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The Eating Group Meet at ENJU


It was Wednesday that I decided to take an evening rest from my studio and rounded up some foodie friends and headed to ENJU for a Japanese dining experience at Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I got to say having a meal with a group of foodies can be a lot of fun . . . . we sure did have fun!


The traffic from Petaling Jaya to Kuala Lumpur was smooth but as we reach the city centre especially bukit bintang area, the traffic was horrible and unimaginable. It took us about 30minutes to get us from Pavilion to the Prince Hotel which is about less than one kilometer. Anyway . . . . . ENJU here we come!!!


As I arrived I meet the Japanese Master Chef Thomas Lim who is incharged of ENJU. Chef Thomas Lim is a well travel chef who had been to so many places and had many years of stay in Japan as a chef where he learned all his fabulous dishes. I am honored to have meet him and he had already line up a lot of delicious dishes for us to indulge into!

This time the eating group consist of the Kayel welll-known foodie KY, the beautiful and gorgeous Teckiee, the most informed of Kayel events, blogger Joshua Ong, the handsome blogger Kelvin Wet Water, Sid and myself . . . . cool and the true foodies get together!


I love ENJU, the deco was simple and bright . . . a total modern Japanese deco just like dining in a Japanese home. The place was furnished with lots of japanese influence such as the tatami room, bottles of sake and things that can’t get away were the japanese dining wares . . . . just lovely to desire for, may one day I may have a similar setting at home.


I could not sit down as I was like a magnet, getting attracted to every corner of Enju . . . was at the sushi bar but in a split second I was already behind the sushi bar counter. My eyes already drooling at the tuna and salmon nori roll . . . so heavenly beautiful with deep striking colours and how can anyone resist of not having them, such a killer, yet a charmer . . . look, look, ain’t that a batch of amazing gorgeous sushi rolls and I was already singing to heaven at that moment . . . I truely needed some warm sake!


We were sitted, behaving good and getting ourself ready by pulling out all our camera waiting hungrily to capture the awesome food . . . don’t we sound like wolves . . . . lol . . . . here come our first appetizer, very attractive Gindara Tamagoyaki (RM52). I was jumping up and down just like an innocent kid when I saw the Alaskan Black Cod. This was a delicious dish whereby the cod fish was grilled done with egg yolk and cream cheese and served with a fresh vegetables and shoyu . . . . lovely, fragrant and tasted so refreshing.


Oh this bowl looked so pretty and so the food in it. It was Shirako Dofu (RM28). . . . lovely and what attracted me to this dish was those petite mushroom heads soaked in the shoyu . . . . . looks so beautiful and rustic and the bonito flakes added the colour, making the dish so attractive and wanting. The tofu was slightly deep fried to give the crusty texture and topped with nori, bonito flakes, wasabi and light shoyu. The verdict of this dish was unspeakable delicious . . . . . I just fall for it no matter what, just like my babe!


Makimono or Shushi Rolls had been a very exciting dish, so full of treasure, so full of texture, awesomely delicious and so fulfilling. The night we had a plate of crispy tempura salmon, mountain yam and nori roll with wasabi shoyu (RM24) which was so inspiring delicious especially when the texture of the mountain yam (crunchy, juicy and refreching) balanced up with the salmon and served in tempura complimented the whole dish, . . . . what a brilliant ideal . . . I just raved about this dish the whole night.


Have you ever had a papaya dish in a japanese restaurant? I had and I had it at ENJU and it is called Papaya Bakingyaki (RM34) a truely dish that tested my taste bud. Sid said it was something strange but I think it was a fabulous invention . . . . . a truely unique taste of cream cheese in a savoury dish. This is dish consist of seafood , cream cheese and mushroom baked on a hawaiian papaya.


Is this fugu? Hmmm . . . . . . looks like a pieces of meat jerky to me. Let me check the menu first, it was Fugu Mirin Boshi (RM28) Wow it is fugu . . . . puffer fish . . .. something really exotic to me, never ever try them before and this was my first time tasting it. The puffer fish was grilled with sweet vinegar and with an interesting taste and texture. Truely Joshua said it tasted like meat jerky but I agreed with Teckiee that it had a softer texture and a much superior smoother taste than meat jerky. My verdict, interesting and yummy.


