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Espressamente Illy, Pavalion, Kuala Lumpur

This is de place for a cup of good brew coffee, Espressamente Illy at Pavalion Kuala Lumpur.

Can’t figure out what to have? This is what we had!

Cappuccino Viennese

Cappucino Freddo Greco

I wish I had brought some of Sunny Yaw’s lovely Macaroons with me to enjoy my cup of illy coffee!. . . . . . Sid

Illy’s Espresso Macaroons

I was at the beverage exhibition at KLCC Convention Centre recently and had a chance to taste a variety of illy coffee….. I am really into coffee as I enjoy the aroma and taste but I always feel that a cuppa a coffee must be accompanied with something, if not, it will be very boring and lonely…..lol…I am sure you will agree with me,…. am I right?

A piece of big chewy cookies is something I always dream off to accompany my coffee but not many places will store them except my own cookie jar……lol! I also notice that huge coffee places like starbucks or coffeebean do not provide any cookie when you order an expensive cup of coffee. I guess it is time they should. On the other hand, whenever I have my coffee at the 5* hotel in Kuala Lumpur I get to have a cookie, bravo.

Anyway…. I really adore illy coffee, and I am sure you know why and can be found at some many eateries in Kuala Lumpur. So I decided to use illy espresso coffee and add them into my macaroons. Oh! they are so lovely……as they can divorce their cuppa of coffee……funny? I had them with white chocolate ganache so that the aroma of the espresso will explodes in your mouth when you eat it.

Espresso macaroons are available for sale, please get in touch with us.

Love Sunny Yaw

Les Durian from The King of Fruits

It is the durian season and you can see loads of this king fruit being sold at the supermarket, night market and even along the roadside. Due to such, therefore we decided to venture into this king of fruits and Les Durian was crafted. Les Durian, is a durian moussecake which consists of 2 layers of pure D24 durian mousse with a minimum of whipping cream in order to retain the full texture of the durian and sandwiched with 3 thin layer of sponge cakes.

This moussecake is being decorated with white chocolat and lovely almond macaroons, finished of with a dash oranged snow sugar and a few drops of fresh canberries. Below is a kg durian moussecake ordered through a foodblogger last week for her friend’s dad birthday. Thank you foodblogger.

Below is another 1.5kg durian moussecake ordered last week through a Singapore blogger for her aunt’s birthday.

This is a great lovely moussecake that goes well with a warm cup of illy coffee.

Love Sunny Yaw

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