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Honey Fuji Apple and Black Sesame Mousse Cake

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Well I am gearing into a great mood yet busy as I am preparing for a media interview for this weekend and I need to show them what I am goonna bake this weekend. I may sound cocky but I am excited on what I should be baking. Well definitely going to be exciting.

I stumbled upon this Fuji apple recipe and I find it pretty handy indeed as most of the ingredients can be easily found and even you can buy Fuji apples from the night market. At most it is not expensive and you can bake this cake all year round. I find it rather light and not too sweet yet simple which I like most. Simplicity is the best!

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Mango Cloud Chocolat Honey Cake | Big Boys Oven Sweet Dessert

I stumbled onto this recipe last weekend and found it to be really interesting and truely amazing. This recipe’s mango cloud is truely amazingly delicious. I know I did come across of this simlar mango cloud texture before . . . yes I had it at Dragon-i, this cloud texture is light and fluffy, just amazing to leave it in our mouth as it melts it’s way through into your system . . . just pure lovely. At Dragon-i, they have it in a size of a cloud bun, no flavouring added and filled with red bean fillings.
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Yet it had been another busy and luvly weekend, as always. Weekend is the time when I put on my thinking cap and start designing the next coming cakes or client’s cakes. I love flowers in a big way and my favourite flower will always be the roses. They come in many shapes, sizes and colours such as, white, champange, deep red, orange and a few more yet to mention.

Cakes and flowers had been alway being paired together in many ways. One day, I really got so excited when I read about Keiko’s work where she paired her cake with fresh flowers, such as roses. It was gorgeous and so lovely, yet touching, even with readers like myself and I just can’t imagine the one who is on the receiving end.

So last saturday night, I got to deliver a special ordered cake to M.E. & R.T., as they were having their family wedding dinner at one of the restaraunt in KLCC. Well, I guessed it will be a great chance to come up with something special and unique to make the bride and bridgroom happy before they go for their 2 months honeymoon in France.

I decided to do a Bed of Roses Cake for them. This cake consist of nearly 40 buds of imported champange coloured roses, a doubled layer marble honey cake with buttercream and lots of white chocolate squares. It was a great fun when it comes to the arrangment of the roses as it was rather challenging but we did it.

This time I would not say it is easy or even simple to make but I would put it as “It was a great fun and worth the time”.

Love Sunny Yaw
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