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A Prosperous Tossing of Yee Sang

The Master Chef Ricky Thein’s Way
Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel KL

tai zi heen  1

Syd and myself had been a dedicated follower of this award winning chef, Master Chef Ricky Thein Yiew Ming since we were introduced. What excites me most is his culinary taste and ingredients creativity. Everytime when I step into his restaurant, you will see me dropping by his kitchen first, sending him greetings and check out his delicious creation. This time Master Chef Ricky had created an awesome delicious menu for this Chinese New Year and Syd got to feast them together with many others from the media (total of 40 people were dining that night).

tai zi heen  2
tai zi heen  3
tai zi heen  4

Ying-Yang Yee Sang with Crispy Shredded Treasures in Plum Dressing tested the creativitiness of Master Chef Ricky. Unique Creativity is the best words to describe this piece of artistry Yee Sang dish with salmon steak gently rolled with seaweed, thinly slices to enchance the colour of this platter . . . . so eye catching and so appealing.

tai zi heen  5

Braised Pearl Shark’s Fin with Fish Maw in Supreme Golden Broth was such a superior treat. A piece of tender and refine delicously shark fin was so satisfying and so desireable. The fish maw was so beautifully cooked and what more to say, just lost with words . . . . the broth was so perfect . . . and not a drop left on Syd’s soup bowl.

tai zi heen  6
tai zi heen  7
tai zi heen  8
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Chef’s Chinese New Year Special Dim Sum had been produced to such a high standard and quality . . . . . . . mouth watering steamed Crystal Dumplings filled with Dried Scallops were something to shout about . . . something unique here too, the steamed Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings with Mexican Clams, creative and craving . . . . . . what’s more steamed Fish Balls with Abalone and Fatt Choy, very chic and trend setter . . . . . . deep-fried Spring Roll Loh Hon Style, crispy and meatless . . . . . . crispy Yam Puff wih Fresh Scallops and Parmesan Cheese defintely a bite needed . . . . pan fried Bean Curd Roll with Roasted Duck and Dried Mushroom, a must this New Year.

tai zi heen  10

Braised Dried Oysters with “Fatt Choy”. Top Shell and Sea Cucumber in Wok-fried Greens tasted awesome according to Syd. The dried oysters were well braised, soft and the flavor infued into the beautiful gravy. The sea cucumber was thick and tender complimented the dish. A defintely sorted dish during the Chinese New Year.

tai zi heen  11

Steamed Cod Fish with Pickled Radish and Garlic in Supreme Soy Sauce tasted awesome, a level beyond a higher level. The thick cut of Cod steak was amazing delicious and cooked to the precise taste and texture, not over cooked or even under cooked, jus perfect! . . . the supreme soy sauce enchance the the taste of the cod intensely. It was the perfect dish of the night.

tai zi heen  12

The Deep-fried Battred Prawns Tossed with Fresh Lime Dressing was Chef’s signature dish. A well size prawns, well flavoured and with preserved texture amke this dish so delicious and the dressing perfected the dish on the spot. Just deep fried to prefectly crunchy.

tai zi heen  13

Stewed Oxtail with Yam, Fragrant Whole Garlic and Leek in Casserole was something not expected to see and was presented. The oxtail was delicious and well done to taste. Yam was done deliciously too. Just simple and yet awesome.

tai zi heen  14

Fried Rice with Seafood and Baby Abalone was done perfectly too. Having abalone topping was so exciting. The rice was fragrant and tasty too.

tai zi heen  15

The Double-boiled Hasma with Red Dates and Glutinous Rice Dumplings was warm and tasty. Just simplicity.

tai zi heen  16

Syd posing with Master Chef Ricky and Ken. The food created by Master Chef Ricky was awesome and fantastic. I will defintely be visitng for more at Tai Zi Heen as I had missed this one . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

(all photos courtesy of Ken from FoodPoi)



Before I continue . . . I would like to wish my readers and friends GONG XI FATT CAI and a wonderful prosperous 2009.

2009 is a wonderful year to start with, working extra hard is the way to success this year . . . which I always believe, when the fruits start to blossom, it will be such an amazing period of time to celebrate, a joy that money can’t buy . . . yet another fullfilling experience to seek for. . . . a fullfilling dream achieved.

BigBoysOven had a great up and down battles through out this 2008, . . . I got to say at end of 2008 we saw our hard work did pay off. Therefore 2009 will prepare BigBoysOven to work even more harder and hope to pursue to more challenging projects that are coming our way.