We were served with a various different of California Handrolls which ENJU is best known for and I do agree. . . . . something simple and yet can taste so amazingly good. The real unique about this handrolls were the various fillings that you can have in them, salmon, tuna, white tuna, avocado, prawn, crab meat stick, cream cheese, tempura soft shell crab, fish roe and many many more . . . all depends on your creativity and desire. (starts from RM25)


I managed to nibble into the next dish, Tempura Moriawase (RM32), an assorted fried seafood and vegetables which looked so appealing beautiful, deep fried perfetly till golden brown. I managed to chopstick the prawn tempura which was absolutely delicious and wanting more was absolutely impossible as all of it had dissappeared some how . . . must be the WetWetWater and Sid! (hahahaha . . . . I was just kidding)


We had shshi and sashimi too which I think something that you can’t leave with when you dine in a Japanese restaurant. So came the combination of Shasimi Kirei (assorted sahshimi, 10 pieces) RM95 and Sushi Moriawase Take (8 pieces of handmade sushi and 4 pieces of sushi rolls) RM125. Awesome, awesome I think! Just amazing diving into a platter of real charmer. My verdict, amazing delicious, tested so fresh . . . . fresh scallops over a whole of appealing fish roe were such a class of itself, something I would order and order again . . . Unagi sushi was unspeakable delicious too, just amazing.


I was so fixed onto the unagi sushi then came a plate of Unagi by itself, wow it was explosive for me, having to eat a whole piece of pure unagi, it was amazing, warm, soft and pure delicious. You should try it too.


Hahahaha look at me, so tentively listening to what KY was saying about the food . . . . . . . .


Here came three different type of Sukiyaki, Australian beef, chicken and vegetable. The Sukiyaki was lovely, delicious but the taste was a bit sweet due to the bonito flakes. Overall it was very inviting.


Teckiee kept raving about this dessert, Goma Ice Cream, a rich black sesame ice cream (RM20). Yes I truely agree, it was awesomely delicious . . . . coming from myself a dessert maker, believe me it was truely awesome. It did give me a lot of inspiration to design some of my up and coming dessert using Goma.


Look, look a group photo of the eating group at ENJU, Teckiee, KY, Sid, Kelvin, Joshua and myself.

KY was having fun with this food, just pure indulging . . . . . foodies on a serious mission . . . . . . “Kelvin, who said food blogging is an easy mission!” . . . . . . . . . . It was a great nite out on food eating, the food was amazing and we like to thank the management of Prince Hotel for having us that night.
Just had my wedding cake done today and will be sending it to the wedding reception this evening, will capture the event and post it up soon, just your eyes only . . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Terence & Pei Ming’s Wedding Cupcakes . . .


We meet Terence, Pei Ming and Amanda at our place few months back to discuss their wedding cupcakes and last month Terence & Pei Ming had their wedding dinner at Imperial Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 400cupcakes were ordered for their wedding day while 30cupcakes were placed on the tiers at the stage and the rest was packed nicely in a cupcake box for the guests to take home after the wedding dinner.


As Terence and Pei Ming wanted a simple pink cupcakes and I baked them chocolat, vanilla and greentea cupcakes and swirled with pink butter cream. The cupcake tiers were beautifully arranged with champange glasses, beautiful maroon coloured ribbons and scattered with rose petals.


It was a well done job and it was amazingly beautiful . . . Love Sunny Yaw


Sugar Art Works With Chef Patrick Siau . . .


Recently I was invited to a dinner and demostration of sugar art works by Chef Patrick Siau. This event was held at Swiss-Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with Taylor’s College. The method of sugar art works inclusive of melting sugar to the right temperature and proceed to the hardening hardening at the right temperature where the sugar can be molded by hand. Got to warn as this processes are done at a high temperature which can burn your hands, therefore woollen glooves are needed. Every piece of the sugar art is make individually and then assemble.



