it’s unique flavour and colour. We had been toying the idea to infuse matcha with cream cheese lately and had embarked into baking this matcha baked cheesecake with oreo, rice crisp and red bean base. As matcha is an oriental japanese ingredient we decided to bring in an oriental influence designed by turning the cake into a piece of oriental modern art. We used colours and lines to bring the design out from the cake and also smearing the surface with matcha powder.

For the finishing, we utilised deep green slices of pistachio nut to create small flowers on the surface of the cake then glaced the surface with apricot jam.

A unique piece of matcha cheesecake with a twist of modern oriental art.

With Love, Big Boys Oven

OPERA – Always On My Mind

This opera cake had been always on my mind. Why?….. cause of it’s colour, texture and flavour as what Michael Buble sings ” Always on my mind”. Opera cake is something that I cannot resist. And here, I did a four layered opera cake. Each layer consists of thin layer of almond sponge cake, coffee syrup, butter cream and chocolate ganache. At the end I top it with gold flake and chocolate bits.

This is something that I can’t resist myself from, opera, you always on my mind.

Love Sunny Yaw

Matcha Mousse Cake

It seems like a japanese food preview for most KL bloggers this week ( such meiyin and lyrical lemongrass) and my oven got under attack too. I wish cicak man can come to rescue me. hahaha… that’s funny.

Matcha (Green Tea) Mousse Cake is nothing new these days in KL as you can get it at most cake shops in KL. For my version, I used matcha sponge cake, matcha syrup to moist the sponge cake during assembling, matcha mousse, azuki (red bean) and white chocolate for the deco.

This is yet another very simple cake to make and has a very oriental flavour and taste.

Love Sunny Yaw

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