Remember the “Let’s Celebrate A Joyous Christmas . . . .Swiss-Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur” we already have 3 winners, the lucky winners had been hand drawn by Ms Linda, from Swiss-Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
The 3 lucky winners are

Gwyn Tan, CK Lam and Sue Me

(winners, please email me with your contact address and number)



A week ago I was invited to this auspicious beginnings dinner at the Flavor, Swiss Garden, Kuala Lumpur. I got to say it was a wonderful dinner as I got to meet my friends at Swiss Garden and also the media too . . . . and we did the Lo Hei!


In the true tradition of Chinese New Year night, the Prosperity Buffet Dinner is back to tantalize our palate with delicacies from East to West. Experience bountiful beginnings in the year of the Ox, indulge in traditional Chinese cuisine with weekly highlights including Lotus Chicken in Bamboo Steamer, ‘Treasure Boxes’, Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Prawns In XO Sauce, Charcoal Roast Duck, Braised Sea Cucumber with Broccoli and Fish Maw, Steamed Cod with Superior Sauce, Succulent Oysters, Sushi & Maki and more! . . . . . . . The Lotus Chicken in Bamboo Steamer is amazing delicious dish by itself, created by Master Chef Wong Yean Loong of Flavor himself, it consists of braised fish maw, high quality braised chinese mushrooms, dry scallops, chicken and “fatt choy”.

To end your meal, the chefs have prepared a variety of decadent desserts such as Pandan Coconut Ball with Lotus Paste, Sweet Corn ‘Ping Pei’, Traditional Ang Ku, Nyonya Kuih, Sweet Potato in Sugar Syrup and a selection of cakes and pastries.




GONG XI FATT CAI . . . . . . . love always SUNNY YAW

Available from 1st January to 9th February 2009, the Prosperity buffet dinner is priced at RM80++ per adult and RM40++ per child or senior citizen. Exclusively for Maybankard Credit Card Holders, we have a special RM1++ buffet deal during this period. Pay RM80++ for the first diner and the second diner pays only RM1++.

Do call at 03-2141 3333, extension 506/517 or e-mail fb_sghkl@swissgarden.com for reservations or log on to www.swissgarden.com for more information.

Prosperity Blossoms in Abundance This Spring


This time I was invited to West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for a luncheon with Master Chef Chan, the Super Gold Medal winner at the 6th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine 2008. We sat and chat over a cup of warm fragrant and fine quality of Jasmin tea. Master Chef Chan with more than 20years of culinary experience originated from Sungai Siput, Perak and it was where he started his love and passion of food and at a very young age, he already started selling chinese steam buns. Due to such an influence in food that he went on to pursue his career in chinese culinary and today, a well groomed and well known culinary chef. Innovation and perfection are two amazing strength of Chef Chan and with these he is able to create such an amazing delicious dishes. I got to say I was very lucky indeed to sit next to him and able to strike an amazing conversation. I guessed it was the passion of food that brought us together.


The award-winning Chinses Master Chef Chan presents a delectable selection of dishes befitting the auspicious occasion and this year, Chef Chan is inspired by his simple understanding of Fung Shui in relation to food. Guided by the philosophy of achieving a balanced consumption of food types, and enthused by the benefits of Fung Shui in food, Chef Chan had designed a range of mouth-watering Chinese New Year dishes. Chef himself had also designed a varitey of set menus, a la carte specialtises and tradisional Yee Shang throughout the duration of this festival.



Golden Prosperity Salmon and Snow Pear Yee Sang in this opening dish of Yee Sang, Chef Chan bathes the thick slices of fresh salmon in New Zealand Manuka Honey. The interesting fact is that this honey coupled with anti-bacterial properties that will elinates the raw fishy taste and adds a palattably sweet flavour to the Yee Sang. Chef Chang had applied Feng Shui to his creation in order to achieve balance and harmony. The concept is principles of balance and contrast, you will naturally nourish your chi (energy) and maintain the pink of health.

Chef Chang added, “Yin food can help ome calm down and yang food supplies energy. Neutral food as it implies, helps strenghten the equilibrium. The term “yin”, “yang” and “neutral” relate to the deeper essence of the food’s nature. By consuming a combination of cooling yin and energising, protein rich yang food, one can achieve balance and therefore, positive health and well-being.”

