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Big Boys Oven January 2011 Macaron Baking Class

I had been truly busy with Christmas desserts and now focusing getting some Chinese New Year cookies ready for the awesoem auspicious celebration! As for January I am glad that I am able to have a macaron baking class. Yes only one class for this January 2011. I was informed that my coming Feb baking class will definitely be packed. :) Yet another exciting thing to watch this 2011 will be the BBO baking classes workshop expansion! Yes it gonna be fabulous, just need to hold on a bit and we will let you know very soon!



16th January 2011 from 9.30am – 12.30pm
Bake Macarons with Sunny Yaw
Fees: RM220
(must pre-book)
Email: bigboysoven@gmail.com
Contact me: 012 302 1269

………………………………………………………………………….join me baking this sunday, Sunny Yaw

Let’s Celebrate A Joyous Christmas . . . .

Swiss-Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur



Last week was a great week. as usual a lot of baking, baking classes and a few invited private functions and food reviews . . . and what transpired most that week was to bake a birthday cake for Tun Mahathir’s 84th birthday our former Prime Minister and we baked a chocolate decadent joconde coffee cake with crushed almond based. I got to say it was tough to decide which cake to bake . . . . I am sure he liked it! :)

Early last week I was invited to have my Christmas dinner at the fabulous Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and I get to taste some lovely delicious international Christmas delights, luscious summer salads, freshest seafood and mouth-watering desserts at the Flavors Restaurant.

I tasted the oyster and prawns, grill big prawns, steam fish cake(otak-otak), curry seafood and nots more but not forgetting the ROAST TURKEY and loads of Christmas desserts!


Awesome Roast Chicken to start with, just next to my table!


The ginger breadman! How lovely!


Delicious mini mince pie!


And Santa sitting wondering on the yule log cake!



Such an inviting variety of puddings.


The sugee cake, my favourite cake during Christmas.


Ho ho ho! the Roast Turkey that I had been waiting for, lovely, just can’t get enough of it.



My plate came with a combination of few lovely cut turkey meat and a mouth watering grilled prawn. It was awesome delicious, such a desireable dish, definitely my mum will like very much as she love turkey and also prawn.


I had now already tasted those delicious food at FLAVORS and The Santa me would like to treat you too, hohohohoho . . . not that simple . . . . neither it is difficult, just count how many picture of me THE SANTA that you can find in this post, count and post it on the comment. Yes just that simple, three lucky winners will be pick for a dinner for TWO at The Flavors Restaurant @ The Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

. . . . . . . me The Santa, Sunny Yaw

Festive Treats at FLAVORS Restaurant

24 Dec 2008
Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner
RM98++ per adult
RM49++ per child/senior citizen
*Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and a gingerbread man

15-25 Dec 2008
Christmas Buffet Lunch
RM68++ per adult
RM34++ per child/senior citizen

15-25 Dec 2008
Christmas Buffet Dinner
RM88++ per adult
RM44++ per child/senior citizen

31 Dec 2008
New Year’S EVE Buffet Dinner
RM108++ per adult
RM54++ per child/senior citizen
Complimentary round of beer or soft drink at The Blue Chip Lounge

01 JAN 2009
RM48++ per adult
RM24++ per child/senior citizen

01 JAN 2009
NEW YEAR’S day buffet dinner
RM78++ per adult
RM39++ per child/senior citizen

Shower with Christmas Goodies . . . .3 Food Vouchers Giveaway!

Eccucino, Prince Hotel, KL

I felt so fortunate to be invited to taste the Christmas feast at Eccucino, Prince Hotel last week. Christmas is one of the festive that I always be looking forward to, shower with gifts left by Santa under the Christmas tree and the spread of food on the table. I always be sure myself to look forward to a huge roasted turkey with loads of stuffing.




A lovely Christmas Cakes topped with cherries and almonds.


The gingerbread man always the centre of attention!


Wow! The ginger bread house!


Lovely gingerbread tree and the delicious chocolat moussecake.


