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A Perfect Cake, A Perfect Wedding . . . for Lance & Veneesia

Two months ago I received an email from Vaneesia regarding her wedding cupcakes and she told me that she found BBO on a website forum called malaysiabrides.com. After a couple of emails, we meet and discussed further about the wedding cupcakes and the decision was made.

Three weeks before the wedding, Vaneesia and myself chatted on gmail and she decided to have a wedding cake instead as she had found her dream cake. She adored two designs and wanted me to create her the perfect wedding cake. Vaneesia wanted leaves, roses, a light pastel colour and a tall modern wedding cake . . . . . . . . come have a look at the wedding cake created for Lance & Vannesia’s wedding.


Marriage is about COMMITMENT


Marriage is about DEVOTION



Marriage is about SHARING






“Love is like crystal,
it must be handled gently
and with great CARE”
“Lance & Vaneesia”


I had a fabulous evening at Lance & Veneesia’s wedding, food was great, the music & song were romantic, Vaneesia was so beautiful and Lance was the happiest man that night, . . . . I wish you both a joyful and wonderful marriage!!! . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

P/S: Vaneesia, thank you for having us to bake you the wedding cake, it was fun working with you. take care & have a great time

The Invasion of The Green Macaron

I love the green coloured macaron shells . . . just a pure irresistable attraction . . . having them over a dark coloured backdrop such as dark chocolat can be really amazing. Just look at them, they just look so attractive and so wanting just like from a beauty pageant. Beauty is the word and yet so elegant . . . the green macaron . . . . “such a frustration to me of wanting to have a bit of you, just all by myself”






I offered them to my students last weekend during the baking class coffee break. They were adored and indulged perfectly, . . . . they were gone within a minute or two . . . Love Sunny Yaw

My little Choux Pastry

The last post I posted the eclairs that I had made with various toppings such as milk chocolate, dark chocolat and also greentea. This time I am posting two little choux pastry I made in the shape of a mice and a beetle. Both look amazing beautiful in their own ways, colours and shape.



This weekend I will be conducting my classes at PJ studio. This time I will be showing how to make creamchesse tarts, macaron tartellets, macarons and 123 cupcakes. The macarons class for this weekend is full and next week I will be creating wedding cakes for a few weddings, this would be fun . . . . have a nice weekend and see you back next week . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

OGILVY Celebrates 60years


OGILVY held a global virtual party recently to celebrate the founding of the agency by David Ogilvy in New York on Sept 23, 1948 – 60years ago. Over 30 office throughout the Ogilvy network worldwide participated in the celebrations, commemorating David Ogilvy’s legacy and the culture he created.

As for Kuala Lumpur, I was given the task to come up with a huge cake and Idecided to bake a 5kg Very Berry moussecake cake, a strawberry mousse layer with straberry and vanilla light sponge. The feed back was good, they liked it very much. On the 6th October theSun newspaper, there was a story about OGILIVY 60 Celebration and a photo with OGILVY stffs celebrating with the Very Berry cake and candles too . . . . . . so cool!

Well it is weekend coming and I will be away to Penang to have my first baking classes and so excited about it and I will be back here next week, so take care . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Terence & Pei Ming’s Wedding Cupcakes . . .


We meet Terence, Pei Ming and Amanda at our place few months back to discuss their wedding cupcakes and last month Terence & Pei Ming had their wedding dinner at Imperial Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 400cupcakes were ordered for their wedding day while 30cupcakes were placed on the tiers at the stage and the rest was packed nicely in a cupcake box for the guests to take home after the wedding dinner.


As Terence and Pei Ming wanted a simple pink cupcakes and I baked them chocolat, vanilla and greentea cupcakes and swirled with pink butter cream. The cupcake tiers were beautifully arranged with champange glasses, beautiful maroon coloured ribbons and scattered with rose petals.


It was a well done job and it was amazingly beautiful . . . Love Sunny Yaw


Vanilla & Chocolat Cookies

Dear Sunny,

your dessert fan,
Dear Kathleen,

Yes I always end up having a lot of egg yolk after my macarons session. There are many way to use them such as steam egg yolks with soya milk which is awesome delicious or even egg pudding would be a great idea. Usually I like to use my left over egg yolks to make my favourite cookies. Here is my favouritevanilla and chocolat cookie recipe which I would like to share with you . . . . .


150gm Butter
100gm Sugar
250gm Cake Flour(sifted)
2nos Egg yolk
a drop of Vanilla essense

Option al
For cocoa cookies
50gm Cocoa powder(sifted)
200gm Cake flour (instead of 250gm)


1. Whisk butter and add sugar.
2. Whisk till the mixture turn white.
3. Add egg yolk gradually and continue whisk.
4. Add in cake flour (cocoa powder) and whisk.
5. Roll the mixture into a roll dough.
6. Wrapped it with baking paper and freeze it.
7. Preheat oven at 160C
8. Take the frozen cookie dough and slice the dough about 8mm thick.
8. Bake for 15-20mins


The batch of cookies that I baked was crispy and delicious, my nephew and niece were so addicted to this cookies as they keep wanting more. It is worth trying this cookie recipe as they will go very well with your guest over a cup of smooth coffee. Happy baking

. . . . Love Sunny Yaw


I have been baking macarons lately and alway end up with a lot of egg yolk. What do you usually do with them?

