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Secret Recipe RM1 for Slice of Cake

Secret Recipe 1

At recently lunch date, we were at Secret Recipe for it’s 2 weeks promotion, ” RM1 for Slice Cake woth two dine-in ala carte mains meals “. It was an awesome lunch outing as I know I will enjoy the gorgeous and delicious cakes at Secret Recipe.

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An XXX Adult Cake for Maryann

hens nite cake

After a few days Chinese New Year holiday break, I got a call from my studio wanting me to start sculpturing a cake when I touch down. I was told it was urgent and I got half a day to complete it. After the discussion, we finalized having a huge erected penis cake. :)

hens nite cake1

It was really a surprise as I had the skin a bit pinkish instead of brownish. But it came out nice, more toward a Mat Salleh. It was done within the time, half a day! It was truly fast!

hens nite cake2

I think the girls would had a great hen’s nite out and it was huge . . . . . .. . . a job done, Sunny Yaw

Which Takers Am I?


A seasoned team of bank robbers, successfully complete their latest heist and lead a life of luxury while planning their next job. When a former member of their team, is released from prison he convinces the group to strike an armored car carrying $20 million. As the “takers” carefully plot out their strategy and draw nearer to exacting the grand heist, a reckless police officer (Matt Dillon) inches closer to apprehending the criminals.

It is so exciting that I am definitely be John Rahway (Paul Walker) aka The Bagman in the movie. He is themember of the group with the biggest concious. He is slick and full of confidence. Paul Walker himself played it well and I can do it even better. I certainly would take my chances on winning a pair of movie premier with Sirens Media and Sony Pictures for this competition. Are we on for the premier?

Sorenso & Angie’s Garden Wedding

Sorenson & Angie 1

Angie got back from Australia and made an appointment to meet me to discuss her wedding cupcakes 2 months ago and it was so exciting meeting her. She wanted to have two hundred cupcakes for her garden wedding just right behind her parent’s home!

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Terence & Pei Ming’s Wedding Cupcakes . . .


We meet Terence, Pei Ming and Amanda at our place few months back to discuss their wedding cupcakes and last month Terence & Pei Ming had their wedding dinner at Imperial Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 400cupcakes were ordered for their wedding day while 30cupcakes were placed on the tiers at the stage and the rest was packed nicely in a cupcake box for the guests to take home after the wedding dinner.


As Terence and Pei Ming wanted a simple pink cupcakes and I baked them chocolat, vanilla and greentea cupcakes and swirled with pink butter cream. The cupcake tiers were beautifully arranged with champange glasses, beautiful maroon coloured ribbons and scattered with rose petals.


It was a well done job and it was amazingly beautiful . . . Love Sunny Yaw


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