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Restaurant Tai Soon Curry House Kampong Baru Sungei Buloh

Tai Soon 7
Tai Soon’s Kitchen

Before further reading just be aware that Restaurant Tai Soon Curry House Kampong Baru Sungei Buloh opens from 11am till 4pm and closes on Sunday. I came to know about this restaurant ages ago but did not manage get time off to make a visit. Today I got myself to be there for lunch with my friend of mine Chun Kit. The restaurant located at the end of the village infused within the individual wooden houses. The restaurant has ample parking space just across the empty area.

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Gâteau Pommes-Chocolat Blanc

apple cake2

It had been an awesome week in the studio, working with groups of my student on various baking classes can be so energizing. Fun, laughter and learning we did. Truly filled with joy. To further my gateau range, here is one of Sidney favourite, the Gâteau Pommes-Chocolat Blanc.

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Citron Basil Gateaux with Pêche

Lemom Basil Gateaux

One after another new gateaux had been churning out from my studio. Here yet another interesting light gateaux that I created. Having the refreshing taste of lemon infused in the mousse can be truly delicious. But to enhance the taste, basil leafs was generously disposed into the it. The volcanic taste will just burst into awesome flavour and yet kept at lite.

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New Graine de Sésame Gateaux

Sesame Gateaux 1
Graine de Sésame Gateaux

This is awesome as I will be showcasing a few new designed gateaux readily for order. The first one will be the Graine de Sésame Gateaux or Black Sesame Cake. This time I will be focusing on layering gateaux with a French-Japanese influence. Each layer is refinely design to taste with reduction of sweetness. Smooth silky and just melts in your mouth.

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Les Durian from The King of Fruits

It is the durian season and you can see loads of this king fruit being sold at the supermarket, night market and even along the roadside. Due to such, therefore we decided to venture into this king of fruits and Les Durian was crafted. Les Durian, is a durian moussecake which consists of 2 layers of pure D24 durian mousse with a minimum of whipping cream in order to retain the full texture of the durian and sandwiched with 3 thin layer of sponge cakes.

This moussecake is being decorated with white chocolat and lovely almond macaroons, finished of with a dash oranged snow sugar and a few drops of fresh canberries. Below is a kg durian moussecake ordered through a foodblogger last week for her friend’s dad birthday. Thank you foodblogger.

Below is another 1.5kg durian moussecake ordered last week through a Singapore blogger for her aunt’s birthday.

This is a great lovely moussecake that goes well with a warm cup of illy coffee.

Love Sunny Yaw

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