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MIGF 2013 MIDORI Japanese Restaurant Marriott Putrajaya

MIDORI  MIGF JW Marriott Putrjaya 4
Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 01-31 October 2013

Just a few days ago I managed to catch up with the tasting of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2013 at MIDORI Japanese Restaurant that serve delicious Tokyo-Style Japanese cuisine. I got to say I had been wanting to dine here at MIDORI as I heard lots of great reviews about their food. As usual with my tight schedule it was hard to schedule to dine here but at last I made it.

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The Restaurant at The Club MIGF 2011

the club

I just love October as it is the time to enjoy some refined, cultivated and well crafted food especially during this year MIGF 2011 (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011). My first festival stop was at this sophisticated place called The Restaurant located at the Club, Suajana. I got to say, I knew that I was going to drown with full of pampering even before my arrival as always I am well taken by Pat, the General Manager of the Club. In my own discrete believe, The Club is one of the best place to stay that comes with great hospitality, fill with good food and luxurious pampering.

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THE POMELO Banjaran Hotspring Retreat MIGF 2010

Water Pond at The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat

Ipoh is famous for limestone hills and natural caves. Even the beauties here are often associated with the purity water that they drink in Ipoh. One place in Ipoh had intrigged me on my recent visit. It was the Banjaran Hotspring Retreat located at Tambun, Ipoh.
It was an escape to a haven f relaxation and juvenation, Malaysia’s first integrated luxury wellness and spa nestled admist at a natural landscape of magnificient limestone hills, natural caves, pristine waterfalls, tropical jungle and natural geochemical hot springs that will capture your heart immediately.

The Hotspring

The Water Villa

There were about 25 luxurious villas that were camouflaged against a beautiful canvas of the tropical jungle and lake. It was breath taking scenery. I was excited when I was brief about the various type of wellness experience available at the Banjaran.

A Private Pool within The Water Villa

As I checked into one of the villas, it was truly exclusively beautiful. The word pampering just kept buzzing in my mind. The sea blue tiled private villa swimming pool was so gorgeous, dipping into it is a must. There was also a private jacuzzi hidden behind the bathroom. The bedroom was truly spacious and comfy.

The Pomelo

Next The Pomelo, the restaurant and a name acquired from a fruit that Tambun, Ipoh is famous for. It is like a large grapefruit but it is refreshing light, sweet and juicy. At the Pomelo you will defitely be pampered with spa cuisine which can be light and healthy comprising the flavours of organic fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood and premium poultry.

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AL-AMAR Pavilion MIGF 2010

Invited Foodies

It was a great weekend to start off, I set myself indulging delicious middle eastern cuisine at Al-Amar with a group of foodies. It was the Al-Amar’s Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) Menu that caught our attention and it was something truly different than the usual. A scrumptious evening of Lebanese fine dining.

The Cold Mezze Palette

The menu festival at Al-Amar first introduce their cold mezze palette consist of Pink Hommos, Moustabbal with Avocado and Rocket Beetroot Salad. The Pink Hommos was truly interesting and too beautiful to look at. I like the colour and the taste was refreshing too, having it over my hand peeled pieces of warm pita bread was absolutely amazing delicious. It was perfectly done with mashed chick peas, sesame seed paste and the flavour was accelerated with a touch of special spices, lemon juice and olive oil. To be truthful, I don’t mind having another serving of this awesome snack. It was truly addictive! :)

Pink Hommos
The Pink Hommos

Mountabbal with Avacado
Mountabbal with Avacado

I found yet another interesting snack that I had before but with an interesting twist. I love moutabbal but finding mine with added mashed avocado was intriguing. Here this dish was prepared with mashed grilled eggplant with added sesame sees paste and flavoured with lime juice, fresh smashed avocado, garlic and olive oil. Yet it went very well with warm serving of pita bread.