Chef Patrick Siau is also the recipient of numerous prestigious culinary awards, the most recent being Food Hotel Asia(Silver). Among the other awards that he has won include the Overall Champion in the La Classic Grand Prix 2004, Silver Medal in the Malaysia National Team Food & Hotel Asia 2006 Culinary Challenge, Malaysia International Bakery and Confectionary Challenge 2006 for Pastry Showpieces (Sugar Art), Overall Champion at the 2nd La Classic Culinary Grand Prix 2006 and Culinare Malaysia FOod Hotel Malaysia 2007 (Bronze)


A pieces of hardened sugar at high temperature.


Molding the harden sugar.


The parts for assembling the dragon stand.




Purple flower being assembled onto the stand.


The Orange Dragon created by Chef Patrick Siau with sugar art.


The creation of Chef Patrick Siau is awesome, getting to watch him making and assembling the dragon composition was a sure awesome experience. Can’t wait to attend his class one day . . . SidneyK

A New Menu . . . A New Beginnng

I had been very tired lately and have to take a short rest under the advice of my medical practitioner. I was also advice not to travel too, therefore I have to reschedule my baking class trip to Penang to mid October and miss a wedding too.(By the way,I would like to apologizes to my students who had been patiently waited for this classes. I promise I will defintely be there this mid October) Since I got time, I will be planning new things for my classes.

Right, what am I going to post today? Yes I am going to post about the dinner I had recently at Tai Zi Heen. I got an invitation by Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur to try out their new chinese menu created by Master Chef Ricky Thein and was requested to bring some friends along too. Without thinking, I sms-ed a few makan kaki (eaters) and this was one of the sms-es I send out!

me: are you free for makan(eat)?
xxx: where & when?
me: tai zi heen lar n this wednesday, can?
xxx: why?
me: eee . . . I am getting engaged.
xxx: wah liao to who?
me: come lar then you know.
xxx: cannot lar, next time….

I make a white lie during my sms-es, I told my makan kaki’s that I will be getting engaged on that day but in fact it was a farewell gathering dinner for two food bloggers Hwei Ming and Chris. I am sure by now both of them should be busy packing and so happen both of them will be heading to UK, Hwei Ming will be continuing his study in Manchester and Chris will be getting a new job in Glasgow. So that night we had Jennifer, Simon Seow, Hwei Ming, Chris, Shirley, Sharon, Sidney and myself. It was a incredible night as the food was awesome, creative, well presented and what’s more Delicious!


The night we started off with a light fried fluffy bun (Man Tau) topped over with sweet and sour sauce and crab meat which was so seductive, totally felt like being seduced into a lovely dinner.


Then came these lovely and beautiful covered soup bowls and each of us was served with this bowl. When we opened it’s cover, it was this lovely and tasty Double-Boiled Dried Fish Stomach Herbal Soup (Lai Tong) which was absolutely delicious and so indulging.


The next dish was the appetiser, it was Siew Mai dumplings but not an ordinary Siew Mai dumplings. We had the Tai Zi Heen’s “Siew Mai” from The Four Corners of The World (Tong Lam Sai Pak Siew Mai Wong).

Abalone “Siew Mai” (Tong Fong Chu Sar Pau Yee Mai)
Redang Crab Meat “Siew Mai” (Lam Yeong Rendang Hai Yok Mai)
Tuna “Siew Mai” (Sai Sek Tuna Yu Mai)
Scallop “Siew Mai” ( Pak Hoi Tai Jee Mai)


Next yet another appetisier was served andthis round was Tai Zi Heen’s Four Seasonal Crystal Shrimp Dumplings (Tai Zi Heen Sei Kwai Teen Har Kao) Gosh It was amazing when I saw the colors of these crystal dumplings . . . orange, green, crystal white and black. Just by looking at them, it had already captured my heart. Every single of this crystal dumplings represented a season, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Black(ink squid)-Summer


The first main dish we had was this Crispy Roasted Chicken Topped with Szechuan Sesame Sauce. This roasted chicken looked so petite gorgeous as the chicken had been deboned after roasting. The roasted chicken was placed at the centre of the dish perfectly and topped with crisp fried onions, white sesame seed, chopped scallion and a sprinkle of light hot sweet szechuan sauce, lovely and so adorable. I truely enjoyed this dish. It is a must order if you dine at this restaurant.


