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Recipe Stir Fried Cincalok Chicken with Pickled Averrhoa Bilimbi and Stinking Beans

Stinking bean 1
A Plate of Wholesome Stir Fried Cincalok Chicken with Pickled Averrhoa Bilimbi & Stinking Beans

I just love creating this dish after indulging a similar flavor and taste at two awesome dinnery, one at Little Yum Yum Restaurant, Kota Damansara and the other at Pau Loong Banquet Hall, Teluk Intan.

At Little Yum Yum I just love how pickled Averrhoa Bilimbi or Belimbing Buluh being put into play on their beautiful nyonya dish, cincalok chicken. While indulging Pau Loong Banquet Hall had their fish fillet cooked in cincalok sauce and my second visit, I had the same sauce with squid. There were explosive dishes, great flavour, awesome taste and definitely a memorable one that can easy stick in one’s brain like mind . . . . . . lol!

Since those awesome superb taste and flavor still cracking in my head, I just have to create something similar at my private kitchen. For me I just love those little jewel, Pickled Averrhoa Bilimbi and that is an issue and need to sort out first. They are not easy to find ingredient but I manage to find them at Malay stall located at Chow Kit night market. I was told it is a seasonal fruit that has a short life span as it will go soft and wet very easily. Pickling them would be the best thing to do, I was advised.

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My New Look with Crizal Forte UV Essilor Lenses


Two months back I was introduced to Essilor’s Crizal Forte UV lenses and at that moment it had caught right to my attention. It is awesome to know what you are using especially for viewing. As usual I don’t bother much on what I buy especially the eyewear lenses and the only area that I wil take notice would be the frame brand or maker. After such new know how knowledge that I had picked up on that day, I decided to have a new look using Crizal Forte UV lenses.
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Di Wei at Empire Gallery Subang

Di Wei
Di Wei @ Empire Gallery Subang

Yet again I am back . . . . . yes eating and getting into my writing. Well I am sure you definitely noticed that I am truly slow on my blog updates but I am fast on my facebook updates. so do visit my facebook ! :)

So my latest eating venture was at Di Wei, a Chinese restaurant located on Level 1 of Empire Hotel, Empire Gallery Subang.

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Alaskan Snow Crabs Sleighed Santa Claws to The Manhattan Fish Market

best seafood in town
The Best Seafood in Town

It had been a great busy week and yet I feel that I will be marathoning of such situation till end of February 2011. It’s fun. Working on new projects can be so exciting and so interesting. I had also took up jobs like food stylist too. I am hired! lol! BBO studio had been very busy too. Orders keep coming in. We had a cooking & baking show recently with more than 300 guets per session which was truly fabulous, now the guests are aftering not me but Sunny Yaw! they were truly just fantastic.

Then came the GAB (Guinness Anchor Berhad) Project for Christmas and it was a Merry Guinness launch. I was hired too! And now I am embarking working on my next coming project. Just Fabulous. Another awesome event that I am waiting, will be celebrating ‘Merry Guinness” at one of our local pub soon with a few of my guests. OMG! this is awesome. :) My schedule for this December is truly filling up fast! Another awesome news, (stop press! lol!) I am now officially a cake decorator! why? As I was hired to be one! lol! December is truly fabulous, so happening and so exciting! I even saw Santa Claws sleighed in by a gang of Alaskan snow crabs! This took place at the fabulous Manhattan Fish Market.

Manhattan Pavilion
Manhattan Fish Market at Pavilion

I visited the new outlet of The Manhattan Fish Market at the Pavilion recently. I was truly gorgeous and totally a different look and concept. I just love the huge wall poster at this restaurant.I just love their mussels in white sauce! one of my all time favourite! But this time at Manahattan Fish Market, they are showcaing their new Christmas dishes . . . . The Alaskan Snow Crab! You know I truly had a great time indulging them! it was beautiful! :)

kid's Menu
The Kids’s Menu

I brought along my young little nephew Pong Chai and he had his kid’s menu and he ordered his favourite fish & chips!

Christmas Crab Bisque
Christmas Crab Bisque

The soup portion here is truly good and not too small, just nice. Yet the crab bisque here is very flavourful, creamy and robustly taste. It was done just perfectly nice. Nice bisque with flavourful crab soup! I had souped over Pong Chai’s bisque!