Rocket Beetroot Salad
Rocket Beetroot Salad

The Rocket Beetroot served complimented both of the dips marvellously as it was really refreshing with mild sweetness and just simple light to have. The whole plate was so well incoperated and the cross tasting of the dishes on the plate was absolutely well calculated. I like it.

pita bread
Pita Bread

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IKETERU is part of the 30 finest restaurants around Kuala Lumpur participating in this year Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2010. Definitely this sophisticated and modern Japanese setting of IKETERU instantly caught my attention and comfort was felt right away. Equip with finest chefs, moden teppanyaki station and modern sushi bar, IKETERU was truly irresistable especially on my latest dining experience. A spacious dining area with private tatami rooms can be truly comfort to enjoy a Japanese cuisine, just like what I did.

A Huge Range of Sake

I am a new sake follower and having a few bottles at home is a must. As having to have a glimpse of sake available was mind blowing, it was beautiful to see. Just like a sea of sake. Marvellous especially for a drinker like myself. Another sight caught me with excitement, having to see huge jars of plum sake being brewed and being showcased in the glass cabinets caught me totally speechless. I was informed there are not readily yet for drinking as they are still very young.

dining room
The Dining Room

Another reason of coming to IKETERU is to lay back and enjoy the dishes crafted by the well know Chef Ricky Kamiishi. His beautiful creations are most sort after by many Japanese cuisine fans in town, he is known for his bold approaches in his creation and style. He just love playing around with flavours and freshness. I am one of his huge dedicated fan.

table setting
My Seat

I am also excited that during this festival, Hilton KL will also be flying a 2 Michelin Star Chef, Chef Christopher Coutanceau from La Rochelle Restaurant in France from 14th to 16th October 2010. Being born a Coutanceau means being born to cook (his father, The Grand Chef Richard Coutanceau), Christopher absorbed the culinary rigour of his father and learning from gastronomical greats like Gauzeres, Bardet, Guerard, Oudill and Ferran Aida. Throughout his three days visit in Kuala Lumpur, he will be mesmerizing us with his delectable original and modern presentation with his signature festival menu featuribng Brittany Lobster Stew with baby Vegetables 7 mushroom Ravioli, Grilled Foie Gras with Candide Mandarin & Mandarin Sorbet, Squab Pigeon with Cabbage leaves & Foie Gras, Seasonal Vegetable Casserole with truffle juice. (visit www.kl-studio.com)

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Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2010 Gala Launch at the Sunway Convention Centre


More than two thousand of the country’s “who’s who” gathered in the Grand Ballroom. Pyramid One, of the Sunway Convention centre for one of Malaysia’s most spectecular, world class events – the Gala Launch of the Malaysia Intermational Gourmet Festival (MIGF).

An annual event, now into its 10th year, the Gala Launch showcaes fabulous food from the 30 top fine dining restaurants taking part in the month long MIGF that runs throughout October. The Festival theme for 2010 is “Magical Chefs” and for the glittering Gala Launch occasion showcasing selected dishes from their Festival Menus for the two thousand VIP guests to sample


Officiating the GalaLAunch occasion was Deputy Minister of Tourism, YB Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit who joined Organising Chairman, YBhg Dato’ Steve Day, in cutting open a giant Chef’s Hat marking the entrance to the ballroom. As the excited guests made their way inm they were greeted by an ‘orchestra’ of Festival Master Chefs “playing’ pots and pans in unison with a Latin band. The ballroom was filled from wall to wall with colourful restaurant stations offering exotic Festival fare – all succulent items from the special Festival Menus that will be served at special Festival price by Festival Restaurants throughout the month of October.


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30 Finest Restaurants Showcase at Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2010

The Launch Gambit

The Malaysia International Gourmet festival 2010 (MIGF2010), the 10th successive one in the series, literally swooped down from the skies as five helicopters (courtesy of Eurocopter Malaysia) an landed on Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) in the very heart of burstling Kuala Lumpur.To the surprise , the helicopters discharged their contents – a multiracial, multinational band of chefs clad in full white regalia! This stunning arrival heralded the spectacular media Launch of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2010.

