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Dim Sum Maestro at Ti Chen Saujana Golf Club

Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew

He is brilliant yet he is sure a young and talented, Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew. I love his creativite play and truly a persone who will put upmost effort to think out of the box when comes to Dim Sum. Some may go overboard with their creation but Maestro Yau is one of those chefs that who I know who will go all out to maintain the substance and traditiion of a little petite dim sum. He is so adoreable yet his dim sum is something to die for.

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Flora Terrace at Hampshire Place

Flora Terrace Hampshire Place

While scrolling over the internet I stumbled upon thiis place and just got me noticing. Yup their chic and bold interior, I would called the look was so visible and so was their dessert. After a lunch do with my partner in crime we headed towards Flora Teerace for some exploration and more digging..

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Sen Kee Satay Desa Aman Puri

Sen Kee Satay
The Famous Sen Kee Satay @ Desa Aman Puri

BURLESQUE! What a name I would associate it with Sen Kee’s Satay. They can thrill you, sexly grilled to perfection, succulent in taste and texture. Yes you can have chicken, duck, mutton and even beef but my favourite would be their duck and mutton satay.

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Norman Musa at Work

Ema Kwan's Catering 060

Salam Ramadhan and Hello All

It has been a while again since I last wrote but this time Sidney knows how busy I am since I resigned from Lotus Formula One so I am totally excused. Thanks Sidney.

In the last three weeks, things going hectic not just in the restaurant but outside too. As always, Ning Restaurant is very busy especially towards the weekend. So that keeps the momentum going. There are few good news that I want to share this time. One of the biggest is for me to be chosen as one of the best local chefs for The Northern Restaurant & Bar campaign to mark their 10th anniversary. Only five chefs were chosen for this campaign and I am one of them. At first when I was told to go for a photoshoot, I thought it’s just for normal magazine photoshoot as not many details were told at the time my manager (also business partner), Andy spoke to them. Only when I asked them at the location, then suddenly the overwhelming rush went straight to my body and face after they told my why I was chosen etc. Well enough about that, I don’t want to get it into my head. I am still a humble kampung boy who loves cooking and will work hard to get Malaysian cuisine known in the UK.

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Itchy Fingers, Funny Characters

Character 2

This really fun when I managed to get some time playing with my sugar paste. With my itchy fingers, I created a few funny characters for some of my mini cupcakes. I just felt like a happy free five years old kid, creativity without boundaries. Some looks cool and some looks ugly too . . . . :)

This month I will be busy doing some sponsoring such as the up coming Carven Ong’s student graduation, pet’s outing at Bandar Utama Park and a Bridal Pre-Launching . . . . .. . oh yes and Christmas just round the corner too! Just awesome!

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