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Female Brides December 2008 Issue

Dear Readers,

We are lost with words due to awesome joy at this moment while typing. Why, . . . you may ask?

Well, we had been looking high and low for the Female Brides December 2008 issue since the 1st December and we got a copy of it just a minute ago. Wow! we were on page 28 & 29 and as glancing through we were at the dazzling collection page too. It is such a great Christmas present for us to end this 2008. If you want to see, get a copy of the Female Brides December 2008 issue right now!

Here we would like to thank to the editors, writers & staff of the Female Brides & not forgetting to our readers, foodbloggers(especially those who effortless supported us through with our bakes) plus our dearest clients & friends for believing in us always . . . Sunny Yaw & Sidney Kan

Macarons with An Asian Flavour

Not A New Discovery, Yet So Lovely

dear readers and friends,

thank you for all the emails and comments for my last post. it was fabulous and great to know that you love the wedding cake that i created a week ago. i am totally lost with words and this had gave me the strength to even work more harder to churn out more creations in the comings and the future.

on thursday i attended a cocktail reception showcasing the year end party celebrations where there were more than 100 invited guests from the coperate world and the media. the food was lovely . . . . (will definitely be posting about it) . . . and at this event i was shocked that some of the guests wanted to meet Big Boys Oven and our desserts were complimented and so was our work . . . . . . thank you so much.


back to today’s post, i would like to introduce my lastest macaron craze . . . yes macarons with an asian flavour. during this year i stumbled onto this flavour during the mooncake festival and the way it was done, was incredible unique, delicious and that attractd me. then back to my studio i tested this similar uniqueness but. . . . . onto my macarons . . . . i am sure you are eager wanting to know what i have created . . . . yes i have come up with macarons with mango japanese cream cheese filling. the macarons are filled with really small bits of preserved mango and infused into a lite mango cream cheese.




well i am heading back to my studio now, finishing up a wedding cake for tomorrow’s wedding lunch, have a good weekend and see you soon . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Coffee Meet in KL

Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking your time to browse and explore our blogspot and we would also like to appologize that our product is not available directly at the moment due to unforseen matters. But the good news is that it will be available soon after mid of July and we hope you will be patient with us.

As for this, bigboysoven will be organising coffee cum cake tasting during alternate weekend. If you are kind to meet us and would like to taste our creation please email us your name and contact number at sbkan34@hotmail.com. We will inform you where and when to meet.

Thank you.

Big Boys Oven

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