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Macaron Sonia Barbie


I never thought of sculpturing a barbie princess until Balqesh requested one for her little five years old Sonia’s birthday party. Balqesh requested it must be a macaron Barbie, yes filled it up with macarons please.

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A PSP Birthday Cake

PSP Biirthday cake2

I had an awesome time well spend with my students at my macaron baking class. The studio was packed with laughter and joy. My morning group was a wild bunch, I just could not stop laughing! It was fun baking macarons. My buddy Zarina too came over to pick up her cake.

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Everyone Connects Turn One

the boys of Bunkface
The Boys from Bunkface

Last Sunday, TM Everyone Connects celebrated turning one at the Curve Centre Court and it was an awesome afternoon with music and whole lots of fun activities. A year ago they celebrated with the largest mass sing along karaoke for Everyone Connects but this year they had the boys from Bunkface to grace the centre stage. It was fantastic! :)

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Great to have come across your path and having you around is so awesome. You are such a joy with your presents at our gathering. I was truly shocked when Sunny said, “She is very nice, surprisingly she is a very good girl, gorgoues too, definitely can her my little kid sister, mei mei”. I was laughing at him. Sunny truly admire you for being a great friend! For me, lol! I truly enjoy having you around too, a cool gal!

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Jeffrey Cheng Birthday Cupcakes from Big Boys Oven

Jeffrey Cheng

I just recieved some photos from our client Shirley who ordered a dozen of our birthday cupcakes and to my surprise, it was a birthday gift for one of our famous local actor and model Jeffrey Cheng.

Shirley, Jeffrey Cheeng & Ken Chin
Shirley, Jeffrey Cheng & Ken Chin

I was told that Jeffrey Cheng was a close friend of Shirkey who was in town that day to do a performance. I like watching one of the chinese drama series that he acted and currently rerunning on 8TV.

Shirley & Jeffrey Cheng
Shirley & Jeffrey Cheng

Happy Belated Birthday to you, Jeffery Cheng, from us Big Boys Oven . . . . . . . this is really awesome, me signing off Sunny Yaw.

Happy Birthday Zi Er !

Zi Er Birthday 5A

Mummy Syeba requested a birthday cake as she was planning a birthday surprise for her daughter little Zi Er as she will be celebrating her 4 years old. The cake design was channel through and this was Zi Er’s birthday cake that I sculptured, a 3tier birthday cake! Happy Birthday Zi Er ! . . . . . from Uncle Sunny! 😉

Zi Er Birthday 2A
Zi Er celebrated her birthday with her classmates at school together with daddy, mummy and little kid brother.

Happy Birthday Auntie Lai Ming

Auntie Lai Meng & Norvana Signing

Auntie Lai Ming who was famous and known for her acting in “Empat Sekawan” (Four Great Friends) even when I was very young. Over her 50 years of dedication in acting, Auntie Lai Ming recently this year was nominated for the best Supporting Actress in the prestigious Golden Horse Awards 2008 for her excellent protrayal of a dedicated mother who gives a lot of love to her children in the movie “Money No Enough 2″. This movie is one of my favourite and also a must watch movie if you have not do so. :)

So recently NV Multi Coperation Berhad’s Nirvana had appointed Auntie Lai Ming to become the ambassador to promote good virtues to cultivate a loving and caring society. As the ambassador, Auntie Lai Ming had recently completed one three-minute-long television commercial and five short radio commercial that reflect Nirvana’s core values and promote filial piety. The commercials have already started airing on 988 radio station and Astro’s Wah Lai Toi’s channel.

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A Year Older Birthday Celebration at Pasta Zanmai

Pasta Zanmai

Today we had a small get together to celebrate Sunny Yaw’s birthday at Pasta Zanmai.……….


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Thank you for introducing us to PUCCA, we love her so much

. . . from Big Boys Oven


“Happy Birthday” Chef Steven Cheng

We only meet Chef Steven Cheng and Mrs Cheng not long but it seems like we had known each other for ages. It had been a great journey of friendship and work relationship and hope we will get there and be successful chefs ….lol! We hereby wishes Chef Steven a prosperous Happy Birthday!!!

From Sunny, Sid and your fans!….hehehehe

Doraemon Landed on O’Chocolate

Doraemon had landed on O’Chocolate……….? In fact this is the cake that requested by Zsarina for Fawwaz’s Birthday and he is 10 years old this year…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAWWAZ!!!

Well, this is the bigger version of O’Chocolate and it weights about 2kg and had it decorated with chocolate macaroons with dark chocolat ganache, espresso macaroons with white chocolat ganache and also chocolat ribbons with gold patterns.

Zsarina loves the cake and the remark from her over the phone was, “lovely cake, very rich and delicious!”. I was so….so blushed yet happy, another satisfied customer.

Love Sunny Yaw

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