This dish was the Chef’s Signature Dish, truely a fusion dish that I would love having everyday. It was Oven-Baked Black Cod Fillet with a Butter and Parmesan Cheese Crust . . . truely heaven. I had never ever enjoyed such thick slices of cod fillet since I came back from Scotland seven years ago. The cod was well pan fried and baked in the oven to create the buttery parmesan cheese crust. The saltiness of the parmesan blended so well with the cod fillet and the presentation was fantastic. How can we not notice the word “Fish” well written in chinese on the huge serving plate. Kudos to the Chef!


Next was yet another Chef’s Signature Dish, the Ying-Yang Prawns – Crispy Prawns Tossed wth Asian Dressing and Garlic Pepper Sauce. I got to say I enjoyed this very much as the prawns were very fresh, meaty and crunchy. It was done to my liking, just cant let my eyes of them. The decoration was absolutely marvellously done, very well presented. Do you notice that this dish was decorate according to BigBoysOven . . . . . Sunny & Sidney! (muahahahahhahaha)


I alway find it difficult to handle beef whenever I dish up a recipe in my kitchen. Why? You may ask. Well, I always having tough cooked beef, hard and difficult to eat. But the beef dish that we had that night was absolutely difficult to describe as I was lost with words on how delicious it was, it just melted in my mouth and the biting was effortless. I would defintely recommend this dish, Wok-Fried Diced Beef Tenderlion with Black Papper and Crispy Garlic.


Then came the Stir-Fried Honey Peas with Wood Fungi, Pine Nuts and Lotus Root served on a crown basket. The vegetables were vey fresh, tasty, crunchy and was done prefectly, not over cooked at all.



When the main courses already done, came a huge selection and variety of moon cakes. They were delicious and I had wrote about them at Big Boys Kitchen.


Look, look at everyone especially Simon, Hwei Ming, Chris, Jennifer and myself just busy playing with our camera during those lovely and delicious food served that nite.


Tai Zi Heen is a must place to be as it has a few winning award for dining! A place I would recommend.

If you go there now for dinner from 1st August till the 30 September 2008, you can enjoy 50% off Dinner Nightly from 6.20pm-10.30pm from the a la carte menu excluding premium food items.

For Booking, call Tai Zi Heen at 03-2170 8888 extension 8200 or email to restaurant@princehotelkl.com.my

And, as always, terms and conditions apply.


This is me with the incredible Chef Ricky Thein.

I hope for a speed recovery and be back real soon . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Catch Of The Day With A Local Twist by Chef Zulkifly Mohammad Fairuz


Chef Zulkifly’s Neptune’s Catch

The signature dish, Neptune’s Catch was created by Chef De Partie, Chef Zulkifly or better known as Chef Zul, from the culinary team of Swiss-Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Chef Zul has 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has held various key positions in 5 star hotels and restaurants in his early years in the kitchen.

He has garnered vast skills and exposure from his previous stint and training in Ireland in the Great Southern Hotel in Killerney for 2 and half years, where he specialized in the infusion of various ingredients to create sauces. The expertise which Chef Zul has acquired from attending the training in Ireland enables him to impart his expertise and skills to the rest of his culinary team in Swiss- Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur.


Neptune’s Catch


80gm each Red snapper (2 portion fillet)
20gm Acar rampai
30gm Potato wedges
20ml Perchik sauce
20ml Tomato salsa


Marinate the fillet. One with tom yam paste and one with basil and mixed herbs
Panfry fillets on both sides

Tomato salsa
Chop tomato, parsley and onions, add few drops of olive oil and combine. Set aside to rest before serving

Place fried potato wedges onto the plate. Stack the pan fried fillets onto the potato wedges and lace the fillets with tomato salsa and acar rampai. Lastly, drizzle the perchik sauce onto the fillets.

