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Johor Bahru Best Beef Noodle at Ang Kim Chwee Coffee Shop

Ang Kin Chwee 1

Danny said,

I suppose the beef noodle shop is the one which overlooking the new half built bridge in JB town. I am beef noodle fanatic and have eaten in fame places like Bangkok, New York (Vietnam style), Melbourne, Hong Kong and more in KL. This JB one, is the best among all. My only fear is that the owner may quit soon due to age.

Ang Kim Chwee 5
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James & Cissie’s Wedding Desserts at Tanarimba, Janda Baik


This time we came back to Tanarimba, Janda Baik for the preparation of James & Cissie’s wedding desserts. I remembered, Cissie had her desserts ordered months ahead as she wanted to make sure that I am free on that weekend. We sat down a week before the wedding to finalize the desserts and Cissie wanted wedding cupcakes.

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Wedding Cake Showcase | Prince Hotel


This is a great news for myself and BigBoysOven, sure you may ask why and would like to know. Well we invited by Prince Hotel to showcase our wedding cake starting from this April 2009 at their hotel lobby. I myself was so excited and how fantastic this can be.

Therefore last week I created a three tier wedding cake and brought it over to the hotel on the weekend for the showcase. I did a simple one with butterflies and with orangy ribbons as the theme colour.

Big Boys Oven Wedding Cake Showcase 4

It was so excited upon my arrival at the hotel when I saw how beautiful the wedding display area was created by the hotel team. I also saw Carven Ong’s beautiful wedding gown and my wedding cake was placed next to it. read more »

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The First-Ever Web 2.0 Magazine Hits The Town


I just found out today a NEW special edition Web2.0 magazine on food and dining by the name BestFoodJunction.com had just hit the town. In this edition, many of the work from various food bloggers had been featured such as from PasanKia, Joan, Joe, Lilian, Jasmine, Michael Yip, Christine, IpohWav3, Aishah and also Big Boys Oven too. This is incredible! Just one word fantastic.

I love this magazine as it is very informative, lots of lovely photos and mostly it is so very affordable, just only RM2.99! Available at major newspaper outlets and bookstores. Better get one now before there are all sold out! . . .yours Sunny Yaw

I have 5 extra copies and would like be give them away to those lucky ones, just leave me a comment.

p/s : Congratulation to BestFoodJunction.com and thank you for making this available

Dublin Dundee Melbourne Kuala Lumpur . . . . . . Danny & Hui Lan



I feel it, you feel it
That this was meant to be.
I know it, you know it
That you were made for me.
We came tonight, not any longer
Day by day we’re getting stronger.
I want it, you want it
It’s what the people want to see.

We’re like Romeo and Juliet
Families can’t divide us
Like the tallest mountain on the widest sea
Nothing’s big enough to hide us.
When we make love it’s overwhelming
I just touch the heavens
You’re an angel, you’re an angel

I said this world, this world.
Could leave us anyday
But my love for you, it will never go away.
And I don’t wanna go to sleep
Cuz’ you are like a dream
For every night I see you there,
And I swear you are the answer
You’re an angel, you’re an angel, you’re an angel.

Dear Hui Lan, Syd can’t stop talking about how lovely you were and the friendliness in you . . . gosh you truely are! Danny the lucky one, great to have meet you too, do take good care of Syd’s junior unimate, yeah! :) . . . always Sunny Yaw




As to start of the New Year 2009, this wedding cake was commissioned for Teik Hong & Bee Lynn’s wedding reception and both of them flew back from abroad just to celebrate this special occasion. To beautify their wedding cake, they specially had their figurine made and brought it back with them. The figurine was so beautiful and cute.
January 2009 is an awesome month for weddings celebrations, therefore I will be spending more time in my studio creating more lovely desserts. So don’t be angry if I don’t get to post that often but will do try :) . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

An Animation Year End Wedding . . . . Wai Loon & Lisa




Will marry you in front of the world in front of no one at all,
Will love you in our bedroom the living room or hall
Will live with you anywhere, a mansion or a shack
Will go anywhere with to the ends of the world and back


Can stay awake and talk to you forever and a day
Can spend my life by your side and never go away
Can look into your eyes and see my future there
Can offer you my soul, with out worry or despair
Can tell you that I have always loved you,
Can tell you that I love you now more than words could ever express


Want you to be my husband you are the very best
Want to hold your hand forever and feel your caress
Want these things forever, eternally, with out end
Want to be your wife your lover and your friend.




It was such a beautiful wedding, it took Wai Loon & Lisa a year to plan such a romantic and loving wedding, even the wedding cake was so well crafted by them and it was ordered two months ahead, it was a fantastic and loving sweet year end wedding celebration.