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Great to have come across your path and having you around is so awesome. You are such a joy with your presents at our gathering. I was truly shocked when Sunny said, “She is very nice, surprisingly she is a very good girl, gorgoues too, definitely can her my little kid sister, mei mei”. I was laughing at him. Sunny truly admire you for being a great friend! For me, lol! I truly enjoy having you around too, a cool gal!

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TEQUILA and MEZCAL Bentley’s Pub Hotel Nikko

Sunny Yaw

Look at me, I am enjoying sipping a glass of Tequila specially flown in from Mexico for the Tequila and Mezcal Tasting class held at Bentley’s Pub, Hotel Nikko recently. It was exciting and an eye opener for me as I was enjoying my glass of Tequila, strong, bold and deadly lethal, lol! and I saw a few participants just gulp those glasses without any hesistation and problem but not me as I prefer to have mine slow and steady with pure luxury. :)

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Sunny Yaw Wedding Cake Collection at Princely Wedding Fair 2010

Wedding Cake by Sunny Yaw
Sunny Yaw Wedding Cake Collection

This week is rather a busy week for me. I am preparing some of my 2010 Wedding Cake Collection for The Princely Wedding Fair 2010 starting from this 9-10th January 2010 at Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. Not only that, I will be setting up a wedding dessert table featuring my sweet tooth limited desserts specially for you and the guests on this 9th January at about 1pm. So at the moment it is not fun at all as loads of hot steam flourishing through my studio! lol! :( If you want to know what will be installing for you this coming weekend, just come to the Princely Wedding 2010 starting from 11am.

Princely Wedding 2010 will be another exciting event where lucky ladies will get Bubbly Brides make over and will be dressed in awesome beautiful gown plus one portrait shot photography. Guests may also enter the Princely Wedding Contest and the most exciting of the day will be Bridal Fashion Show by Carven Ong’s Couture presented by DIVA production. If you are free on this saturday morning, do drop by at this wonderful event and you never know who you may bump into, hey come and see me also, me me! :) . . . so see you yeah, have to be back to my studio, my cake is burning :( , love Sunny Yaw !

2 Days Sale Only
UP to 70% Discount @ Carven Ong Couture on 9th – 10th Jan 2010

Princely Wedding fair 2010 advertisement

a great week . . .

more to come . . . .

I had been busy, split myself here, there and everywhere lately . . . . . . do believe me, it was amazing that I survived . . . . but it was amazingly fun . . . . I am sure you would like to know, what a guy like myself had been busy with, rite! . . . . . prepared a great “purple & white” wedding last saturday . . . . and managed to take time for a total awesome food tasting together with a well-known foodblogger on the same day! . . . . . I can’t image how I can pull that off . . . . sunday, yet another hawker food hunt with my close friends . . . . . monday, I had a private baking class, don’t ask who my participants were, got to be confidential on this, lol! . . . . . . . tuesday, had a great nite out at Souled Out with bloggers, May, Sueme, Kelvin, Joshua, Jason, Andrew, Sid, our host Fanny and Guldip . . . . . . wednesday, hahahahaha a total recovery day for me! lol!

yes will be updating all this soon . . . . . yours Sunny Yaw

Romancing The Cupcakes, The Way You Want It!


Big Boys Oven had a private cupcake class recently at our studio and we baked chocolate banana and vanilla pod cupcakes and we were totally going bananas . . . ain’t it cool, yes it was fantastic! It maybe looked like basic a baking class but it came with a twist . . . in this baking class we encourage team work, it was fun.


What I did, . . . . I just make the first cupcake mixture and my students will have to do their cupcakes themselves later.



My students look so serious . . . I noticed in every classes I conducted, all my students were very attentive and very dedicated.



Once the mixture was ready, I showed them how to pipe the mixture into the cupcake case.


A sprinkle of chocolat chips will do the trick!


Break time, . . . . . durian moussecake and chocolat macarons . . . yummy desserts best paired with a cup of illy coffee.


First batch of cupcakes done!


Now it was my students hands on baking time! Look, look how serious my students can be, . . . . work is always work!


He did the whisking, she did the piping, . . . . what a team effort!



He insisted to try piping too!………lol!


It was cupcake decoration time!


This is how to do the twist!


Look, look at all my students lovely cupcake creations, so pretty and so desirable.