Master Chef Wong Yean Loong – Flavors, Swiss Garden Int, KL


Chef Wong began his career in 1995 gaining valuable experience working for various restaurants and 5 star hotels and resorts in Australia, Macau and Malaysia. Chef Wong specializes in oriental and Asian cuisine with particular emphasis on the best quality produce. Amongst his many stints, Chef Wong has gained exposure in the prestigious Swiss-Grand Resort & Spa Bondi Beach, Australia where he created a series of wine dinners featuring oriental and Asian creations. The chef joined the Swiss-Garden Group in 1998 as Chef de Partie at Swiss-Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur and now his responsibilities include overseeing various operational aspects which includes kitchen management, menu planning and cost management

Caesar Salad

Swiss-Garden’s Caesar Salad

100gm Romaine lettuce
50gm Parmesan Cheese basket
10gm Chopped beef bacon
50gm Crouton
10gm Caesar dressing

50gm White bread (cubes)
2gm Chopped parsley and basil
30gm Olive oil
1gm Salt

Lightly fry the cubes of white bread with chopped parsley and basil until golden brown

Caesar dressing
1 Egg yolk
4gm Chopped garlic
5gm Chopped anchovies
10gm Dijon mustard
5gm White vinegar
10gm Olive oil
5gm Lemon juice
5gmParmesan cheese powder

Simply mix all ingredients together to form an emulsion and assemble the romaine lettuce onto the parmesan cheese basket. Drizzle the emulsion onto the lettuce and sprinkle the bacon and croutons.

Kuala Lumpur’s Molecular Tapas Bar


Having A Very Technical Dinner Makes A Full of Wonders

Meeting the chef was one thing, having the chef to cook in front of us wass superb! That was what I had experience last night’s dinner held at The Pacifica, Grill & Bar of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Well, Chef Jeff Ramsey, the expert of molecular madness and was flown in from 38th floor, the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo located at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower. So here is my most enjoyable and an eye opening dinner.


Opening Aperitif, Pecorino Puff, Olive Cloud
A lovely shot of beer with yakult foam, sweet on top, smooth at the end. I like the puff which make from rice flour and cheese cooked in a microwave, crunchy and very flavoured. The olive foam was very light and interesting, just had that feeling of being in a light diet meal.


Scallop with Pumpkin Sorbet, Red and Tommy Thai
The scallops were so well seasoned and cooked with herbs and spices and having together with a cold pumpkin was delicious and unimagineable. In Red, we had lobster meat and peppers, nice and unique!Tommy Thai yet another example of high tech fine dining, prawn meat wrapper in tom yam gelatine, topped with deep fired prawnhead and garnished with peanut and coconut powder. A real signature dish by itself.


Strawberry and Pesto Spaghetti, Lobster Potato Vanilla and Cucumber Salad
This shaghetti dish was unique, replacing tomato with strawberry looks scary and unthinkable but it was unbelieveable delicious when they were mixed together. Tasted gorgeous. The potato vanilla looked like baby food but oh boy! you can send all to my kitchen. I was so lovely, soft and creamy. The lobster meat was done beautifully. This time we were served with cucumber caviar instead of carrot caviar, it was lovely as the texture taste similar to the real caviar.


Chef Ramsey in action!


Juicy Lamb, Gazpacho, Unagi Pineapple Miso
I had eaten “Xiu Long Bao” where juicy burst out from the “bao” when you bite into it but never ever ate a piece lamb with bursting juice similar to “Xiu Long Bao”. Chef Jeff Ramsey told me that the preparing concept is similar to “Xiu Long Bao” where the juice is concealed inside the meat and sealed with meat glue, wow! The cold Gazpacho soup was really delicious using dripping white tomato juicy,a piece of watermelon top over with frozen olive was really spectacular. Well arranged sliced of unagi and pineapple with miso and avacado were deliciously prepared.