It was such a wonderful wedding for Wai Loon & Lisa, I am sure they will be so happy and defintely be looking forward being together forever, I thank you two for giving me the chance to be part of your lovely wedding . . . . . . . . forever Sunny Yaw

p/s: thank you Yoke Sze, you are such a darling.

I do love you always . . .

A Flower Shower Wedding Cake . . . . . Alan & Jamie


I had a conversation with someone on the phone today.

“Hi, this is Big Boys Oven, it’s regarding about your cake”, I spoke.
“Who is this? Sid, the one who manage BBO or Sunny the good looking one with the photo on the blog” replied from someone.

Wow! I was shocked with joy . . . . me the good looking one, hahahahaha . . . such a compliment I ever received till today! I was totally blushed and still am even now! Thanks to someone, it was really motivated me to bake more from now on! heheheh . . . .

As I got back from Singapore, I created this cake specially for Alan & Jaime’s wedding at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie. I meet Jamie a month ago and she already had something in mine, a lovely huge 3tier wedding cake with beautiful orangy flowers combination over a light orange wedding cake flushed with some hand painted gold motifs. Here is the cake I created . . . .

I just adore my this latest creation, looks so Spanish and so inviting. Jamie told me that she loved it and the guests just adored it. Thank you so much Jamie for entrusting us to commission your dream wedding cake . . . Love Sunny Yaw.

Biscotti A Nutty Slice Biscuit

Something I Don’t Mind Sharing With You




4nos Egg white
130gm Sugar
pinch of salt

120gm Flour
30gm Rice flour

50gm Pistachio
100gm Walnuts
100gm Almonds
60gm Glace ginger


1. Whip (A) till stiff. Add in (B) and mix till well blended.
2. Add in (C) and mix till well incorporated.
3. Pour it into a greased annd lined loaf tin. Make 2 loaves (17x8x6cm)
4. Bake at 175C for 40minutes.
5. Let it cool and then keep in the freezer for 6hours or more.
6. Cut it into thin slices about 2mm thick.
7. Bake it again at 150C for 15minutes or till crisp.

While I am away, I hope you will try this recipe at your leisure . . . Love Sunny Yaw

A “Purple & White” Wedding – Matthew & Carmen


. . . . . . . something they would like to share with you . . . .


“I’ve been alone so many nights now,
And I’ve been waitin’ for the stars to fall.
I keep holdin’ out for what I don’t know
To be with you, just to be with you.
And when we finally meet, I’ll know it’s right.
I’ll be at the end of my restless road.
But this journey, it was worth the fight.
To be with you, just to be…

Holding you for the very first time, never letting go.
What I wouldn’t give to feel that way… Ooohh…

Oh, and I can’t imagine two worlds spinnin’ apart
Come together eventually.
(Lyrics: To Be with You, David Archuleta)

So here I am staring at the moon tonight,
Wondering how you look in this light.
Maybe you’re somewhere thinkin’ about me too.
To be with you, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.

And I can’t imagine two worlds spinnin’ apart
Come together eventually..


Oh, to be with you…

And when you’re standin’ here in front of me,
That’s when I know that God does exist.
‘Cause He will have answered every single prayer.
To be with you, just to be with you, yeah. You…. “

Matthew & Carmen had a lovely purple & white fairy-tale wedding and I had really enjoyed creating their wedding cakes. I will also be posting their wedding cupcakes . . . love Sunny Yaw


Got Spotted . . . . . Meet Calvin

Cute, Adorable and Got The Looks

We spotted him . . . . . . . . . . . it’s him that I want . . . . . . . he is so cute, adorable and got the looks . . . . .. and his name is Calvin. WHY? I am not sure why. . . . . not sure how to explain it to you but that first look of his smile had just captured my heart . . . . . . with that winning sweet chicky smile of his, it can just win into anyone’s heart and will straight away melt your heart away, just like my chocolat . . . . mine for sure. . . . . . . So we had signed Calvin up to be the faces of BBO!


He got the looks! . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Butterflies, Flowers & Ribbons Wedding Cake . . . . Jonas & Mena

Yellow, Gold, White & Light Brown

A month ago I meet up with Mena & Jonas to discuss about their wedding cake. The wedding will be held at Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan in early November. They wanted a simple square white wedding cake with gold satin ribbons, small flowers and simple butterflies. As we went on, Mena had made up her mind that she wanted to have yellow orangy flowers with dark brown dots and light brown butterflies and this is the cake I crafted for Mena and Jonas . . . . . .















I hereby wishes the happy couple, Jonas & Mena a great seaside wedding and thank you for giving me the chance of the life time to create your wedding cake . . . . . . . for now I have to go back to my studio and create yet another wedding cake for another lovely couple this coming weekend . . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

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