Therefore the balance of the Yee Sang is from the perspective of the combinationof ingredients; the yin in embodied by the salmon, and the yang by the chopped peanuts, neutral plum sauce, srispy crackers and the idyllic blend of flavours from the syrupy honey, sourish pickled papaya and tangy ginger. Let top them and toast the Yee Sang!


Pan-Fried Lamb Rack with Smoked Coffee Savoury Sauce is the signature masterpiece of Chef Chan which bagged a Gold Medal in the “Hot Dish” category at the 6th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine in Beijing . . . lucky me, getting to taste this awesome delicious dish is unthinkable. The lamb rack was done to perfection and the texture was soft and tender. The drench of slight sweetness and the aroma of coffee sauce enhance the taste of the dish further and unspeakable delicious.


Sauteed Asparagus and Prawn Wrapped with Water Chestnut, this dish may look simple but it was beautiful executed. The prawns tasted deliciously fresh, crunchy and able to retain it juiciness taste, as for the aspargus it was done perfctly and not over cooked at all. Oh! the waterchessnut was lovely.


Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetables served in Whole Pumpkin was something simple and yet interesting. I loved especially the sweetness of the pumpkin which took the dish yet to another level of taste and perfection.


Braised Szechuan Beef Shank with Mandarin Orange Peel is something to shout about. I think this should be the award winning dish of the day. I am amazed with the creativiness and skill of Chef Chan to able to create such a loving dish. Every piece of the braised beef was well measured and cut to a 2 bite size. Perfectly braised to melt in mouth which was amazing and with the orange peel, it jazzed up the dish with tangyness and spice. If we looked carefully, the braised beef sits on a layer of deep fried soya bean skin and a layer of fresh lettuce. By eating them together, the dish itself reinvented to yet another greater height of gastronomy. Just amazing Chef Chan . . . . . soft, tangy, crunchy and fresh . . . a fantastic combination taste from one bite!

In the middle of the dish sits a glass of fury red juicy juice filled with cubes of cold cut beef and cucumber. In fact surprised to me. it was a red mild chilly oil. The first attempt to dish into the glass was such an effort but my my the taste of the cube of cold beef cut was awesome, soft, tender and tasty . . . . not chilli hot at all, it was mild indeed . . .


Rainbow Fried Rice with Seafood and Pine Nuts was recommended by Chef Chan himself which comprised of a balanced mix of colors and flavors encapsulated by the neutral brown rice, the yin of seafood and the yang of nuts, such a healthy diah with the addictive crunch and fragrance of various nuts.


Homemade Almond Tea with Glutinous Rice Dumpling is a distintive warm dessert with fragrant almond, sweet papaya puree and lovely delighted black sesame rice dumpling that combine to symbolise “reunion”. Lovely and full of aroma.


Chinese New Year Durian Puff warms up my heart with full of inspiration, yes very inspired. It was a very bold and imaginative of Chef Chan’s culinary and himself. Full flavored cooked durian filled into the pastry skin and deep fried was something so wanting that showed the desirable art and skill of cooking.


The meal was so inspiring delicous and able to luncheon with such a master chef was unimagineable, thank you Chef Chan . . . . from Sunny Yaw

For ease of selection, there are four choices of eight-course and nine-course Chinese New Year set menus priced from RM888++ to RM2,009++ per rtable of 10 people.
The Yee Sang selections, with varied ingredients like lobster, abalone, Norwegian salmon, jelly fish, soft shell crab,vegetarian prawn and snow pear, are available for dine-in from Jan19 to Feb 9 as well as for takeaway from Jan13 to Feb9.

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant (Pork-Free), Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, PJ(Tel:03-7492 8000 ext 3181). Business Hours: Mon-Sat, lunch (noon-2.30pm); dinner(6.30pm-10.30pm). Sun & public holiday (10am-2.30pm)

A Grand Vegetarian Dining



We had been to one branch of Nature’s Vegetarian Restaurant before and were very impressed with the food served. The last time, we were invited by our vegetarian friends from Klang to have a Chinese New Year dim sum dinner with them. That dinner was incredible awesome and even now I still have those fresh flashing memory of the food I had. This time we got the chance to try out their main outlet at Bangsar, flushed along the famous Jalan Telawi.




As we stepped into this restaurant, I was totally impressed with the deco, the place was filled with beautiful and elegant rosewood tables and chairs with beautifully embedded designs crafted with the mother of pearl. I felt I was in a Chinese emperor’s dining room. Not only that, the place was filled with beautiful Chinese sculptures and was place elegantly.