Charcoal and Truffle Beef, Miso Soup, Seabass and Soyamilk
This charcoal beef was so delicious, charcoal infused oil was used! Believe it or not, Miso soup incapsuled in a miso jelly, incredible . . . makes me wonder how they do it! Seabass and asparagus cooked in soyamilk came in smoke was an impressive dish!


Caramelized Quail, Blueberries and Laudrel, Saffron Cocoa Capsule, Rasberry and Black Pepper, NY Cheesecake, Areo Choco, Rosemary Gummy
Caramelized quail came with a bed of couliflower cous-cous over green pea broth was so well executed, very well favoured dish. Blueberries jelly like was so rich and juicy. The capsule sweetness gave a kicked taste of saffron . Aero was so light and delicious. Rosemary gummy was really gummy with full of taste. The cheesecake was light too.


Miracle Fruit & Fruit Course
We finished out dinner with a plate of citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, passionfruit, kiwi, grapefruit and plum. What do they have in common? They were real sour citrus fruits. In this last dessert Chef Jeff Ramsey had introduced us to miracle fruit. We ate this miracle fruit first before we continued with the citrus. Wow! those citrus fruits were so delicious sweet! Incredible!

This was what I found out about this miracle fruit. The berry is sweet, and contains an active glycoprotein molecule, with some trailing carbohydrate chains, called miraculin. When the fleshy part of the fruit is eaten, this molecule binds to the tongue’s taste buds, causing bitter and sour foods (such as lemons and limes) consumed later to taste sweet. This effect lasts between thirty minutes and two hours. It is not a sweetener, as its effects depend on what is eaten afterwards, but has been used to cause bitter medicine to taste sweet.

I do admit that this is a real delicous dinner and am so impressed. I will defintely go for another molecular food! . . . . Sidney

Pure, Simple and Authentic Teochew


We were glad to have attended a weekend lunch invited by FoodStreet at Lai Po Heen Restaurant, located at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Lai Po Heen is famous for their classic Cantonese cuisine with seafood and dim sum. The entrance to the restaurant was simple but the inside, the interior decor was beautiful and elegant. We were told that the décor is based on the grand ancestral homes of Chinese-Malaysian tycoons from the turn of the century and there are Asian artifacts and ornate chandeliers.


This restaurant had an open concept kitchen where diners can to enjoy watching the culinary skills of the master chefs over the flaming woks. The setting of the dining tables was very noticeable due to the beautiful, elegant and slick black and white tablewares, a classic way to dine.



We were ushered to one of the exquisite private rooms where the lunch was served


The lunch served was a Teochew cuisine, as it was part of the Teochew cooking class package that we had attended the same day. Firstly we were served with Teochew appetizer which consist of a variety of combination such as diced braised beef with five spices which was tasty and fragrant, lovely sweetened lotus seeds with red dates, crunchy sweet marinated cucumbers with carrots and diced galangga Teochew salted vegetable.


‘A simple thick soup yet so deliciously done’ was how the Tai Chi Soup was done. The soup consisted of two different broths, the spinach leaves and chicken to form the Tai Chi design. The soup was beautifully done, tasty and I would definitely recommend.

Seafish Teochew

Seafish Teochew1

Having cold cut meat was something very common but having cold cut seasonal sea fish Teochew style was something new to me. We were served a whole garupa fish and the fish was beautifully deboned by the well trained waitress. The fish was served with marinated the Teochew beans which were full of flavoring and absolutely beautiful to indulge with.


Next came the sautéed beef with kalian and BBQ sauce, the kalian was cooked in such a perfection that it tasted sweet and crunchy and what more to ask when it was topped with beautiful sautéed sliced beef.


The sautéed chicken fillet with herbs and pearl vegetable leaf was done very tasty to my liking. The sauce used synchronizes so well with the fillet and tasted so fragrant, must be herbs used.