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AL-AMAR Pavilion Kuala Lumpur MIGF

MIGF Al-Amar

Al-Amar in Arabic means “the moon” is one of the restaurant listed on the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival that I had managed to fork my tastebud into their finest Lebanese cuisine, located at the Pavilion, Level 6, right exactly in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The lovely ruby red deco caught my attention as I was walking into this restaurant, the spacious sitting had made me felt so truly pampered! :)

MIGF Al-Amar Interior1MIGF Al-Amar Malaysia Tatler
MIGF Al-Amar KebabMIGF Al-Amar Interior2

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DYNASTY Renaissance Kuala Lumpur MIGF

Dynasty Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel 3

I had been waiting for this festival and it had just arrived on my doorstep this month, October 2009. Only just less than a week I had belted myself with such incredible knowledge on fine dining which is currently being offered in the heart of my cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur. In this year’s Malaysia International Gourmet Festival MIGF there are twenty four participating restaurants which offering various flavours of fine dining ranging from French, Italian, Lebanese, Japanese, Chinese, Indian to Malay cuisine, just pure luxurious. First stop, pure indulging at Dynasty at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

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MIGF Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2009 CHEFS UNITED!

MIGF Chef Hat

AL-AMAR bunga emas CHALET china treasures CHYNNA dynasty THE EMPEROR enak kl IBUNDA iketeru LAI POH HEEN l’heritage NEO pacifia SAGANO seasonal tastes SPICE OF INDIA summer palace TAI ZI HEEN tamarind hill TUSCANY cilla danieli WASABI BISTRO xentri d’garden terrace

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The Prince and The Mooncake Indulgence at Tai Zi Heen

Tai Zi Heen Mooncake A

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Mooncake Festival we were invited to indulge The Prince & The Mooncake exclusively at Tai Zi Heen. It was an awesome night as we were indulging such beauties and exclusive mooncakes from traditional to mini snow skin. I just love every bits of their mini snow skin chocolate whiskey mooncakes and defintely not forgetting my favourite of all, their traditional White Lotus paste.

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Up Close & Personal With Chef Shan

Avanti Italian-American Ristorante
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa



This time I get to meet up and get close with Chef Shanmuganathan or in short Chef Shan, a passionate man with his cooking especially Italian dishes. One of his unique and distinctive skills is to infuse traditional Italian fovourites with contemporary tastes, resulting in time-honoured recipes bearing novel flavours and modern presentation. I was told that his work was like magic in creating delicious dishes especially the skills he inherited and using only freshest and best quality ingredients enhance his creation even further.

Chef Shan looked at me, smiled and told me this, “It’s all about freshness with a strong sense of harmony in taste, aroma and style.”

Chef Shan had a few achievement in his culinary journey, he had won the Culinaire Malaysia(Federal of Hotels Association) 2005 for Hot Cooking and also the Culinaire Penang(Asia Region) 1995 for Plated Dishes.

Chef Shan performs his cooking creation at Avanti Italian-American Ristorante and for this month he had created a special and seductive menu, the Gourmania (A Trilogy of Flavours) for Avanti during this Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2008 . . . . . . . . . . . . . got to say I was very lucky enough to fork myself into Chef Shan’s creation which was very well interpretated and a very togetherness of fine techniques, in creating a novel balance of flavour, visual inspiration and a very pleasurable lunch.

Chef Shan believes by working through every steps in culinary is the best way of being a succesful chef and no short cuts will achieve such a rewarding and satisfying career in life.

When asked about the most adored food, in his reply was “Defintely pasta, . . . such a versatile ingredient and creates a lot of delicious meals, something I adore most, simple yet taste awesome.” When comes to kitchen tools, Chef Shan can’t do without his sets of kitchen knives!

