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Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip to Johor Bahru

3 days 2 nights with Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 1 CR-Z Manual
Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip with Honda Hybrid CR-Z Manual

Last weekend I was driving the Crystal Black Pearl Honda Civic Hybrid from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru which is the latest addition of the Honda Family. The other 3 Hybrid siblings were the Jazz, Insight, and CR-Z. For upcoming weeks, the team from Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013 will be travelling around Malaysia.

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Tarte Fromage

cheese cake

I had been having a great time over the weekend although I have been struggling for time. I have been baking macarons with a great group of students of mine, some budding up coming young chefs from UITM, some were excited baby bakers and some got too interested yet excited with macarons. All of them did very well and all the macarons baked was a success, non cracks, all just perfect! You gals were awesome, now I am waiting with less stress for their home results, gosh! I am already excited, definitely my mobile and email will be flooded this coming weeks, and I hope not! :)

I was also had been busy sculpturing a two tier 50th birthday cake which came out to be gorgeous it was finished with black and red in colour. The feedback was truly positive, they like it! Then I had an australian cafe food excursion near my place and it was awesomely gorgeous. I truly love the burgers and salad yet it was so affordable. I can’t give you much details of it as Sidny will be reviewing it on his food blog soon.

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