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Celcom Cupcake Challenge

get baking malaysia

Last Saturday Celcom Axiata Berhad, the first and foremost mobile telecommunication provider, hosted an exclusive cupcake baking class for bloggers and media representatives for the Celcom Cupcake Challenge. It is an exciting onlne contest in conjunction with our country’s 55th anniversary of independence and the upcomiong Malaysia Day celebrations on th 16th Sepptember.

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Classic White Chocolate Gateaux

New Cake 3

Hey! I am back! yes I had been away and had spend a great valuable time in Taiwan. Well it was a holiday and see see for me and I took my mum with me too. It was an explosive to visit, lovely Taiwan and enjoyed the variation of awesome goodness of Taiwan cuisine.

Now I am back with full of energy and loads of work to be done! I know I had been rather quiet and had been behind the scene relaxing lol! Anyway, there will be some changes and soon really be implemented, more new baking class and I will be showcasing more varaition of cakes and recipes here on www.bigboysoven.com, meaning you will see more of me! As for food, we will be setting up another webpage called food.bigboysoven.com and Sidney Kan will be penning down his food excursion!

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a great week . . .

more to come . . . .

I had been busy, split myself here, there and everywhere lately . . . . . . do believe me, it was amazing that I survived . . . . but it was amazingly fun . . . . I am sure you would like to know, what a guy like myself had been busy with, rite! . . . . . prepared a great “purple & white” wedding last saturday . . . . and managed to take time for a total awesome food tasting together with a well-known foodblogger on the same day! . . . . . I can’t image how I can pull that off . . . . sunday, yet another hawker food hunt with my close friends . . . . . monday, I had a private baking class, don’t ask who my participants were, got to be confidential on this, lol! . . . . . . . tuesday, had a great nite out at Souled Out with bloggers, May, Sueme, Kelvin, Joshua, Jason, Andrew, Sid, our host Fanny and Guldip . . . . . . wednesday, hahahahaha a total recovery day for me! lol!

yes will be updating all this soon . . . . . yours Sunny Yaw

You Save My Day!

Before I get on with my weekly posting, I would like to thank you the STAR Newspaper, Star online especially to the people at Weekender Section for noticing Big Boys Oven and had advertised about our baking classes at the What’s Happenin’ section . . . . thank you.

Well . . . . last saturday . . . . this was what happened to me . . . I had invited a few friends over for dinner . . . they will be bringing over the dinner and as expected, I was to prepared the dessert.

Well, I did prepare the dessert for the night . . . . . . . but I wrongly gave the box of dessert to one of my customer . . . . only discovered this just about an hour before the guests arrived . . . . . . gosh, what a nightmare as I got no dessert for the night.

Well, I had to come up with some thing quick . . . . . . and yes, I found a box of Pillsbury Yellow Supreme Cake Mix in my kitchen cabinet . . . . quickly I whipped up the yellow cake and baked them in small baking tins . . . . . this was a speed baking as I need them fast . . . . . yes I got them baked and had them served with orange-lemon sorbet!




Well I was lucky as the day was saved! . . . the dessert was great . . . . . will always make sure there is a box of pillsbury cake mix in my kitchen cabinet . . . . truely, Sunny Yaw

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