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Honey Mousse with Apricot Jelly and Pistachio Joconde

Honey Mousse with Apricot jelly

I have been work long shift almost everyday to get all the dessert orders ready for weddings, birthdays, father’s day and also had 5-days private baking classes while also conducting my macaron classes over the weekend. It was rather tiring and stressful, I was over worked and we had a mix up with one of our order too, it was Sid’s mistake :(

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I will be having a few days free before the classes start and I decided to visit some of  the Singapore greatest patisserie and the first one I visited was the Canele at Robertson Walk which was located  just nearby the place I am staying at the moment. Janice informed that this shop is the first Canele outlet and also the central kitchen. It was an awesome place to be, full with lovely petite gateux and plenty to choose from. Just a heaven for me! :) The work of Chef Phang just amazed me and so well justified. As we had to meet up with Jak, we decided to do our dessert forking at Canele, Shaw Centre instead, another outlet that I would call a beautiful cake boutique.


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Godiva Chocolatier Pavilion | Superb Gateux Kuala Lumpur !

I came to know about Godiva is through reading a post by a well known foodie named Jason. After reading his latest post on “” Chef At Home @ Tamarind, Sentul East” it makes me more wanting to visit Godiva as soon as possible. Chef At Home is a very young (21yo) and talented Chef as he had cooked a very simple and interesting 3-course meal for his guests on his birthday, as I was told by Jason on his blog. On knowning of his talent, my desire of wanting to see and taste his dessert creations had intensifiedly increased each day. Oh! by the way his named according to Jason’s post was Chef Jared.

Godiva Chocolatier, Pavilion

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