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Christmas Chocolat Brownie

It is rather fast and christmas is just round the corner. I found some food bloggers had already started featuring christmas desserts and even introducing new exciting dessert books for this coming festive. I guess very soon we will able to see lots of beautiful christmas decoration at the shopping malls. Talking about shopping mall……. got to say it was really cool when yesterday we were at the Pavilion,KL, we were accidently introduced to the Grand Chef Yukichi Matsubara of the Loaf. We were amazed with all the fresh baked bread from this shop……bread, cookies, tarts and even jams can be found at this place. We were also introduced to the loaf cafe situated at the upper level too. Sadly, this time we were not able to take any photos as we forgotten to bring our camera along, maybe next time soon.

Back to this coming festive, I was think of baking something fun and simple but yet can be exciting. As I was looing through my baking books, I found an interesting and very basic dessert recipe but looks fantastic. It was this taiwan published cookbook named A Festival of French Dessert – Chocolate & Cake. The recipe that I am going to introduce throught this post is Chocolat Brownie. I found it easy and simple to bake compared to those, moussecakes and cheesecakes. Let us look at the ingredients which I had modified for a smaller portion:

250g butter
200g sugar
40g glucose syrup
2g salt
4 eggs
180g bittersweet chocolate
60g cake flour
200g walnut(crushed)

1. Beat eggs, salt and sugar until fluffy
2. Add glucose syrup and melted chocolat. mix evenly.
3. Add sifted cake flour and melted butter. Mix evenly.
4. Add crushed walnuts and pour batter into baking dish. Bake at 170C -180C for 25-30 minutes.
5. Allow to coll. Top with chocolat mousse. Refrigerate until hardened. Cut into 6 different sized squares, then assemble.

Sid suggested to me that I should put some coloured butter cream to decorate this brownie in order to give some intensity of the festive….. maybe…..lol!…… I got to say this recipe is simple and can be done easily and fast especially when there is so many things to do. Brownie can be deep freeze, therefore you can prepare it earlier. I hope you will enjoy this one and I will be posting more christmas goodies on this coming months.

Love Sunny Yaw

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