Lovely Petite Flowers Over a Wedding . . .

Lovely Colors Over A Wedding Cake

I had been busy crafting this cake last week requested by a client of mine, wanted something moderate and nice for her girlfriend’s wedding. So I created a 3tiers vanilla pod lemon cake with loads of petite white flowers over a lovely champange pink fondant.


I will be facing another challenge this coming week especially on the wedding cake but cannot review it to anyone yet . . . secret project . . . see you soon I got to get back to my studio yet for another interesting bakes . . . Love Sunny Yaw

For Him, The One I Love . . . . . XXX Rated!

Niel, our regular cake fan called and wanted to order some special request cupcakes for a birthday celebration with her husband and friends. She wanted something very very naughty and a wee bit special, yet xxx-rated. She insisted to have a square cupackes and plenty of exposure! . . .. yes she meant plenty of exposure but left them to our imagination. So this is what we had designed based on her request . . . . a bunch of lovely square cupcakes yet so uncensored . . . . .






Wonder what will Niel’s next request . . . . . . . love Sunny Yaw

Charming Cupcake & Very Tartelette

8th August marks the start of the Beijing Summer Olympic and also a day that I will not forget, my late dad’s birthday! . . . .will always be missed.

Another great news is that Big Boys Oven will be in Penang this September . . . . yes, we will be doing our first macaron class on the island . . . . this was make available by a very special person in Penang . . . . . I will tell you very soon.

Here I am posting some exotic yet beautiful jewellery taking with the dessert that I baked, . . . . . . my cupcake, . . . . . . macaron tartelette, . . . . . . cream cheese tartelette.


A lizard wanting a cupcake . . . . so luxurious!


A dragon fly stop over too . . . . yet so elegant!


An orchid nurturing . . . . so strong!


A beautifull ring with unique taste!

I just can’t wait for the coming months to be on my door steps . . . . so excited . . . . love Sunny Yaw


The Amazing of The Opera !


My students were amazing, they are a real serious learners.




Once the basic ingredients had been prepared and done, we procced with the assembling of the Opera . . . such a simplicity.





Layers after layers, we had the sponge, the coffee, the chocolat ganache and the cream . . . . it was awesome and so fragrant . . . .






It’s the students turn to do the layering while waiting . . . . . . .






The trimming and cutting the Opera!


It’s the Opera tasting time!

The class was amazingly superb, great students and great piece of bake! . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Vanilla Cupcake


Vanilla Cupcake

225gm Softened unsalted butter
225gm Caster sugar
225gm Self-raising flour
1tsp Baking powder
4nos Eggs
1pod Vanilla(scrap out the seed,use the seed)


Here is the recipe the cupcakes!

Preheat the over to 175C.
Place 15 paper cups in the muffin tray.
Place all the ingredients in a medium bowl and beat with an electronic whisk till smooth and pale, about 2 to 3 minutes.
Spoon the mixture into the paper cups.
Bake for 20 minutes.
Remove the tins from the oven and cool for 5 minutes.
Then remove the cupcakes and cool on a rack.
Store in an airtight for up to 3 days.
Proceed to decoration on your liking.


It is a simple cupcakes to make and taste lovely too, do try when you are free in your kitchen.

. . . Love Sunny Yaw

Fish Head Noodle SS20/10, Petaling Jaya

This is one of my favourite fish head noodle located at SS20/10, Petaling Jaya where I regularly haunt. The place is simple, no air-conditioner and just an open air foodstall.

This place serve gorgeous drinks such as ice blended soya milk and comes with this greeny jelly called “cendol” and also a kind of black jelly called “leong fun”. You can also have “cendol” green jelly in santan and palm sugar or the old timer “ice kacang”. Drinks here is truely awesome.

We started with a bowl of fish paste with green spinach in clear soup. The fish paste was cooked well and tasted deliciously crunchy. We also had fish paste noodle which is awesome.

We ordered a bowl of “haruan” fish rice noodle. This is yet another awesome dish as the fish came in thick slices and deep fried. The bowl of noddle was fully of fragrant and aroma.

Then came a bowl of noodle with just plain slices of thick “haruan” fish. Oh this is so incrediblely good as you can really taste the freshness and sweetness of the fish. The thick slices enhance the tastiness of the fish. Well I would say every bite is just pure meat and boneless! The soup was really really good, very refreshing.

You can have the dish with thick rice noodle “lai fun”.

You can also have fish slices with your fish paste and spinach.

I really love this noodle stall and would rephrased them as Fish Sliced Noodle stall and something to shout about! . . . . . Sidney

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