The log cake, the most wanted cake over Christmas.


There were a lot of dishes offer but this the one I was looking forward to the roasted turkey!


I was served with some cut of turkey over roasted belly peppers and great chestnut and herbs stuffing


This Christmas feast, Chef David will be creating an awesome delicious Christmas menu which is hard to resist. As for me I will be waiting for Santa to drop me a christmas present in my huge sock which I will hang outside my door, what about you?

To celebrate this coming 2009, I will be giving away three Prince Hotel food vouchers worth RM50 each to three lucky readers who leave a comment on this post. . . . Hahahah isn’t it nice to play Santa as I just love giving away gifts! . . . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Dining at:

Christmas Eve – 24 December

Celebrate a Christmas Eve in style with your family & friends at Eccucino!
Our Culinary Team has prepared a traditional Christmas Eve buffet dinner, featuring Roast Turkey with its traditional fillings & cranberry sauce complete with traditional Christmas desserts such as minced pie, yule log, Christmas puddings and many more for your dining pleasure!
Price: RM120++ per adult inclusive of a glass of sparkling wine.
For reservations, please contact Eccucino at tel: 2170 8888 ext. 8119/8120

Tai Zi Heen Chinese Restaurant
available on both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
It is a family affair at Tai Zi Heen for this lovely Christmas!
Indulge in some of the award winning Chef Ricky Thien’s celebrations Set Dinner Menus at RM148++ per person, inclusive of a glass of sparkling wine.
For reservations, please contact Tai Zi Heen at tel: 2170 8888 ext. 8200.

ENJU Japanese Restaurant
Christmas Eve – 24 December
Celebration with a difference on Christmas Eve!
Try Master Chef Thomas Lim’s Christmas Kaiseki Set Menu at ENJU Japanese Restaurant available on Christmas Eve at RM120++ per person.
For reservations, please contact ENJU at extension 2170 888 ext. 8203

Christmas Chocolat Brownie

It is rather fast and christmas is just round the corner. I found some food bloggers had already started featuring christmas desserts and even introducing new exciting dessert books for this coming festive. I guess very soon we will able to see lots of beautiful christmas decoration at the shopping malls. Talking about shopping mall……. got to say it was really cool when yesterday we were at the Pavilion,KL, we were accidently introduced to the Grand Chef Yukichi Matsubara of the Loaf. We were amazed with all the fresh baked bread from this shop……bread, cookies, tarts and even jams can be found at this place. We were also introduced to the loaf cafe situated at the upper level too. Sadly, this time we were not able to take any photos as we forgotten to bring our camera along, maybe next time soon.

Back to this coming festive, I was think of baking something fun and simple but yet can be exciting. As I was looing through my baking books, I found an interesting and very basic dessert recipe but looks fantastic. It was this taiwan published cookbook named A Festival of French Dessert – Chocolate & Cake. The recipe that I am going to introduce throught this post is Chocolat Brownie. I found it easy and simple to bake compared to those, moussecakes and cheesecakes. Let us look at the ingredients which I had modified for a smaller portion:

250g butter
200g sugar
40g glucose syrup
2g salt
4 eggs
180g bittersweet chocolate
60g cake flour
200g walnut(crushed)

1. Beat eggs, salt and sugar until fluffy
2. Add glucose syrup and melted chocolat. mix evenly.
3. Add sifted cake flour and melted butter. Mix evenly.
4. Add crushed walnuts and pour batter into baking dish. Bake at 170C -180C for 25-30 minutes.
5. Allow to coll. Top with chocolat mousse. Refrigerate until hardened. Cut into 6 different sized squares, then assemble.

Sid suggested to me that I should put some coloured butter cream to decorate this brownie in order to give some intensity of the festive….. maybe…..lol!…… I got to say this recipe is simple and can be done easily and fast especially when there is so many things to do. Brownie can be deep freeze, therefore you can prepare it earlier. I hope you will enjoy this one and I will be posting more christmas goodies on this coming months.

Love Sunny Yaw

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