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Doraemon Landed on O’Chocolate

Doraemon had landed on O’Chocolate……….? In fact this is the cake that requested by Zsarina for Fawwaz’s Birthday and he is 10 years old this year…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAWWAZ!!!

Well, this is the bigger version of O’Chocolate and it weights about 2kg and had it decorated with chocolate macaroons with dark chocolat ganache, espresso macaroons with white chocolat ganache and also chocolat ribbons with gold patterns.

Zsarina loves the cake and the remark from her over the phone was, “lovely cake, very rich and delicious!”. I was so….so blushed yet happy, another satisfied customer.

Love Sunny Yaw

The Doraemon

My little nephew “Phong Chai”

Kids love him, my niece adores him, my nephew takes him home…. so do the adults, they all adore and want him. Funny, intelligent, cute, naughty and so full of characters. When you see him, you really feel so happy and so fulfill. He is doraemon!!!!!!

It was last week that I got a call from Zsarina informing me that her sons adored this japanese cartoon character named doraemon. She wanted a doremon figuring on her son’s birthday cake, just like the doraemon cartoon as what you see above. With the picture I started creating the figuring and as I was about to put the final touch, my kid nephew, “Phong Chai” came sitting on my lap and wanted to put his signature onto this figuring and this was what we end up having……. woah! Phong Chai’s doraemon, the best doraemon that I ever see and will be one of my collection………… lol! Phong Chai was playing with his new found friend almost the whole day and admiring his creation too

Phong Chai’s doraemon

As not, to really really upset Zsarina…….I did another doraemon figuring,….. ain’t he look adorable.

Yours Sunny Yaw

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