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Non-Political Individuals CANNOT Represent the Chinese in the Next Cabinet Lineup


Non-Political Individuals cannot represent the Chinese in the next cabinet lineup as we had concluded over our early morning coffee talk at Ah Huat Coffeeshop with uncles and aunties. How can one be able to accept any individuals whether professionals or even Ah Longs to represent us the Chinese community in the cabinet when they are not elected by the community and foremost these individuals do not have any political knowledge and experience.

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A Red Wedding Cake with Yellow Peonies by Sunny Yaw


I had been away, quietly picking up more skills. Looking for more new inspiration. This time I manage to group up a small wedding cake collection. I just love flowers peonies. roses and orchids played an amazing visualization in this recent cake sculptures of mine.

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Tiger Street Football


I was at a recent launch and a current on going Tiger Street Foottball brought to us by Tiger. This edgiest football experience is to ever take place on the streets of Malaysia and The Tiger Street Football Grand Finals will be kicking off this 18 September at the One Utama open air car park, where the world’s top street football players from seven countries will clash in an epic battle to claim the coveted title of being “King of the Streets”, the team will also walk away with a grand cash prize of USD30,000.00.

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How to use RSS Feeds in iTalk Whoa!


RSS Feeds are awesome as you can get news feed and updates on any topics that interest you fast and easy.

As for myself I don’t have to look out or have to check on what’s coming. It will just get delivered on headline, short summary and a link to the full text every time an RSS news fees is updated. It’s fabulous. Just awesome.

With iTalk Whoa! you may ask on how does it can benefit you. Well for example, If you have been worried about giving your name and email address to subscribe to any newsletter, the RSS feed in iTalk Whoa! has come to your rescue. Subscribing to RSS feed does not require you to do so. No more e-mails and no spams too. Your privacy is assured.

Secondly, you will get updates automatically on your iTalk Whoa’s account. While for those who have got used to bookmaking pages, this is no longer necessary. If you are a content owner or publisher, you are able to distribute your contents without being sent to the junk folder.

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Big Boys Oven Featured On SMART INFO 90

Smart Info Nov 2009  Big Boys Oven

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