Once we were at our table, we were served with a pot of fragrant Chinese tea, deliciously crunchy seaweed crackers and juicy sliced pineapple topped with satay sauce.


This time we wanted to have something simple, more homely type of dinner and we ordered a few vegetarian dishes. We ordered Hong Kong vegetarian meat “char siew”, curry mutton with bread, sweet & sour meat, steam silky tofu with melon, house special noodle “chew pai mein” and Cantonese style “yeng yong” noodle.


The vegetarian ‘char siew’ was really good, at the right sweetness and just taste like real meat but would prefer a larger cut.



Both noodle dishes were tasty and full of “wok hei”, a thumb up to the chef (Chef Ong)! Look at our feast of the day!


The sauce of the sweet and sour dish was delicious as the taste was well spot on, the meat was tasty too, good combination. I also adore the crispiness of the soya meat used in this dish.


The curry mutton was really good and texture of the soya meat was really good and the curry sauce really complimented the dish.


Next the tofu melon dish, the tofu was silky and the melon was well cooked, soft and juicy. The dish was tasty with the delicious light brown sauce.


By the time when we were about to finish the feast, Mr Alex Ong the owner insisted we try some dim sum and he ordered curry bun, “mut jup char siew bao”, “kum kwai ko” and “fong wor woo kok”. The “char siew bao” was good, the dough was soft, fluffy and the delicious “char siew” sauce just melts in your mouth. The “ woo kok” was so crispy indeed and the fillings was awesomely delicious. The curry bun was good too, very soft bun texture. The “kum kwai ko” was nice filled with lotus paste.




I got to say this is a very inspired vegetarian delight and with a huge range of dishes that will tickle your taste bud. I will definitely be back for more.

Nature’s Vegetarian Restaurant

No. 24, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.

No. 6, Jalan 31/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Preserved Chinese Sauages

This is something very dearie to me, the preserved sausages and duck legs! I love them so much that I even have them in my claypot rice. Something that is a must and never be missed during the Chinese New Year reunion dinner!


Love . . . Sidney

Braised Chicken Feet

I got this feet fetish, something I can’t avoid when being confronted with. Right! I know what is running in your mind now, but I am not talking about feet licking . . . . . lol! I am talking about chicken feet, oh they are so gorgeous when they are cooked well. I am sure you have heard about this dish, thai chicken feet. This dish is so deliciously, tasty and the texture is so inviting and crunchy. As from my kitchen, I bring you yet another delicate chicken feet dish which widely cooked by the chinese folks at home and also a dish you get to taste during the chinese new year homecoming dinner celebration . . . . . Braised Chicken Feet


25 Chicken feet
10 Dried chinese mushroom
5 Large dried oyster
5 cloves Whole garlic
3 Dried cherry chillies
4 Star anise
1tsp sesame oil
3Tbspn Cooking oil
2Tbspn Oyster sauce
2Tbspn Soya Sauce
1Tbspn Dark soya sauce
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp sugar
a pinch of white pepper
2cup Water


Presoaked chinese mishroom over night and aslo dried oyster.
Wash and clean the chicken feet.
Heat up the cooking oil in a pot.
Add in peeled whole garlic and sautee for a few minute at medium heat.
Add in sesame oil and star anise. Sautee till fregrant.
Add in mushroom, dried oyster and chicken feet. Stir for few minutes.
Add in oyster sauce, soya sauce, dark soya sauce, dried chillies, pepper, salt and sugar.
Add in water.
Braised for one and half hours till the chicken is soft and tender.

This is a fantastic dish especially for those chicken feet lovers, something I can’t resist! . . . . . . Sidney

Dine with me……Chef Steven Cheng Part 3


As Chinese New Year is approaching, I decided to prepare this two special dishes, “Hou See Fatt Choy”(Welth & Prosperity) and “Wong Kam Moon Foo”(Full of Gold). “Hou See Fatt Choy” is a dish which consist of dried oyster, seaweed and fish paste. “Wng Mam Moon Foo” is a dish consist of golden pumpkin and tau foo in golden pumpkin sauce.

Oh gorgeous Sid and Joanna. Ain’t they look like a suited couple make in heaven!

Birthday girl, Christine!

Food bloggers caught in action and working hard, work first, eat later!

From Steven Cheng

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