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The Chocolate Affair with Pastry Pro and Felchin


Upon receiving an invitation from Ning Geng, we found ourselves indulging a spectecular chocolate infused fine dining at the Chocolate Appreciation and Dinner, Manhattan V Berjaya Times Square hosted by Pastry Pro and Felchin. With the great initiative of Ning Geng, the star chefs on that night were Chef Jochen who was coordinating the menu while Chef Anil from Felchlin, Switzerland was coordinating the dessert and they were joined by a group of dedicated chefs and students of Berjaya Culinary Schooll.

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Raspberry Milk Chocolate Cake – Big Boys Oven Sweet Dessert

Raspberry Milk Chocolate Cake 2

Hmmm….. I guess I had not been baking any new cakes lately, not because I had been lazy but I guess I had been very tied up with my work. I hope you will accept my thousands of apologies. I just nearly completing my baking tour and it was fun to meet so many learners in Johor Bahru, Singapore and Penang centres. Yet there is another great news, I will be baking (confirmed) in Ipoh this coming August, the schedule will be out soon. As for today, I got this recipe to share with you and you notice I had developed a new range of macarons, one of them is the Black Stallion Macaron.

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Gateau Marquise Au Chocolat

I am sure some of us would wonder what is Gateau Marquise Au Chocolat. Well it is basically mean Decadent Chocolate Cake and that is what I had stumbled upon when I was reading Robert Linxe’s book “La Maison Du Chocolat“. I would really recommend this book to be in your mini library as it did somehow sneak into mine. It is a lovely book showing the work of Robert Linxe on chocolate and full of gorgeous pictures.

For this time I had modified Robert Linxe’s Decadent Chocolate Dessert into a cake version. This cake I would like to dedicated this especially to Lee Ping, ……..a healty dessert…….. You will be very surprise that I did not baked this cake in Big Boys Oven as it doesn’t need baking!

Basically and firstly you need to make the crust, mix a variety of roasted crushed nuts with melted butter and place it into the mould and refrigerate it until hard. Next you need to have your lovely melted chocolate, place in soft butter and egg yolk. Fold in beaten sugared egg white, and tranfer it to the mold and refrigerate for 12 hours. Once done, pipe in whipping cream and top it with nuts and chocolate powder.

Do give it a try and I am sure your guest will be for a surprise.
Sid xxx
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