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RM5 Meal at Delifrance Mid Valley


It was so Parisian that noon. I got to confess that sipping into my freshly brewed coffee was such an intriging thing to do. Full with such an aroma definitely a great day to sit down and stratergies work. But I was not here to get work going but rather getting out my tasting bud ready. Yup, I was at Delifrance Mid Valley for a joyous food escapism.

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I will be having a few days free before the classes start and I decided to visit some of  the Singapore greatest patisserie and the first one I visited was the Canele at Robertson Walk which was located  just nearby the place I am staying at the moment. Janice informed that this shop is the first Canele outlet and also the central kitchen. It was an awesome place to be, full with lovely petite gateux and plenty to choose from. Just a heaven for me! :) The work of Chef Phang just amazed me and so well justified. As we had to meet up with Jak, we decided to do our dessert forking at Canele, Shaw Centre instead, another outlet that I would call a beautiful cake boutique.


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Having to arrive in Singapore is fantastic but the journey was another issue, fly with budget airline can be an interesting experience as you may end up not paying a low fare trip, but instead an expensive flight as there maybe rather a few of hidden and unknown cost. Well I will talk about this on my coming post. I would inform that I am safely here and enjoying every minute of my stay, that is the reason why you are reading this post, . . . . Singapore is fabulous!

House of Seafood 180 A

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Bake with Me | Johor Bahru, Singapore, KL & Penang

chocolate black sesame macaron 2

It is going to be fun in coming weeks as I will be baking in Johor Bahru this May and the best news is, I had been invited to bake in Singapore on this coming June. I also had been receiving a lot of emails inquiries especially from you and I promise you that I will definitely be in Ipoh this July. The followings are my “Baking with Me” classes schedule . . . . .

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