It was an enjoyable cupcake baking and decoration class, all the hard work paid off well . . . . . . another mission accomplished! . . . . Sunny Yaw

Figuring – Cartoonimal 1

I have been following the work of Chef Es Koyama (Koyama Susumu) on marzipan figuring especially from his book “Marzipan 20 stories”. It is really exciting to have found so many of marzipan figurings. So I had decided to glue my bum onto my chair and spend some patient time crafting this cuties over the long “Hari Raya” holidays. I did not really follow exactly Chef Koyama’s designs but I use them as a guide which looks so interesting and different when comes to comparing mine and his….. I am just a beginner when comes to figuring ………….. lol. In this post I share 3 of my marzipan figurings that I patiently did, the mousse, the cat and the parrot.

The Parrot

The mousse

The Cat

We love the work of Chef Koyama as he also had published a book entitled The Sweet Trick regarding tricks and tips while you bake. There are a few more figuring in the process but will post them later. Have a nice weekend! See you soon.

Love Sunny Yaw

Strawberry Moussecake with Flaming Meringue

It had already been a week rest and I guess it is time to churn out a nice dessert and also to spoil myself by indulging them later. What will be the best dessert to make this time after such a long hari raya break? Maybe something simple and yet looks beautiful and stunning. Hmmm…thinking!

I always wanted to use my new culinary torch, the one I bought from a hardware store, the best thing to make is a creme brulee. Creme brulee… hmmmm… sounds interesting as I can burn those sugar topping but in fact I just had them a day before at Mandarin Hotel. I guess I will not have such similar dessert as it will be so bored and crazy. I have an idea…… the vision of the flaming alaska came into mind… oh yes I would love that, but I had ran out of ice cream but I have some strawberry moussecake in my fridge. Strawberry moussecake. I make some meringue (whisk egg white and sugar) and I piped them onto the moussecake. Once done the flaming started. So cool and so fun as you can burn the dessert….lol.

Strawberry Moussecake
(prepare 3 of 3 inch cake ring)

Strawberry mousse
Whipping cream 280gm
Melted strawberry puree 100gm
Strawberry syrup(Monin) 15ml
Egg white 50gm
Granulated sugar 35gm
Gelatin leaf 3envelopes
Inner layer
Melted strawberry puree 70gm
Gelatin leaf 2envelopes
Outer layer (Meringue)
Egg white 100gm
Granulated sugar 30gm

Make the strawberry mousse, whisk egg white until foamy. Then, add in granulated sugar gradually and whisk until soft peak form.
Whisk whipping cream and gradually add in strawberry syrup until soft peak form.
Melt the strawberyy and pour it in the whipping cream and fold well witha rubber spatula.
Fold meringue into strawberry mixture and gently fold well.
Pour in metled gelatin into the strawbery mixture and gently fold.
Pour a half layer of the strawberry mousse into the cake ring and refrigerate for 1 1/2 hours.
Inner layer, melt the soften gelatin into the hot strawberry puree, let cool until 30C. Then place a spoonful of the strawberry puree on the centre top area.
Pipe in another layer of strawberry mousse.
Then placee in freezer for an hour.
Outer layer, whisk egg with until foamy, add in granulated sugar gradually and whisk until stiff peak form.
Pipe the meringue along the cake edge. Burn the meringue with a culinary torch and freeze it for 15 minutes.

Yet another interesting and beautiful piece of dessert which I really encourage you to try, …………….. lovely, simple and delicious.

Love Sunny Yaw

Illy’s Espresso Macaroons

I was at the beverage exhibition at KLCC Convention Centre recently and had a chance to taste a variety of illy coffee….. I am really into coffee as I enjoy the aroma and taste but I always feel that a cuppa a coffee must be accompanied with something, if not, it will be very boring and lonely…..lol…I am sure you will agree with me,…. am I right?

A piece of big chewy cookies is something I always dream off to accompany my coffee but not many places will store them except my own cookie jar……lol! I also notice that huge coffee places like starbucks or coffeebean do not provide any cookie when you order an expensive cup of coffee. I guess it is time they should. On the other hand, whenever I have my coffee at the 5* hotel in Kuala Lumpur I get to have a cookie, bravo.

Anyway…. I really adore illy coffee, and I am sure you know why and can be found at some many eateries in Kuala Lumpur. So I decided to use illy espresso coffee and add them into my macaroons. Oh! they are so lovely……as they can divorce their cuppa of coffee……funny? I had them with white chocolate ganache so that the aroma of the espresso will explodes in your mouth when you eat it.

Espresso macaroons are available for sale, please get in touch with us.

Love Sunny Yaw

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