I found out a secret of Chef Shan, he is known for his Maltagliati pasta with rabbit ragout in light beer jus. He churned out flat cut fresh pasta and topped it with rabbit mince meat and braised with light Belgium Beer, sounds awesome delicious to me and I defintely drive myself to taste it one day when he is not busy.


Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa celebrates Gourmania, a trilogy of flavours embodied by exquisite cuisine, exceptional beverages and the finest dance music for the 21st century. Taking centre stage from saturday,1 November to Sunday, 30 November 2008, Gourmania sees three distinct establishments at the Hotel – Avanti Italian-Amrican Ristorante, West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant and Ministry of Sound – EUPHORIA at Sunway Lagoon Resort – converging for a truly irresistible and all embracing gastronomical affair.



Avanti Italian-American Ristorante, located on the lobby level of Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, encapsulates a vibrant setting witha welcoming ambience for a pleasuranble, entertaining and homely dining experience.


My journey into Chef Shan’s Gourmania creation:

Fried Soft Shell Crab with Pear, Endive Salad, Aged Balsamic & Chive Emulsion


Maltagliati Pasta with Braised Venison
Espresso Sherbet with Coconut Candy

Main Course

Pan-Fried Veal stuffed with Sun-Dried Tomato, Apple Chips, Baby Vegetables & Black Truffle
Slow- Roasted Fillet of Blue Cod with Caramelised Shallot, Braised Ceps Mushroom, Basil Risotto Cake & Sea Urchin Sauce


Spicy Mango Passion Cheese Mouse with Mango Mint Salsa



Fried Soft Shell Crab with Pear, Endive Salad, Aged Balsamic & Chive Emulsion, the presentation was lovely, finding soft shell crab here sort of interesting as something you usually find in a japanese cooking. It is surprisingly tasty and blended well with the salad but what makes me ticked was the petite bowl of deep orange soup next to it and came with 2 thin slices of crispy bread. It tasted so good and I think it must be a condensed roasted red belly pepper soup. . . I had it cleaned sparkling.


Maltagliati Pasta with Braised Venison, the pasta was soft, tender and very fresh. The taste of the minced rabbit meat blended through the pasta, so refined. The sauce from the braised venison enfused the dish further, a very exciting flavour and taste.


Espresso Sherbet with Coconut Candy this petite espresso sherbet was so amazingly good, you can sure taste the bitterness of the espresso and coconut candy complimented the sherbet, not too sweet at all.


Pan-Fried Veal stuffed with Sun-Dried Tomato, Apple Chips, Baby Vegetables & Black Truffle I just loved my main course, the veal was done to perfection, soft, succulent, juicy and just melted in my mouth, it was so effortless in chewing, awesome. The sun dried stuffing brightened up the veal and enfused a lovely aroma of taste, just perfect.


Slow- Roasted Fillet of Blue Cod with Caramelised Shallot, Braised Ceps Mushroom, Basil Risotto Cake & Sea Urchin Sauce I did not get the chance to taste this blue cod as I had the veal instead, but sure this babe looked awesomely chic and good.


Spicy Mango Passion Cheese Mouse with Mango Mint Salsa, this dessert was so thrilling with excitement due to the tangyness of the mango cheese mousse, the mango mint salsa as just adorable, complimented the dessert perfectly. Raspberries and blueberries, my favourite too. I just love the presentation and wanting to own the serving plate too. Hahahaha I must put in a note to Avanti so that I can served my guests with such a beautiful plate. Well just a wish, my birthdayis just around the corner, lol!

It was an exciting journey of taste created by Chef Shan, delicious lunch created with fresh interesting ingredients, truely Chef Shan . . . . tasted by Sunny Yaw

p/s: I really wish for a new camera on my coming birthday this month as to perfect my photos. hehehhehe …… I hope Nikon or Canon will read this! hope they can sponsor me a good camera
Gourmania at Avanti:
RM88++ per person without wines
RM138++ with wines
For dining reservations and enquiries on the Restaurant’s Gourmania offers, please call (603) 7492 8000 Extn. 3176


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