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The Perfect Peking Duck at TAO Chinese Cuisine The InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Peking Duck Chef Craving
Carving the Peking Duck with Chef Wong Lian You

I was truly excited with the Tao, one of the latest opening Chinese restaurant in town. Tao found it’s way at The InterContinental Hotel right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur along Jalan Ampang. The interior was filled with black shaded cabinets that filled with a variety of Chinese teapots while one corner of the bright glass wall was filled the painted sakura flowers. I got to compliment Tao for having such a beautiful showcase ceiling lightings as the main centre piece.

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Senja MIGF 2012 Saujana Kuala Lumpur

Senja MIGF bread

Everytime I step into this beautiful place, I know I am going to be well pampered . . . . . . . . Opsss did I say that ? . . . . . Even my expectation kept increasing each time and it never fails not to impress me. Take a moment, take big breath and look what seats infront of you ( besides their beautiful cutlleries) definitely a dashing well make variety of breads. I truly find them sophisticated. it can be infused with sun-dried tomatoes, raisins and even chips of black olives. At that moment I was brought to my knees when I saw those dippings/spreads waiting for me. Defintely a pure luxurious treats.

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Yee Sang at West Lake Garden Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

Hokkaido Scallop
Hokkaido Scallop

Now . . . . I think I am having pretty great fun with Yee Sang. Almost everyday I am making a date with it and everytime its different. This time I had a Yee Sang with Hokkaido Scallops topped with a touch of edible gold paper. The huge dining hall with tall ceiling was decorated with beautiful coloured paper lanterns.

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Nurfarissa & Rushdan A Fairy Tale Story


He flew in from Paris, she was in Kuala Lumpur waiting. Both meet up and celebrated a fairy tale wedding. Nurfarissa a doctor by profession and Rushdan an engineer based in Paris. She was gorgeous and he was truly the prince on that night.
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It was a love story. Love at the first sight when I had my first bite of a macaroon. Sid bought a box of them from Shangrila Hotel right next door of his office at Jalan Sultan Ismail. It was such an incredible piece of cookie, crunchy from the outside and chewy from the inside, fascinating and fantastic. They are the jewel of cookies. I had tried the one from Bakerzin, but theirs were rather soft and do not have that layer of crunchiness and were easily breakable.

It had been more than a year now that I had embarked to bake these jewel macaroons. We had hunted for these recipes from many cookbooks to cookbooks and especially those french written. Each time we tried to bake them and each time we failed, totally hopeless and restless.

Why?…. Most of the time we end up having flat macaroons just like little flying saucers. There were countless of these cookies end up in the bin. It was just like a baker who can’t bake and ain’t a baker!!!

We then stumbled upon some great japanese recipes on macaroon and had tried them, they really work. At the end we had mastered the art of making macaroons. You really need to treat them like you own, if not ,the chances of them to work will be really very slim. You need to pamper them and even talk to them…hehehehehe!

Here I got to say you need to be very alert when combining the ingredients especially during the pre baking. Also need to be alert during baking too, wrong temperature will end up having them cracked or uncooked as just what we encountered before.

We also found this japanese-chinese translated book on macaroon recently at Kinokuniya book store in KLCC. It is only at RM38 and this book is currently on 20% discount with the purchased of one other book. We find this book very well written with such great details, funny, helpful and packed with photos and instruction. We love it. It will able to medicate all your macaroon fever.

Macaroons posts also can be found at: boo_licious and veron.

Love Sunny Yaw

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