Next we had three different steamed types of steamed dim sum, green chives dumplings which were tasty, sweet green pea dumplings and rat shaped dumplings.


Oh boy! Oh boy. Ain’t there a story to tell, falling in love with Teochew porridge always tickled me and so does this braised fragrant rice with cod fish and preserved vegetables in broth. The Teochew always prepared porridge with whole grain rice and this dish was done that way. It was absolutely good as the broth was tasty and topped with cod fish and well balance preserved vegetables plus little “bak choy”.


The Teochew fried oyster was good, it was beautifully done and was very freshness, some how the Teochew does it better.


Chinese desserts had never fail to tempt me so was the warm yam pudding with gingko nuts and red dates. The yam pudding was creamy and was at the right sweetness that I preferred.


Lastly we were tempted to have this durian cream wrapped in pancake. This type of pancake is highly sorted for in Kuala Lumpur because of it’s taste and texture. Lai Po Heen’s durian pancakes were so delicious, the pancake skin was light and thin and the durian cream was creamy and filled with real durian, it is awesome as I had more than two yet not enough, a pure luxury!

It was a great Teochew experience that we had on that day, something to remember and a place to be back for more pure pampering and delicious cuisine.

Yours Sidney

Teochew Cooking with Master Chef Tony Gao, Guangzhou – Series 3


Master Chef Tony Gao from Guangzhou, China is an authentic Teochew cuisine chef with more than 20years of experience and started cooking at the age of 17years old. His appreciation for pure, simple and fresh ingredients is translated into delectable signature dishes that he carefully prepares. Currently he is a visiting master chef at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 1st till 10th May, 2008.




700gm Sweet potato leaves or spincah leaves
2kg Superior chicken stock
200gm Minced chicken
50gm Chicken Ham
100gm Superior potatoes starch


1. Blanch the spinach leaves for few seconds then chill in ice water.
2. Heat up some chicken oil and wok-fry the vegetables until fragrant. Set a side.
3. Blanch the minced chicken. Set a side.
4. Seasonthe superior chicken stock with remaining ingredients under medium heat. Add the vegetables. Gradually add the superior starch that has been mixed with water, slowly untilthe broth thickens.
5. Lastly add shredded chicken and ham, simmer for a while and serve in individual bowls.

Teochew Cooking with Master Chef Tony Gao, Guangzhou – Series 2


Master Chef Tony Gao from Guangzhou, China is an authentic Teochew cuisine chef with more than 20years of experience and started cooking at the age of 17years old. His appreciation for pure, simple and fresh ingredients is translated into delectable signature dishes that he carefully prepares. Currently he is a visiting master chef at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 1st till 10th May, 2008.




200gm Fresh baby oysters
15gm Spring onions
3nos Chicken egg
150gm Local potato starch
2tbsp Fish sauce
1tbsp Chilli sauce



1. Clean the shelless fresh oysters and drain off excess water. Set a side.
2. Marinade with spring onions, egg and starch.
3. Heat some oil in the wok, wok-fry all ingredients in an oval shape.
4. Beat egg and pour on the side of the oysters. Pan-fry it until cooked.
5. Serve with fish sauce and chilli sauce as condiment.

Teochew Cooking with Master Chef Tony Gao, Guangzhou – Series 1


Master Chef Tony Gao from Guangzhou, China is an authentic Teochew cuisine chef with more than 20years of experience and started cooking at the age of 17years old. His appreciation for pure, simple and fresh ingredients is translated into delectable signature dishes that he carefully prepares. Currently he is a visiting master chef at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 1st till 10th May, 2008.



150gm Sweet potatoes
150gm Yam
250gm Sugar
10gm Fragrant shallot oil
5gm White sesame


1. Thicken the sugar with little water. Then add fragrant shallot oil. Add sweet potatoes and yam. Pour on the plate when done.
2. Drizzle some onion oil and wok-fry white sesame until fragrant. Add little sugar and sesame oil. Serve as dressing.

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